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Ziggs Build Guide by wait dont killme

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wait dont killme

Ziggs - ..Where'd that body go?

wait dont killme Last updated on February 28, 2012
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Hi everybody. My name is Wait Dont Killme(US-East). This is my first ever build, so i really don't know how to do much with the builder. Hopefully you guys get the idea though. This build is obviously for Ziggs, so let's begin. :)

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Pros - Insane damage and farming capability.

Cons - Squishy and very slow. May also be constantly getting raged at.

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For the red runes, i take the insight ones because this will give me quite a bit of damage with the mines and your ult.

For the yellow runes, i take the resilience ones because this will help me survive through many situations.

For the blue runes, i take potency ones because this will give me a ton of AP at the beginning of the game.

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For my masteries, i take 21/0/9 because i would like as much of an AP boost as i can possibly recieve. I also get the 9 in utility for the mana and the movement speed because of how ridiculously slow Ziggs is.

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First, i start out with abecause i like the health and the mana regen.

I then get a because again, Ziggs is very slow throughout the game.

I get a because the extra AP is awesome.

I would get another because that will help you with your mana problems.

You should then get a
I then get a because the AP will make you have crazy damage.

Your next big item is a , because your mines will give you a ton of Spell Vamp.

This next item will help you in Team Fights now. Getting a will help you immensely in surviving a teamfight when timed correctly.

Now, you are to get an . The magic resist should help, as Ziggs is pretty squishy.

Your final item is a . Good extra AP. :)

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Skill Sequence

Now, my friends have always wondered why i max my E first. They think im stupid and think i should get my Q first. You should always your E first because firstly, it will help farming and two, you can cut off escapes very easily to land an awesome E then to a Q combo(I hope you know what i mean by that.. > <). I don't really use my W unless it's a really big deal, because of the long cooldown. I would save it until the time is right. Your R is somewhat hard to land, i guess. But with enough practice, your prediction should eventually be flawless. :)

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash and Ghost because these two are the two summoner spells i rely on the most. You can get Clarity, if you just waste your mana like freaking crazy, in place of ghost. Whenever i use ghost, it's when i go back and i need to get back to mid lane. FAST. Using flash is an obvious thing to try and do.

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Now this is pretty straight forward. Put down an E and then throw a Q on a big minion wave and BOOM they're all dead. Yay! Money! :)

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Some Tricks

Although these tricks may be obvious, i hardly see any Ziggs use these tricks.
So what you can do when you're being chased by 2+ enemies, you can set down some mines in FRONT of you. Then pop your W on yourself to your turret or base.
You can put down your E behind your mid lane enemy and then throw a Q in front of them. This will annoy them, unless he/she is playing somebody like LeBlanc or Ezreal. You must close off the as much space behind them when you place your explosive mines.

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The Bottom Line

Again, this is my first build, so it probably isn't that great. I hope you guys learned at least a LITTLE bit more about Ziggs. I may play Ziggs more and update this build as i find out more tricks. This build focuses a little bit more on farming, because of you maxing your E first. I hope you guys won't rage too hard on this pretty bad build :S. Bye guys.