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Zed Build Guide by TGzBerserK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TGzBerserK

Zed The Master of Shadows - Solo top

TGzBerserK Last updated on November 15, 2012
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Table of Contents
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So this is a weird idea that I wanted to try out.

I in no way know how to play Zed, nor am I a master of the game of LoL. I just bought Zed today, and, like most of you, I have no idea where to start with him.

So I figured, why don't we start an experiment together? I'll start playing many matches with Zed, learning his inner workings and tricks. Every game I play with him, I'll post the results of the game as a chapter. Each game report will include:

Goals of the Game
Overall score (KDA and Creep Score)
Intended Final Item Build
Actual Final Item Build
Summary of the Game (Early/Mid/Late)
Improvements for Next Game

Throughout this experience, you guys can comment below on what I should try next, such as build variations, role changes, tips or tricks and so on.

Like you, I got sick and tired of people who think they already know how to play the new champs after a day and post a ****py guide. With this, we have time to develop the champ in the way that's most viable through trial and error.

I think for the good of the community, this is necessary.

NOTE: Most games are going to be in Normals, with the exception of a few Bot Games at first and a few Ranked if I feeling frisky.

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Team Work

Since I want this to be a open-community guide, meaning anyone can have input, I want to give you guys the opportunity to post on this guide. Please, let me know about your experiences with Zed and I'll add a chapter of your games in this guide. If you want to give a game summary of your Zed experiences, you can email me, which I will provide down below. You can submit more than one game report at a time.

The format of your game report can be more or less the same as what I've done. But you must include these things in your email:

Your IGN
When you played the Zed game
The score you got with Zed, including your farm score
Your items at the end of the game
A summary of your game, with list of possible improvements.

If you want, you can send in some pictures to help illustrate your ideas and points of your summary. It'll add more color to this page.

But the ultimate goal of this project is to come up with an actual Zed guide that is cohesive and effective. But to do that, we need a group of people working together on this guide as a team. If you want to be a part of this guide-making team, you must meet the following requirements:

You must be Lv. 30.
You must have emailed me at least one Zed game you have played.
You must have made an Approved or Featured Guide on this site.

Email me and we can discuss your eligibility. Then you can be on the guide-team.

The email to send all this stuff is to:

Also, it would help a lot if you would spread this to other people in the community so they can help out along with this as well. The more data we gather on Zed, the better the guide we can create.