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Ziggs Build Guide by Zhadowplague

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zhadowplague

Ziggs Throw it in your face

Zhadowplague Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Welcome to my first detail build.
Here i will explain why i use these items, masteries and runes.
i will also include laning and farming as ziggs.
Ziggs is a great champion with lots of damage and all of it is Aoe!!!

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Pros/Cons with the build

    Deal good damage
    Be able to survive the most
    Very good 1v1
    Good early + late game

    Not so much mana
    You must be good at hitting targets with your abilities
    You need a lot of money/kills

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Marks as:

Seals as: Greater seal of vitality

Glyphs as:

Quintessences as:

The Greater mark of insight is a great rune for all AP characters. It will allow you to penetrate through enemy magic resistance.
As for ziggs Magic penetration is a great use. With it you can take down tanks easier.

Greater seal of vitalityThe Greater seal of vitality is a good item for surviving longer. It will increase your health every level wich means you will have more health than usual every level. You will be able to go a bit longer into teamfights take a bit more damage and get more time to escape.
For a player who loves to spamm with the abilities or who wants to stay a bit back in a teamfight i recommend to change the Greater seal of vitality to Greater Seal of Replenishment wich will make your mana regen faster.

The Greater Glyph of potency is for your damage output. You will damage more with all of your abilities including your passive (). In short it gives you AP.

The Greater Quintessence of Focus is for your cooldowns. Sometimes you may think "i dont need this" but in early game your cooldown on both and is very high. This will make it able to use these more often and if your gonna escape, be able to jump away more often with .

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The masteries are picked offense/damage as you can see and not utility/mana/cooldown.
This is because this build is more of a nuke build than the so cald spammer build where you keep throwing and throwing but not doing so much damage. Nope here we go for damage and more damage.
The masterie page on the top is the one you are supposed to use. I don't recommend changing any of it.

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Summoner Spells

The spells used are

Exhaust is a great spell for both teamfight and 1v1. It can be used to slow the target and also lower its defense. Great to use if you want someone slow so you can toss a lot of bombs at them.

Ignite is another great spell for ziggs. It can be used to stop peoples health-regen by 50% wich is really good on when he uses his ulti. You can also use this spell to finish off enemies who are near to get away from you.

Other spells

Flash, wich is both an escape spell and an attack spell. It can be used to teleport fastly over small walls and can be used to jump in/out of fights.
This is not a recommended spell cause that you have an ability wich works kinda like it.
Your satchel charge is like a Flash but is a bit slower and if you play right this spell wont be needed for you at all.

Ghost wich is another more useless spell. It will increase your movement speed and ignore unit collision. I tried it out and if i used it to get away i thought that this was a waste of a spell. You won't go around to much by yourself when you play ziggs and often will people save you from hard melees like and

Any other spell is also a no from me.

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Skill Sequence

The picked Skill sequence is picked so that your best ability in early game will be Focusing on this one makes you be able to do out lots of damage. It's also the best to upgrade since the other abilities have long cooldowns even if your upgrade them and that's why you will not be using them to much.
I also picked of course picked the ulti when you get it. This is a good thing to do for all champions cause it makes your ulti stronger.

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So this was a guide/build made by me ( Zhadowplague )
Also please like and comment on this build.
And here is a picture of my games with this build: