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Ziggs Humor Guide by Durii

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Durii

Ziggs - I'll show you how to defuse the enemy

Durii Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there. This is my first guide for Ziggs - The Hexplosive Expert.
With this build - guide you will easily annoy your enemy, catch 'em under tower from a distance, etc.

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These runes what you see on the "Cheat Sheet", are the most recommended for Ziggs. But, just in my oppinion. So at the "Mark" rune slots : Greater Mark of insight (Magic penetration). These runes I think the best against tanky champion who don't have too much magic resist. If they got a lot, you are in trouble or buy more mag.pen ;D

In the Seal rune slots: Greater Seal of Replenishment. These runes are flat. So it's directly activates in early game and you can stay longer on mid lane if you playing careful and farming and harassing a lot. But you can buy the stacking mana regen runes too (Greater Seal of Clarity)

For the Glyph rune slots: Ability power! A tons of ability power is always useful for this tiny and annoying/funny champion! So you should get the Greater Glyph of Force. This stacks the ability power level by level. You 'll have chance to get some kills anytime if you don't doing it well.

The Greater Quintencesses of Potency are gives you 15 AP in early game. You will have enough power to harass your mid lane enemy. Nobody will survive your bombs, or just going back to refill their HP and they let you farm a lot.

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You must start with Boots of Speed and three Health potions. These items are the most important things to stay alive on mid lane, because as I know the other mid laner champions they have snaring spells (like Swain, Ryze e.g.) or harassing spells (like Cassiopeia, Karthus e.g.). So just buy these in the beginning then farm.

You also need mana regen in early game to keep your enemies away and escape from ganks. By this reason you need to buy Tear of Goddess. But you need some HP to fill the void in your mind... Some hp in early game = more time to stay on lane for get high CS.

With the Ionian Boots of Lucidity you will have better chance to get kills and harass your enemy. But also good for escape and chasing, or ganks, because Ziggs has a slow movement speed.

Catalys the Protector - More Hp , More Mana.. I have nothing More to say... And after this you can buy the Rod of Ages.

Let's get some "lifesteal". This cute item is the Hextech Revolver, which gives you some spell vamp and chance to survive . The surviveability, I think, is more important for Ziggs than the kills, because you can easily feed the enemy team.

Archangel staff is for get a tons of AP from your spam of bombs. You can leave this item and buy Rabaddon Deathcap.

Lich Bane & Nashor's Tooth - The perfect item combo. After you used all of your spells and Ziggs' passive plus these items will PWN ! You will get a lot of kills! Believe me ! Lich bane is a good choice, because you spamming the Q spell. Nashor's tooth is for auto attack and CDR ! So you'll just need to push the Q and simply right click on the focused enemy.

Hextech Gunblade is ... Okay let me say it simply: Surviveability as Lifesteal and Spell Vamp! But if someone trying to flee you use the Gunblade's ability to kill him or slow.

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Skill Sequence

I write this chapter in short.

The skill sequence for teamfights or solo fight are:

Q > E (under/before/behind your enemy or front of you if you are try to lure the enemy) > W to separate the enemy > Q > Auto attack is always "on" > Q > AA > AA ... etc.

If you using the Sappel Charge:
Press the W again on the circle's edge to fly towards for a long distance.
Or stand on the charge the get a random throw by it.
Throw it front of you then wait a moment. Press the button again to throw yourself ahead and the enemy backwards.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner Spells can be:

Ghost - Very useful after the Flash nerf. You can chase / escape or get in/out from teamfights.
Ignite - Don't chase them, put on your enemy an ignite and kill the others...

Flash - You know this why.. but i dont like it, because it's have a high CD and if you fail to use it, you stay or get in trouble.
Clarity - Very helpful when your jungle is a " 'tard ". So he won't / can't give you the Blue buff.
Teleport - Easier to get into teamfights or backdoor.
Exhaust - If you like to autoattack or you just simply want to escape or mark to focus that target what you exhaust.

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Pros / Cons


    Very high burst damage
    Long range ultimate to help or get kill(s) with insane damage
    Nice escape tools and great "teamfight partner"

    Slow movement speed.
    If you get fed, you'll be the most focused.
    Hard to use his utility spell [Sappel Charge, this for beginner (Ziggs) players]

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In total this champion is a great choice for harass and "carry" the match and do huge damage.

I hope you enjoyed my simple guide and rate it with positive votes. But do not forget to commenct and express an oppinion.

See You next time,

Durii ; EU West server.


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