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Ziggs Build Guide by FiddlezAllDay

Ziggs- You Gotta Ziggs when they Zagg

Ziggs- You Gotta Ziggs when they Zagg

Updated on October 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FiddlezAllDay Build Guide By FiddlezAllDay 3,037 Views 1 Comments
3,037 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FiddlezAllDay Ziggs Build Guide By FiddlezAllDay Updated on October 5, 2012
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Ziggy Poo I choose you

Ziggs is a VERY good mid, he's not really a counter to anyone in particular, nor countered by anyone in particular. Ill explain why Ziggs is your man for mid.
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Rune Choices?!?

I chose the Magic Pen runes because, when you start smashing them, which you will, they will get magic resist, and you need it to try and cancel them out

The Ability Power on The Quints and seals is pretty self explanatory.
The mana regen is important because ziggs DRAINS mana with his spells, its very helpful so you don't always need blue
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ABILITY...POWER!!!! juice that **** up
Utility wise, the mana regen and the speed help you zig and zag out of places.
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These are core items that make ziggs a monster, I also sometime start off with a tear of goddess if you know its gonna be a long game, then you can do ALOT more damage later on, but this is a build if you want to make them quit early.
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Skill Order

Bombs and Mines are where all of ziggs damage comes, you want to get them back to back, the c4 at level4 is entirely for keeping people off you or keeping them from running, you dont really need anymore points into it until late game
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Flash Ignite Combo, First blood no assist.
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    He's very good at moving around
    good burst and poke
    Nearly global ult, can help your team if they are in need of it
    There are no Cons to Ziggs, he's ****ing Ziggs
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In summarization, Ziggs is a great mid, he can burst he can poke, he can save team from far away, he is the most easily playable mid there is, nothing really stops him. Get Ziggs,and Zag them *****es
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FiddlezAllDay
FiddlezAllDay Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs- You Gotta Ziggs when they Zagg

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