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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lvx

Zilean - A CDR calculation

Lvx Last updated on July 29, 2010
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First of all: this is not (yet) meant to be a whole build. There is no words about playtype, and no explanation of the skills chosen.

This is only some calculations, about maxing out Zils dmg output by maxing CDR and AP. If you like the idea behind that, feel free to give an +1. But don't suppose me to tell you how to play Zil... that might follow later on.

As the above provided automatic calculations are wrong, here are the real values:
CDR: 36,64 * 1,09 (masteries) = 39,94 cdr (the closest you get to the cap of 40%)
Mana: 4.765 * 1,05 (masteries) = 5.003 mana
AP: 335 (items) + 27 (runes) + 5003 * 0,09 (3x archangels) * 1,25 (zhonyas) = 1.015 AP

This will affect your skills as followed:

Time Bomb
dmg: 330 + 0,9 * 1015 = 1.244 dmg (before MR)
CD: 10s -> 6s
CD: 5s -> 3,6s
Time Warp
CD: 20s -> 12s
Chrono Shift
HP after respawn: 1.304
CD: 140s -> 84s

The most annoying outcome of that, for sure, is your possibility to spam time bombs. I put it into a graphic, to show the damage you'll cause over a certain period of time:

Almost 7.500 dmg (before MR) in 15s (which is a solid 500dmg/s)... that's why ppl hate Zilean that much.
But this calculation is based on maximum efficency during teambattles, supposing that your tanks / CCs keep the enemies busy, and you keep them alive by chrono shift.

If you are up for a fast gank, 3 bombs will only take you:
1st: bomb, rewind
2nd: bomb - CDs are 6s / 3,6s now.
3rd: rewind asap, bomb (will make the 2nd go off and plant a third).
If you are fast, that is 3 bombs plant in 4s, dealing 3.700+ dmg over 8s. Most likely, the initial 2.488 dmg in the first 4s will take them down or grant one of your team mates a nice kill anyway.

A word about MR and MP

You might have seen from my Karthus MagPen-AP hybrid, that I am a fan of MP. On chars with skills that scale low from AP (i.e. 0.25 and 0.30 with Karthus) it works really great.
On Zilean, how ever, it's wasted!

Magic resistance works by this formula:
MR / (100 + MR) * 100 = dmg reduction in %
Every hero has at least 30 MR right from the beginning, granting him: 23% reduced damage from your time bombs!
With i.e. 28,55 MP (the runes we could change without risking our CDR) and a 20 MP item (sorcerers shoes or haunting guise) it would look like this:
21,4 / (121,4) * 100 = 17,65% reduced dmg. But we would sacrifice ~250 AP...

In absolute values, this means for an MP/AP build:

So in the case of Zilean we wont care about MP to the slightest, but go straight for AP.