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Zilean Build Guide by messageboy

Zilean - Bomb Striker

Zilean - Bomb Striker

Updated on August 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author messageboy Build Guide By messageboy 7,115 Views 0 Comments
7,115 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author messageboy Zilean Build Guide By messageboy Updated on August 27, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity



Bomb Striker Zilean is a build that allows the player to keep out of harms way, only to enter the outskirts of rival champion abilities to set off quick bombings and item active abilities, this build isn't made to stay near rival champions for longer than a few seconds, usually under 2 or 3 seconds.

You should have a clear understanding of the max range of your opponent's attacks and stay well out of it until moving to their edge just to strike them. This build will also allow you to support your allies and yourself with getting away or to opponents.

Not all the ability points are being shown which it should be at 810.21 but will only show 410.21 due to item passives and etc.
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Pros / Cons

Can be both a support and offense character.
Great at harassing.
Hit and run with bombs.
Able to damage champions when piled together in short time.
Able to farm creeps.
Able to keep out of opponent's range with just entering the edge to bomb them.
Able to bomb your allies or creeps to deal damage without even going near opponent's max range.
Good at escaping.
Good at pushing a lane.
Good at finishing champions.

Squishy champ;
Can't handle getting ganked;
Require Focus;
Bombs has a count down which can allow champions to get away or kill someone before bomb kills them or weakens them to near death.

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The item build is done in the more simple form, you don't have to head back each time to get each item which I would advise against that enough for tear of goddess, I just done it in the most simple form so that if you happen to be back at base and don't have enough for the full complex item then you can just buy the basic item for it.

It is best to get Meki Pendant at the start of the game for the mana regeneration and maybe some health potion depending on how good you are at foreseeing opponent max range, attack and abilities. Usually I can read their max range enough to stay in a lane for 10 minutes without a single health potion.

After you get 605 gold then it would be best to head back to base to get tear of goddess as soon as possible so that it can stack up the bonus mana sooner, this bonus will transfer over to the archangel staff.

Then it is best to stay in the lane as long as possible until the opponents have gotten about 2k worth of items or until 10 or 15 minutes into the game, by this time you should have enough gold to get the Sorcerer's Shoes but these shoes can be swap to either the cool down or tenacity shoes depending on the champions you are facing. You should have enough gold left over to get Sheen or at least the two basic items for it in that single trip back.

At this point the best times to get back for items is when you got enough to buy the void staff out right but if you happen to be force back to base for any reason then it is fine to buy the basic items for it at that time. Next time would be when you can buy Kage's Lucky Pick but you can wait longer if you want but this cheap item gives a bit more AP and gold. Next pit stop should be the archangel staff then Fiendish Codex or Deathfire Grasp and finally Rabadon's Deathcap then Lich Bane.

1 - Meki Pendant
2 - Tear of Goddess
3 - Sorcerer's Shoes/Ionian Boots of Lucidity/Mercury's Tread and Sheen (or basic items for it)
4 - Void Staff
5 - Kage's Lucky Pick (Optional)
6 - Archangel Staff
7 - Fiendish Codex or Deathfire Grasp
7b - Deathfire Grasp
9 - Rabadon's Deathcap
10 - Lich Bane

Special/Key Items
Deathfire Grasp
Deathfire Grasp has a active ability that deals magic damage based on 30% of opponent's current health plus 3.5% per 100 AP that you have, with this build eventually that item will deal 58% of opponent's current health. This is great against tanks and any opponent that is at full hp.

Lich Bane
Each time you use a ability, your next basic attack will get 100% of your AP in it which with this build means that straight after you set a bomb, you can fire off one shot that does 911 damage, this item does have a 2 second cool down.

Total Gold: 15930
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Team Work

Zilean is good with sticking in the back where it is safe, speeding up allies when they are trying to retreat in front of you or trying to catch someone. Another method is to set bombs on team mates that attacks enemies close up or to bomb friendly creeps that are heading into the battle where opponents are keeping you away with sticking in among the creeps.
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The runes applied mostly is magic penetration to remove the basic magic resists that champions will start with early on, then there is ability points and cool down runes to give you a edge early game.
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Most of the points are to go into utility masteries and a few into offense, the key masteries to get is.

    Archaic Knowledge
    Archmage's Sawy
    Expanded Mind

    Good Hands
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Skill Sequence

Level 1 - Time Bomb (Lvl 1): This is the first ability to get to harass and weaken your opponents to force them off the lane or far enough from the creeps, if you see them trying to avoid your range like crazy then you can use their fear to set your champion right next to their back creeps so that they keep out of the range where they are able to gain exp from their creeps but be careful of their creeps trapping you.

Level 2 - Rewind (Lvl 1): You get this ability at level 2 so that you can either push the lanes if the opponents are keeping you from getting too close or to double bomb a opponent to either kill them or weaken them enough to force them off the lane.

Level 3 - Time Bomb (Lvl 2): More damage with Rewind is always handy.

Level 4 - Time Warp (Lvl 1): At level 1 this would be more useful to allow yourself or your allies to get away then to slow the opponent, only time you use this on your opponent is when they are near your tower, very very very low hp or getting ganked by your team.

Level 5 - Time Bomb (Lvl 3): More damage with Rewind is always explosive.

Level 6 - Chrono Shift (Lvl 1): This is handy to have as a support and also to save your own skin when trying to escape, using this with Time Warp will save yourself or a ally quite often if done right with the idea of full retreat. This can also be handy to give your strongest ally a bit more time to take care of a group of opponents or tower.

From this point on the main two that should be leveled up is time bombs for more damage and time warp for increase duration of effect, rewind for this build is really only needed at level 1 for good deal of the game to allow you to double bomb or double time warp then flee.
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Summoner Spells

Teleport spell is there to allow Zilean to jump to empty lanes to push them with quick creep bombings, at times it is handful to have teleport to avoid lanes that suddenly have champions you can't handle, so you just teleport to the opposite lane to push. There is also times when you need to teleport near weakened allies or opponents to aid or kill.

Clarity is your most important spell and what you will use mostly early game and a few times near end game, with zelian you are bound to stay in the lane for long period of time if you are good enough to keep out of opponent's ability range with setting off bombs, so you are bound to use Clarity often with meki item to keep your mana up to stay in the lane non-stop for first 10-15 minutes before going back for a item but might be good to head back to get tear of goddess as soon as possible to get it's mana bonus quickly.

Try to use your clarity spell near your allies so to keep them in the lane longer with you.
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Beware of champions that has abilities that pull you towards them like singed, blitzcrank or etc, players will use them to pull you towards towers or behind their lines where you will get killed before being able to escape.

Champions that can teleport to you is dangerous but not as bad since you should be behind your creeps and close to your turrent with being able to retreat back with your time warp.

Stuns are dangerous for every champion but if you think that bound to be too much of a issue then change Sorcery's Shoes to Mercury Threads.
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This build is to turn zilean into a support/offense mage that can deal a great amount of damage in hit and runs, he isn't made to be put in risk of confrontation. Use your judgment, focus and cleverness to harass and kill your opponents with the lest possible risk to yourself.

If you think this is a good build then vote for it.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author messageboy
messageboy Zilean Guide
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Zilean - Bomb Striker

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