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Ziggs Build Guide by timekiller

Ziggs Build To Kill

Ziggs Build To Kill

Updated on February 14, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author timekiller Build Guide By timekiller 41,180 Views 0 Comments
41,180 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author timekiller Ziggs Build Guide By timekiller Updated on February 14, 2012
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This is an introduction to how to play the champiion Ziggs it will show you what masteries, runes to take and what items to buy and build.
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The runes I have chosen are designed to give you the AP advantage early game which works to give you early lane domination and an easier time farming on your lane. I have also chosen mana per level glyphs which are also used to make sure that you dont have to leave lane as much and can get more exp than your opponent. The cooldown reduction seals are also added to this rune build to make sure that you do constant damage to the enemy quicker which means they will have to go off of the lane more to heal.
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The masteries that have been selected are chosen to give you the highest possible damage output to enemy champions by putting 21 points into the offensive mastery by putting 21 points into the offensive mastery you will see your damage increase. This masteries build also gives you the lane duration you might need if you are the type of person that spams their abilities alot that is why there are 9 points in utility which helps you recover mana and a quicker rate.
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This item build is designed to give Ziggs a high damage output while giving him so defense late game. this build is based around giving Ziggs a lot of ability power which makes his skills damage extremly high. Ziggs starting damage is already quite high and with the extra ability power his damage is feared by most people. the first item that I choose to get is the rabadons death cap this is because that the extra AP is a very effective way of dominating mid lane and getting the early game kills. Next i get the sorcerer's shoes I choose these shoes because of the extra magic penetration which means i am going to be dealing more damage to the enemy and am going to need to use less skills to do so.I have also chosen rylai's crystal sceptre because of the slow and extra health, the slow helps to chase down fleeing enemies while the health keeps you more durable at late game The reason I chose will of the ancients is because he has alot of AOE skills which give him a lot of health back when used on a champion or group of minions. The next item I choose is the void staff this is because by this time people are going to be building magic resistance and the extra ability power and magic resistance helps to counter that. and the last item I decide to get is the zhonya's hourglass this is because you get a lot more ability power which means more damage and more defense during the mid and late game because of the extra armour you get I also get this item because of its active which lets you go invulnerable for 2 seconds which is very useful to dodge attacks or wait for cooldowns to end those two seconds could be what it takes for you to escape or either kill the champion that is trying to kill you
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Skill Sequence

The skills that I have chosen are designed to give out the most damage easier and more effectivly by maxing my Q i make it so that I can land more damage on the enemy than if I chose to max my W or E first this is because the Q is much easier to use and hit with over the other skills. The next skill I max out is going to be my E this is because this is the second highest damage output and can also be used to stop enemies from running away or towards you. the last skill i max out is my W which is primarily a utility spell which can be used to escape enemies or by throwing enemies into you or your skills
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Summoner Spells

The spells that I have chosen are designed for mid lane. The reason that i have chosen flash is because of the amount of ganks that mid lane has to deal with and sometimes you cant always escape without having to use flash. I have also chose teleport so that i can quickly go back to base to buy items and heal and then be back on lane in a matter of seconds by using teleport i reduce the amount of exp and gold that i loose and also stop the enemy from having free reign over my lane.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author timekiller
timekiller Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs Build To Kill

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