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Zed General Guide by Xeron105

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xeron105

Zed, Master of Shadows (Not completed)

Xeron105 Last updated on November 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About me

I am Xeron105 and i'm playing on EUWest. I started playing 1 1/2 years ago and played mostly custom and coop vs ai games. Around LV 10 i started to play normals and lost a lot of times playing Ashe or MF. I saw that i kinda suck with ranged champs and started to play with melee. As todays meta wasn't well known in these levels, I played often on the bot lane. I tried out Yi, Noc, Talon and Lee Sin and saw that im doing good with these "Assassins".
I tried Jungle and sucked really hard so I focused on playing Top (todays meta) and succeed there. Later I tried out the AD Carries out and done well with them too so I started to play them.
Now I am lv 30 and played about 500 games with a positive Win/Loss ratio.
In our ranked team I am the AD Carry and win games with ease.
Our Ranked team got removed because 3 out of 6 stopped playing LoL. Some months ago we created a new ranked team and are still searching for some good supporters and mid laners :)
In normal games I often try out Top and Mid, maining Shen, Urgot and garen on Top and ryze, Katarina and Kassadin on mid.
I tried to play AD assassins like Talon out in mid and sucked hard, so I went top with them with success. I loved Talon in mid, because he crushes his opponent in the lane, but i sucked hard in teamfights. I got in, killed their carries and died most of the times, what made me feel bad and made me try out some tanky builds. Even if i Don't deal as much damage as i did before, I still can kill carries with 1-2 combos and even survive :).
After hearing about PBE I instantly joined and played the new Champs with a ping of 200 ^^.
When Zed was announced I instantly updated my PBE and played him multiple hours, trying him out on Top, Jungle, mid and even Bot as the carry and I think that Top lane is the best for him combined with this tanky, but still damage dealing build.

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I played over 50 games as Zed and i think i kinda got him under my control :).
Zed is something like an assassin. he goes in, kills the squishies and goes out, but the fact that his bust is not as high as for example Talons, i build him tanky. He is best on the top lane, because of his ability to escape ganks easily with his shadow clones and the fact, that he is an energy user, wich will help you to stay longer in the lane.
This is my first guide on Mobafire and i am free for tips and criticism and sorry for my bad english, its not my native language :)

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Pro's & Con's

- Some nice base damage on his E
- Uses energy
- Deals more damage with his skils if you are using his "Living Shadow"
- Great positioning with his clones
- Great ult for taking down tanky champs in teamfights
- Great ult to assassinate their carries
- Awesome passive to deal that finishing blows and to get that early fb
- Abilities scale quite well
- Great escape with his "Living Shadow" (just place it over the wall, switch positions and slow them with your "E")
--> Juking master
- He is a freaking ninja!

- Kinda squishy if played as glass cannon (Fixed by this build)
- Spels cost much energy in low levels, so 1 and 1/2 combo makes you ooe
- Needs a lot of practice to master him

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I use flat AD Marks on him for easier last hitting and for harassing the enemy with your Q.
You also can use the ArPen Marks to deal even more damage with your Spells, but its harder to last hit minions and make you deal less damage in traids.

Flat armor seals and magic resist per level glyphs are very important if you dont want to live long enough and get less damage from your enemies.

ArPen Quints are used to deal more damage with your spells, but feel free to replace them with flat AD Quints.

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Starting Items:

Boots and Pots:
Gives you a lot of sustain with the pots and the needed movement speed to get last hits without taking harass or to dodge skillshots.

Dorans blade:
This give you a lot of power in the early game and also some health. try to buy 2 of them on your first back.

Mercury`s Treads:
The CC reduction is just too awesome, if you're facing a team with low-no cc then buy either Ninja Tabi or Ionian boots of Lucidity
- try to get them of your first back, if you have not enough money for dorans and boots, buy dorans first

Ninja Tabis:
Buy some of these if the enemy deals a lot of physical damage.

The Brutalizer:
The CD, the ArPen and the aditional AD is what Zed needs to shred the enemy.
-Buy it on your 2. or 3. back

Giant's Belt:
Now in most cases your lane enemy will buy some def items. Do the same or he will outsustain you.

Vampiric Scepter:
Not as nessessary as Giant's Belt or The Brutalizer, but still very helpfull so survive some ganks and heal up the harass.

Warmog's Armor:
Your first big item will be the Warmog's because you can stack the life up easier in the laning phase rather then in teamfight pahases.

The Bloodthirster:
Now you got the wanted sustain, time to get some dmage and what is better then the Bloodthirster. Get it before Warmog's if you don't get "Tons of Damage" (Phreak) by your enemy.

Youmuu's Ghostblade:
You either can make this out of your brutalizer or you sell it and buy a B.F.Sword to buy another Bloodthirster. If they stack armor (about 200), sell The Brutalizer and buy The Last Whisper instead.

Guardian Angel:
Just too awesome on every champ who deals lot of damage and gets focused down . With this Zed build you will be hard to kill and become nearly immortal with the GA.

Frozen Mallet:
You can buy it if you need Health and the slow or you can buy another Bloodthirster instead (if you have bought Youmuu's) otherwise you could buy Maw o.M. if they have unusual ammount of ap champs or if their AP Carry is fed. It depends on you, what you buy.

