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Zed Build Guide by The Lost Watch

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Lost Watch

Zed, the ninja without balance

The Lost Watch Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to The Lost Watch's guide on Zed, Masters of Shadows. This newly introduced assassin can be deadly if played right. Zed has all sorts of tricks to play with his shadows, with massive AD burst damage and can easily escape when surrounded. Since Zed came out I've played him for quite a bit and only to discover how fun he is to play with his shadow technique, with that I present to you ZED, THE NINJA WITHOUT BALANCE.

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First I wanted to talk about the runes to get for Zed, through game play, many Summoner's have been complaining that Zed is under powered compared to other assassins, such as Talon. Talon not only deals more AD damage than Zed, but also has a higher armor & health.
Greater mark of Strength is solely used to increase Zed's damage so he would be evened out a little bit compared to other champs, same for the quintessence.
As for his Seals and Glyph, well, they are there to make him less squishy, Zed is an unusual champion, his abilities and his low armor makes him a hard champion to play, even for an assassin player. Which is why armor and health MUST be added to strengthen him as some even comments that he is squishier than Shaco.

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No need to ask questions about masteries, 21 points in damage, orders are stereotypical for AD assassins, with 9 points left to put in defense to increase Zed's health, armor, and magic resist (Which are all extremely low).

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Like most champs, Zed starts out with boots and 3 potions for early game. After enough CS and maybe kills/assists, recall to get either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's treads to improve on his armor or magic resist. Making him a little harder to kill. After the boots are purchased, save enough money to get B.F Sword, which increases his damage massively and allow him to get kills much eaiser. Then proceed to Giant's Belt. This item is absolutely NECESSARY for Zed due to his low health, without this item, Zed will become useless late game in teamfights. Using B.F Sword as an advantage, build a bloodthirster on top of it for lifesteal and damage output. Then get a frozen mallet,not only for his health issue, but also for slows and damage. This item will become quite useful when chasing an enemy or teamfights. During the mid-late game, get a chain vest for more defense, which he absolutely needs. Then build a Atma's Impaler on top of that, granting him armor+Critical hit+ damage. By this time the build's finished, of course there are still room left for more; if the game continues, try getting an infinity edge to maximize his damage.Although I do not think the game will be this long, but IF, IF after an infinity edge is bought and STILL the game's not finished, get a Warmog's Armor. Just get one, the reasons are OBVIOUS, if the game continues up to this point you probably would like some more health.

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Skill Sequence

Max out Shrunken first, in early-game, Zed is so easy to kill due to his low health & armor, this is the only ranged attack he has, this will help you farm and harass. Then learn Shadow clone for double-shrunken damage and a way to escape in dangerous situations. By level 3, you can get near champs a little and shadow slash to farm. After level 4, just max out shrunken ASAP, of course, except for 6,11, and 16. When Shrunken is maxed, put all points in shadow slash for damage because the upgrading the Shadow clone doesn't really help for damage outputs.

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Pros / Cons

PROS: 1. Fun to play
2. Deals massive damage if played right (I've gotten a Double-Kill by going solo against Lux and Ashe and leave with nearly full health)
3. Farmer
4. Shadow technique grants him an escape route, more damage output with skills, and a good way to harass.
5. Can also be a good jungler
6. Snowball champ.
7. This unit is a flippin' ninja. (Not to mention he killed Shen's old man)
CONS: 1. Extremely squishy
2. Needs skills to play
3. Has 0 CC
4. Requires runes and right build