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Ziggs Build Guide by Kill3rPlatypus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kill3rPlatypus

Ziggs, Bomb enthusiast extraordinaire

Kill3rPlatypus Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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HEY PEOPLE OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS/MOBAFIRE! This guide will hopefully help everyone out on the new character Ziggs. This guide will be short and sweet for those people who don't like to read. He is personally one of my favourite champs and is a great and fun champ to play as. He has very long range on all his skills, and he is a great mid champ, but he is not so great in other lanes. This will be my first guide and hopefully it will help you get better with Ziggs :D. So let us begin. (P.S I don't know what I'm doing so don't look for anything impressive)

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Pros / Cons

+ Very high damage
+ Has an extremely long range
+ Great passive ability
+ Good farmer
+ Great harassment abilities

-Squishy early game
- Longer cool downs
- Must be able to hit skill shots
-Focused in team fights
- Hard to master

All around he is one of the best mages in the game I think. His Pros out weigh his Cons, I think the only real bad problem he has is his squishiness and playing him at a high level.

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Runes, runes and more runes

The Greater Quintessence of Potency is really a no brainer. He needs the extra AP and it really helps him out a lot. These are a must.
The Greater Mark of Insight also really helps out Ziggs, the extra magic penetration really helps out. You need magic pen for all mages. These are a must.
The Greater Seal of ReplenishmentZiggs eats up a lot of mana with all his skills, this is why he needs blue a lot asweel, it helps out early game, you can stay in your lane longer and harass more. This can be changed some people like to be more tanky and they get the Greater Seal of Resilience.
The Greater Glyph of Potency, this one there are some options on other runes, but id rather have the AP right away, rather than having it being built up throughout the game. This can also be exchanged with the Greater Glyph of Force and the Greater Glyph of Warding.

So your two main options are going a tanky mage, or getting some more AP.

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Summoner Spells

For Ziggs, it does not really matter what spells you get.

The ones id recommend are Flash and Ignite. Flash is the classic get away spell and it really does help, Ignite is helpful for finishing off enemies.
You can also get Ghost, Exhaust or even Teleport if you really wanted to.
Forget about all the others, they are useless to Ziggs.

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Short Fuse-
This is Ziggs passive, it causes him to throw a special bomb that deals extra magic damage every few seconds. It is very good for harassment and last hitting minions. It is a great passive and I believe its one of the things that makes Ziggs absolutely amazing.
Bouncing Bomb-
This skill causes Ziggs to throw a bomb towards an enemy, and if it misses it has the opportunity to bounce 3 times before exploding. It is very good for harassment and farming, and as you progress through the game it will only get better and more powerful. Max this first.
Satchel Charge- This skill is Ziggs really only get away skill, other than his slow skill. You can jump over walls and get away faster with it. Max this last
Hexplosive Minefield- This is Ziggs slow skill. He skaters multiple bombs over the selected area, and if any enemy unit steps on it, it will do damage and slow them. Very useful for ganks and getting away. Max this second.
Mega Inferno Bomb- This is Ziggs ultimate, he throws a big bomb towards a given area and does massive amounts of damage. This skill has amazing range and can be used in many ways, such as initiating a fight or last hitting an enemy. Max this like all other ultimate's at 6,11 and 16

With your Q, you must harass often in the early and the mid part of the game. You can also use it to kill people running away or to start fights. When ganking with Ziggs, throw down your behind them( where ever they will run) so when the run away the will get slowed. Throw your q at them, then your e to throw them back at you. Keep trying to hit him with your passive, and if he escapes before you can kill him, ulti in front of him to finish him off.

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Follow the exact build that I have up at the top if you do not get much food early game, if you do you can easily go for your rabadons before your Rod of Ages, just to get the extra damage. Another difference is in late game, you can get your magic resistance instead of the hour glass. I have also seen people get a Archangels staff, but I would not suggest it. If you feel like you need the extra mana you can get a Tear of a Goddess

The main difference between this build and others is that some people like rushing a Rabadons. I feel you need the extra health at the beginning of the game with a Rod of Ages instead of pure AP. By the way if you didn't realize it, sell your two rings for the Will of the Ancients and the Hourglass.

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Team Work

The job or Ziggs in a team fight is to kill everyone, no one must escape. Once someone has initiated, stay at the back and do the damage. Throw down your E(Hexplosive Minefield) and throw down your W( Satchel Charge) in an escape route. Just start throwing in bombs and do not focus their tank. You must use your ulti at the right time, when your team is starting to lose or perhaps when people are running away.

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Overall, Ziggs is a lot different and more deadly then you think he is, and he is also a lot of fun! All feedback is welcome, anything on how to improve my guide making skills would help too! Tell me what I did wrong and what I did right. Thanks!