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Ziggs Build Guide by AirJimmer

Ziggs the crazy suicide bomber

Ziggs the crazy suicide bomber

Updated on September 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AirJimmer Build Guide By AirJimmer 2,234 Views 0 Comments
2,234 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AirJimmer Ziggs Build Guide By AirJimmer Updated on September 4, 2012
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This build will go over my view of ziggs and how I play him and i recommend you try this build as it proves very effective at least in my opinion. Ziggs is an ap carry mid champ that dishes out a TON of damage and has some way cool and fun abilities but takes a bit to master.
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Pros: Very good damage all throughout the game and very fun to play. Hard to gank and hard to counter if your good with bouncing bomb. Has an awesome new skin pool party ziggs. And he is an insane yordle with a lit bomb strapped to his back.

Cons: Very squishy and hard to master. He is very mana hungry and needs mana regen and blue buff to do well.
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I go marks of insight(magic pen.) this are always my ap champ marks just cause of the extra damage they give, Seals of replenishment(mana regen.) Ziggs tends to be a bit mana hungry so this will help you regenerate your mana quicker so you can spam your q, glyphs of force(ap per lvl.) these are for dishing out major dmg. late game and are really a great choice.
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for masteries i go 21 in offense and nine in utility to get that blue buff to last longer and the mana regen. If you feel you don't need the extra buff time then feel free to go 9 in defense, but the 21 offense is mandatory for me at least.
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Start with boots 3 pots for lane sustain and then build into a couple dorans rings for the ap and mana regen. Then get sorcerers shoes and then begin your deathcap with the needlesly large rod or sometimes i build a zhonya's hourglass first it just depends on your match up. after the deathcap get a zhonyas and then a rylai's crystal scepter for health and ap. then build into the void staff and if u pass that get the lich bane.
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Skill Sequence

I start with my q for early harass and the fact that it is your main damage ability then i go to e for more damage and the slow. Then get another q for extra damage and then ganks will start soon so get your w then max your q then your e and then your w and of course get your ult when possible.
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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells i take ignite and flash because i usually need that extra touch with ignite and need to escape with flash. Other options are teleport and ignite if u feel really confident with your w as an escape tool or you can take flash and heal because ziggs is very squishy.
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Ziggs is one of the funnest champions in league no problem. Hes hard but if you like a challenge then he is for you and he's so strong but with great power comes great responsibility so be careful for he is very squishy.
Hope this guide helped!!! Leave a comment on how to improve it as it is my first guide and i want to improve so if you have any suggestions leave them below.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AirJimmer
AirJimmer Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs the crazy suicide bomber

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