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Zed Build Guide by cruciphux

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cruciphux

Zed The Jungle Assassin "You're Dead"

cruciphux Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Summoners

I'm Cruci, and I bring you my favorite jungler. I've been playing Moba style games since WC3's Dota. Zed is a fast high skill based champion. Loaded with skill shots and combos.
When jungling you need to gank OFTEN. We will get into that later. So far my best score with Zed as a jungler is 20/0/13.
I am new to making builds on mobafire, and I an not really interested in providing all those vancy links to items, and showing u what runes look like. My guide is to help you be PRO with Zed.

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I choose armor pen right off the hop. I do this because I find my burst can SHRED ANYONE early game. It really helps u get set up for late game domination if u can grab a few really easy kills. For example I was able to burst Rengar from 50%-60% health right after red buff at the 2:40 mark.

Seals and Runes are reserved for better health during your gank after your jungle run.
MR is just for those pesky AP champions like ryze or ahri who can murder you if you come close.

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Once again my main concern here was armor pen. I want to shred all quickly.
As for the boots u can adapt depending on what the enemy team has, or how your team is doing.
The last blood thirster is just for major poundage, but if you feel a Guardian is for you great. It has worked for me as well.

Nearing end game sell your Lantern and get a Last Whisper for some extra armor pen.
I know I am going armor pen crazy, but you want to be able to shred their tanks as well.
With the new season, all your abilities will proc the armor pen. Including your shadows attacks.

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Skill Sequence

It may seem strange to get your W second, but I found it was crucial for first blood every time.
When ganking you really need a good bait in order run up and take him out easy.
Maxing E first provides insane jungle speed, and great damage with low cool down.
Max your Q second for great long range skill shots combined with your shadow.
I've been reading on other guides people max W second for the AD boost. I think this is wrong because you don't have sufficient AD to see a huge boost from a percentage.
Max your Ult as usual.

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Creeping / Jungling

Get a leash for your red. Start with your smite and spam E. I know people normally save smite for end incase of yoinks, but trust me. You will save health by getting 2 of your passives off instead of only 1.

Grab your W right after the red buff. I get more first bloods when i gank top right after red, but sometimes your red is closer to bot. Do what you can. Remember Zed does NOT initiate. He needs bait, and he can be the Finisher.

First thing you see when you run after your target is usually them running back to tower.
Throw your shadow in front of their path and converge onto your shadow. DO NOT swap places with it. You are looking for that 30% slow on top of your red buff when you hit with both spins.

Proceed to clear golems and wraiths, then give mid the blue. Make sure to warm your mid that you are giving him blue, because Zed kills it so fast he needs to be there with you. Just take it if he keeps you waiting around. Speed is key. Use W to dash through walls for escape, or to save time in attack.

Scout into bushes or at enemy buffs/baron to see whats going on, maybe try a ninja star steal from safety.

If you find yourself jumping in on a 2v1 battle and the weakest opponent is at 25% health Ult him, then turn back to put a huge burst on the full enemy champion. Do this only if they are close together, you cannot waste time with the ult's 35% dmg mimic. This will maximize damage guaranteeing the weak opponents deaths without even focusing on him, and providing a high chance of double kill.

Zed can tower dive somewhat decent if you are calm with your abilities. Start with your W to clear distance, then Ult. Burst hard and land 1 or 2 hits then tap your ult to blink back, follow up with a flash to clear turret, and your good.

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Zed can clear a lane really fast with his burst early on. Remember as a jungler your not supposed to touch those lanes, but if they are getting their *** kicked and had to go back. Dominate that **** hard. The more damage/armor pen items u can get the better.
As your running by enemy Wraiths try to take them. Keep in mind to save your W as an escape across the wall to the river.

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Unique Skills

With Zed you can do some crazy stuff. Use his shadow for distance harass to weaken their confidence. Try to throw the shadow on top of the target so u can shadow slash (E) and throw a ninja star at them. Be careful not to press W mind you, because you can throw yourself to your deaths very easily.

If you find yourself being dominated in a fight back off and harass from afar.
Start with your Ultimate and burst, now quickly reactivate your ultimate to blink back before they can do anything. Your ultimate is essentially your W with some perks, and further range.
In these situations save your W for escape.

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Pros / Cons


    Amazing burst capability.
    Can pull of some crazy skill shots with his shadow through walls.
    Fast jungler.
    Good escape.

    High skill level.
    Spend energy fast.

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So far I have played about 20 matches with Zed. Much more wins then losses.
Multiple times I've been called the best Zed they have seen.
I feel I really have a good grasp on this champion.
Best ninja evar


But what did he do this his mama?