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Skill Sequence

Contempt for the Weak (Passive):
(Innate): Whenever Zed autoattacks an enemy below 50% health, he deals an additional 8% of their maximum health as magic damage. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every 10 seconds.

What anawesome passive. Someone is escaping with low health? **** NO BOOM!
Some tanky champs want to kill you? **** NO BOOM!
This passive is too STRONK!

Razor Shuriken (Q):
Cost: 75 / 70 / 65 / 60 / 55 energy
(Active): Zed and his shadow both throw their shurikens, each dealing physical damage to the first enemy they pass through and 70% damage thereafter.
Cooldown: 6 seconds

-Physical Damage: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+1.0 per bonus AD)
-Physical Damage (Secondary Targets): 49 / 77 / 105 / 133 / 161 (+0.7 per bonus AD)

Living Shadow: Additional shurikens striking the same enemy deal 50% damage, but restore energy.

-Second Shuriken Damage (When Striking the Same Target): 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+0.5 bonus AD)

-Razor Shuriken does not proc on-hit effects.
-Razor Shuriken procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all multi-target spells and abilities with diminished effect.
-Razor Shuriken pops spell shield.
-Razor Shuriken will not damage Black Shield.

-this is your main skill if your opponent is too far away to hit him with your "E"
-use it to farm minions or to harass the enemy champion, but try to hit him directly or it will deal less damage if it pass through minions
-use your shadow clone to hit your enemy with 2 shurikens for ultimate damage :)

Living Shadow (W):
Cost: 40 / 35 / 30 / 25 / 20 energy
(Passive): Increase the AD by 5/10/15/20/25%
(Active): Zed's shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for 4 seconds. Reactivating this ability will cause Zed to switch positions with this shadow.
Zed's shadow will mimic his spell casts. If both strike the same target, Zed regains some energy. The energy restore can only occur once per cast.

-Cooldown: 22 / 20.5 / 19 / 17.5 / 16 seconds
-Energy Restored: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40

-The shadow cannot be targeted.
-The shadow does not autoattack.
-The shadow's Razor Shuriken will deal 50% damage to enemy units that were already hit by Zed's.
-The shadow's Shadow Slash will not deal damage to enemy units that were already hit by Zed's.
-The shadow grants vision of an area around it.

-this is the skill that makes Zed, throw down a clone and do your combo to burst your enemy as hard as he deserves >:D
-Use it if your enemy is too far away to hit with your shuriken and thor it after placing your shadow
-if used correctly, you will be able to attack your enemy even if he is hugging his turret
-gives you % of your ad as a bonus, that means the more ad you have by the items, the more damage you get in the end. This passive is like the Rabadon's Deathcap for ad and for free

Shadow Slash (E):
(Active): Zed and his shadow both create a burst of shadow, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.
Cost: 50 Energy
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Zed's slash reduces the cooldown of Living Shadow by 1 second for each enemy struck. The shadow's slash slows enemies for 1.5 seconds.

-Physical Damage: 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.9 per bonus AD)
-Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 %

Living Shadow: Overlapping Shadow Slashes striking the same enemy deal no additional damage but slow for 50% more and restore energy.

-Overlapping Slow: 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5 / 60 %

-Shadow Slash procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
-Shadow Slash pops spell shield.
-Shadow Slash will not damage Black Shield but the slow will be negated.

-3 sec CD and a base damage of 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180? Awesome! use it with the combination of your "Living Shadow" to deal double damage, every 3 secs

Death Mark (R):
(Active): Zed marks the target champion for death. He then sinks into the shadows and dashes to them, dealing physical damage equal to 100% of his attack damage and spawning a living shadow beyond them, which mimics his spellcasts. Zed can reactivate this ability to switch places with this shadow.
After 3 seconds, the mark will detonate, dealing physical damage equal to a percentage of all magic and physical damage dealt to the target by Zed and his shadows while the mark was active.

-Physical Damage (Mark Detonation): 40 / 45 / 50 % of damage dealt

-Death Mark procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all single target spells and abilities with full effect.
-Death Mark will not damage Black Shield.
-Death Mark will pop spell shield, but it will fail to place the mark, Zed will not move to the target's location, and the living shadow will not appear.
-When the mark calculates its damage it will count all of Zed's physical and magic damage from all sources, including items, buffs and summoner spells.
-It will not count true damage.
-Damage used for calculation is damage done pre-mitigation.[1]

-Perfect if your enemy manages to escape, after taking some damage from your mates.
"OMG, i just survived them, thank flash and GA! Now my team and me will group up and I as the carry will kick their ***! -**** NO BOOM!


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Razor Shuriken(Q) VS Shadow Slash(E)

You may ask why I max his E out first. Well, its because of the high damage it deals and it's low cooldown. You can max out his Q first if you getting harassed too much and can't last hit properly. With his Q you can farm easy from distance and harass pretty hard in combination with your clones. Also his Q needs more energy to use and can make you go fast ooe.
With his E it is easy to last hit, you just go into the middle of the minion wave and use it, like katarinas W.


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