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Ziggs Build Guide by gr.mobafire

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gr.mobafire

Ziggsoser To Lagoniko

gr.mobafire Last updated on October 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pre Introduction

My english sometimes are really bad and i am sorry about that.Also i tried to describe all of my tips generally and as simply as i could.Enjoy

(if you have questions about this quide,message me.i will be glad to reply)

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Ok this built,is my first built so dont be very bad with me.Kidding.

Ziggs is a a good mage champion who can harass many champions with his skills and he can easily take kills without help.His spells can easily help him escape from difficult situations or put him in advantage and make all the enemys be afraid of him.Note that you should always estimate your enemy's health,the damage that you are going to make to him and the enemy's gang possibilities.These are the things that you should keep in mind before go hunting:)Note that Ziggs can be easily harassed by other champions and you might be the first target of the enemy team (80-90%)Keep your distance and try not to get hit by the enemy's spells in the lane.In other words stay invisible.Easier said than done,right?

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I chose these runes because i think that they are the most usefull runes in Ziggs gameplay.Not many things to say.You need a lot of ability power and also magic penetration.You can try different combinations of runes if you want,but these are my favourite.

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When you built your masterie tree and you want to play with Ziggs,try to have as much ability power/damage dealt as you can.My masterie tree built i think it's ok.You need mana too.Again,if you want,try YOUR combinations of masterie trees built and see the results.

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Pay attetion in this chapter guys.It's one of the most important chapters in this built.There are diffirent kind of items combinations but i will tell you mine.

You can start with two different ways:

First way,known as the Hot carry symphony 5 way(ranked team in west):
You start with the Boots of speed and you purchase potions(only health potions,or health and mana potions)Then you continue with 2 Doran's ring,you complete the Sorcerer's shoes.After that,you purchase the following items with this order:Rabadon's Deathcap,Rely Crystal Scepter and finally Rod of ages.If the game continues,and you got feeded well(yummy),you should sell your two Doran's ring and you should purchase an Abyssal scepter and Zhonya's hourglass.If your enemy in your lane has spells with stunn you should take Banshee's Veil instead of Zhonya's hourglass.

Second way,the most common way:
You purchase two Doran's ring,the Sorcerer's shoes and the rest items are the same with the previous way.

Note 1:If the enemy in the lane is op(overpower,and most of the time meele/fighter),the items
that you should take ,are the following(you can purchase them with any way you like,the ways that i mentioned earlier):2 Doran's ring,Sorcerer's shoes,Rabadon's Deathcap,Relly Crystal scepter,Rod of ages.Then in the very late game,you sell the 2 Doran's ring and you should purchase:Frozen Heart and Zhonya's Hourglass(with this order)

Note2:These items are my favourite ones,and i feel very comfortable with them.But you can try your builts too and see the results of your games.Another usefull items in Ziggs built are the Void staff and the Lich Bane.

I chose these items (which i mentioned earlier) because they give you a lot ablility power and enough mana.There are better builts but i feel very comfortable with this one and i believe that it's usefull too

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Skill Sequence

Following my way of skill sequence will help you very much.In the whole match you will you mostly your q and your e. The w is mostly used for escaping and going through some walls,like flash.Thats why i upgrade the w only once at the early game,because you use it only for escape and it isn't the spell that you will use to make tons of damage.

The attack combo is simple.You have to predict where your enemy will walk.When you are sure about your prediction you should place in front of/next to or behind to your enemy your e.When your enemy is slowed,throw your q.If the enemy try to escape,place a w in front of him and press w quickly to activate the dynamite.In this way your enemy will come closer to you.If you haven't killed your enemy,and you cant do anything else,throw your ultimate.

When you try to escape from difficult situations,throw a w in front of you and activate the ability again to throw yourself through a wall or to make your way faster to a turret/ a teamate or to escape(make sure that you will not throw yourself to the enemy o.0)While midair,throw a e behind you to and make sure that your enemy will pass through the slowing bombs.

Note1:Your w can throw your enemys away.thing that can make your escape easier or to throw an enemy away from a turret/inhibitor or an ally.It will be difficult for you to escape with your w if your are slowed.

Note2.Try to predict when you cast your q or e.

Note3.Use your ultimate in teamfights or when an enemy tries to escape and he is not in your regular range.The farther you throw your ultimate,the later it will arrive to it's destination.As a result,your enemys will have more time to escape.

