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Ziggs General Guide by SIayerShadow

AP Carry Ziggs The Hexplosives Expert

AP Carry Ziggs The Hexplosives Expert

Updated on October 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SIayerShadow Build Guide By SIayerShadow 1,326 Views 0 Comments
1,326 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SIayerShadow Ziggs Build Guide By SIayerShadow Updated on October 13, 2012
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Ziggs The Hexplosives Expert

Hi everyone! This is my first guide and i decided to do it of ziggs, couse its my favourite champ and i want to transmite my kwnoledge of him. Well what can i say about ziggs, his way of playing is very similar to the most ap champs of the game. The idea is that you should be able to do the most amont of damage possible in a few seconds.
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Pros and Cons

For getting started we should now a bit more of our champion, Ziggs, The crazzy little creature.


    -Very easy to Hit with his Q
    -Squishy couse of his W if you master that skill
    -Great ult that can secure kills from long distance
    -A lot of area damage couse


-The ult has a long CD
-If you dont know how to use your W you can get in troubles easily
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Well as the idea of this guide is to make the most amont of damage in a few seconds, we will buy ap runes and magic penatration, I put that Runes becouse i think are the most useful,with that runes you´ll probabbly win early game, but u can always buy Runes of Ability power per lvl, or you can buy some mana regen runes. But i reccomend thats runes.
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First of all we will buy 2 doran rings , so we will have some ap to start, and some mana regen to stay in the lane. We will get the boots, sorcers shoes couse of the magic penetration. The first and most usefull item we will buy is the Rabadons DeathCap, by this time we will probably be a little feed and with that amount of damage we will have secure our line. We will buy Gian belt to get a little bit tanky so we can survive in teamfights and then we will finish that with the Rylais Staf. By this time we should have a lot of money and a lots of kill to, so the other team will probably focus you, so youll get Zhonya, that item will make then crazy and make you survive in the teamfights if they focus you hard. If the game continues, you should get some magic penetration so you can make more damage to the tankies, or you can get some more health, as you want.
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Summoner Spells

This is your own choice, but ill recomend Flash and ignite for all mid champs. You can also get Teleport, Clarity or heal, but they are a bit usseles for an ap carry like
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Ziggs is an excellent champion for teamfights couse the big amount of are damage that he can do. You ll probabbly win teamfights if you use propperly the combo, and make a good use of that ulty, you shouldnt only try to kill with the ult, youll have to use it in the middle of the teamfights. I recomend this sequence is the enemy team is all together, W E Q R. In that way youll separete them with the W, them theyll get all your bombs with the E when theyll try to focus or reagruop, and then with the Q and the Ult youll finish the TeamFight.
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Well guys, ill continue working on this guide, its a bit uncomplete, but well its my first try, i hope u can enjoy it. Sorry for my english i ve made my best.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SIayerShadow
SIayerShadow Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs The Hexplosives Expert

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