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Summoner Spells

I use flash for my escape and ignite for my early game when i dont have enough mana or my spells are in cooldown.Use the ignite spell when Tryndamere uses his ultimate, to kill him,but try not to use it very early.You can pick clarity instead of ignite.

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Ranked Play

I have talked a lot about your gameplay in the previous chapters.The only thing that i have to add is the farming.Try to slain as many minions as you can.Ah..I forgot...Ziggs also is good at gangs.His skills are very helpufull to his allys.He can slow the enemys or throw them closer to the team with his w.Or he can finish the enemys off with his ultimate but this is most likely a kill steal(if the enemies have been damaged only from your allys).In the early game,try to land as many q as you can but try to keep enough mana in case of harrassing someone or escaping from a gang,because Ziggs's spells demand a high amount of mana.That's why you will find usefull the blue buff.In the late game,BE VERY AWARE of your actions and your movements,you know why,because lots of gangs happen this time.You can also lure your enemys easily and lead them in your team's trap.A usefull trick for Ziggs is the following:if you think that you are going to be ganged,throw a w in the grass.In this way,you will be able to see(about 3-4 seconds) if an enemie is in the grass. ;) I have been saved by this trick many times.Generally,follow the combos which i talked about earlier and practise a lot with Ziggs,if you want to play well with him.

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Pros / Cons

1)escaping abilities
2)tons of damage
3)he can co operate easily with his allys and make many combos with them
4)you can easily use him in a 3vs3 game(i mention that,becaused i have heard many people saying that Ziggs is ONLY a 5vs5 champion.
5)very powerfull in the early game
6)nice ulti ;)(and you can even kill an enemie in his base when his hp points are low,if you use your ultimate of course
7)cool appearance :)

1)his spells consume a high amount of mana,that's why you should use wisely your spells
2)you can't escape easily when you are slowed,and your w or e in these situations are mostly useless
3)when you cast your ulti very far,your enemies will have a chance of escaping,because there is a warning indicator

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Some cool videos

Unfortunately he is greek and you might not understand anything but this video is a Must (i can understand the video cause i am greek muhahaha).Just watch and i am sure that you will find some usefull tricks.(he trolls a lot,and don't take this video in much consideration)

His is pro or he did ks(it's your choice).I think he is pro.As you can see in this video he keeps his distance and he cast he spells from locations with safety.

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Countering enemies

You should be VERY VERY VERY aware of your actions when there is in your lane Ziggs,Vladimir,Talon,Morgana,Le blanch,Kassadin,Fizz,Ahri or Cassiopeia.These champs are very difficult to harass and many of them can counter Ziggs easily.Each one of them has unique skills and you should thing very carefully before doing something.I don't want to describe to you all the skills of these champions because i am sure that you know things like that.Just try to keep your distance,farm as much as possible and take your time.Attack when they will think that you will go back or go back when they think that you will attack.In this way,you will be unpredictible and you will have the upper hand.If you are sure about yourself,troll them a little and make them think that you are noob.Then,when you find the right moment,attack and surprise them.Trust me it really works.BUT IT IS A HUGE RISK.Don't do things that you and your team will regret later.

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The final chapter

Ok this is the final chapter.In this chapter,i want to thank all the lol fans who read my built.You might think that some things in this guide are useless but you should really try them.Don't get dissapointed from your first try!Try my built a couple of times and i am sure that you will be satisfied with the results.
In this guide ,all the ideas/tips/etch. are mine and i didn't copy or steal anything(if you think something like that).I didn't publish my built earlier because i didn't have a mobafire account,that's why.One day,some of my friends(who know that i know to play really well with ziggs),told me that i should upload a ziggs guide.I couldn't resist.But before my very first guide,i did a research.I saw many Ziggs guides,and only some of them were good.So in my built,i trust you all of my secrets and i hope that you will trust me too.This built might contain things that the other guides will lack.I love Ziggs,and i wanted to share all of my tricks with you,because always i see noob Ziggs players in lol(I dont want to play the smart guy or to play the pro)
Finally,i could have written <<books>> (lots of pages) about this guide,but i chose to make a short and a simple one.

Thanks again for all the people who visited my guide.Like it,comment and if you want share it.
Let me know if my help was usefull to you and don't forget to TRY YOUR combinations of combos/other items or diffirent runes.

(sorry for my bad english and sorry about my guide appearense.It's my first one so take it easy)