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League of Legends Build Guide Author DEWO

Zilean, Harras, DPS, Support

DEWO Last updated on August 3, 2010
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"The Chronokeeper is never in a rush. He has all the time in the world."

Welcome to my Zilean by Belenzor guide.

You can find my other guides here:
DEWO's Profile

This time we'll take the most annoying champion there is next to Heimerdinger.
Zilean is considered as a support champion, since the only damaging ability is Time Bomb. But as you probably know every stick has 2 ends. I found that playing ths char as a 100% support role is kinda boring. It took me long time to give him 2nd chance, and boy i was suprised how fun he is to play when you do him in burst damage-support char.

This guide will present you the Harras-DPS-Nuke whatever you want to call it AP build.
I can agree that cooldown reduction items are realy good for him, when you play him as a total support with a little bit damage help, but i just dont find that much enjoyable, and should it care if you are 2 shoting Teemo? :)
With AP build you still have your utility spells that save your teammates, you still can slow or even double slow oponents, you can do all the stuff you could do on CDR build as a support but here you can also use your AP to accualy gank, or even turn the lategame team battles to your advantage.

Heal - my personal choice. Lets you harras and stay longer in lane in early game and lets you support your team better in mid/late games ganks/teambattles.
Main purpouse is to let you stay longer in your lane since you dont have any lifesteal you have to either buy pots and waste cash oooor get this one.
Flash - I simly cant live without this skill on any char. It's just too usefull, blink in blink out, trick out with LoS blink, chase, escape. Most versitale skill ingame.

Why not others?
Ghost/Exhaust. You realy need that? With Time Warp you can do same thing, on lower cd. Yes maybe you won't be able to blind, but what to blind if you can slow them while they are still at range and cant hit you anyway?
Clarity, its a good spell for him, but tbh only in early game. Later on it gets useless.
Cleanse? You are not a tank (but you can pretend that with Chrono Shift). Still not worth it. You should stay in the back harrasing and helping not taking everything on you.
With your harras abilities, the enemy should never get even close to your tower...
Ignite, Good spell, but from my observations its either you kill someone with double bomb or you dont. This spell will not make it a diference.
Buahahahahahah srsly? you will die? With this char its nearly impossible if played correctly. Well you will "die" but not even close to real death.
You are NOT a jungler. You will 1 shot creep waves anyway. Useless.
Teleport. You will be everywhere extremaly fast with Time Warp -> rewind Time Warp anyway. You can take it but its not that valuable in my eyes.


Standard caster 9/0/21. Nothing to add here.


Standard caster runes.


Heightened Learning - Increases experience gain of all allied champions by 8%.

Global buff that gives 8% more exp, and that is BIG, for example you can take 5% you get from masteries and you need to spend 4 points in it. This will still give you even more! Nice for everyone. Self-explainatory. (ps. you still get 2.5% from masteries :))
Time Bomb - Places a bomb on any unit, allied or enemy, which detonates after 4 seconds, dealing area of effect damage.
Zilean places a time-delayed bomb on a target. After 4 seconds this bomb will detonate, dealing 100/155/210/270/330 (+1.0) magic damage to all surrounding enemies.
Cooldown - 10 seconds
Cost - 60/75/90/105/120 Mana
Range - 700

The only damaging ability you have, but DAMN this one has it's kick. Its the biggest damage dealing NON-ULTI spell ingame. (only morgana binding does more but it is a DoT and it has it's cd... quite big one. Not talking about troubles with targeting and getting the right target prisoned)
The range is quite standard for an offensive spell, but long enaugh to keep your enemy apart of getting exp.
This spell is realy great for early game harras. At lvl 1 with Amplifying Tome bought you will deal 122 damage at a cost of 60 mana. If we take usualy mid-laner Ashe with 359 Health she should be dead after your 1st double bomb on lvl 2. (it usualy ends up like this: after 1st harrases (2 bombs on lvl 1) i get lvl 2 and rewind. I wait for good occasion and cd on bomb. Place it, rewind, flash place 2nd = dead.

Rewind - Zilean can prepare himself for future confrontations, reducing the cooldowns of all his abilities. Rewind also passively increases his ability power.
Reduces all of Zilean's other cooldowns by 10 seconds. Rewind does not affect itself.
Cooldown - 18/15/12/9/6 seconds seconds
Cost - 50/50/50/50/50 Mana
Range - 600

A straightforward and all-around skill. The time you enable it you get 10 sec reduction on rest of your spells this means:
You have instantly another time bomb cooldown ready.
You cut your time warp spell to half (10 sec)
and your chrono shift ulti will be ready 10 sec faster. (if you rewind frequently, your ulti cd will be ready in 1/2 of it's normal cd.

Time Warp - Zilean bends time around any unit, decreasing an enemies movement speed or increasing an allied units movement speed for a short time.
Zilean slows an enemy champion's movement speed or increases an allied champion's movement speed by 55% for 2.5/3.25/4/4.75/5.5 seconds.
Cooldown - 20/20/20/20/20 seconds
Cost - 100/100/100/100/100 Mana
Range - 700

One of the most versatile spell ingame. Can be used to travel faster, escape, chase, save your teammate, slow down enemies, kite etc etc.
VERY mana ineffective skill on early game. Try not to use it if you realy dont have to. Mana cost of 100 for 2.5 sec movement speed increase without boots is an economic fail.
Usage: SLOW DOWN enemy carry (never ever boost yourself in that cases) if you are running away from him. This is a fairly often made mistake. Slowing down the carry will allow you to run enaugh for your boots of mobility will kick in. Tested it it. This way you will get less hits than boosting yourself. Keep that in mind. Its even considered better in some situation if you face 2 vs you situation. You have to calculate fast what will be better.
Boost yourself ALWAYS when you move out of your spawn point.
Boost rewind boost if you want to catch up on team fights, or you want to get to another lane faster.
If you face a loosing position on an 2vX always boost your teammate. You will get away due to your boots of mobility. Be a nice guy and dont think about yourself only.
This spell also is a great to initiate team fights. You pick up their support/best carry ping it so team knows what is going to happen and slow him/her down. If your teammates have at least 1/100 of brain cells, they will go and gank him/her. Now the tricky part is that one of your teammates will be focused and they will try to kill him... this is where your ulti comes in handy.

Chrono Shift - Zilean places a protective time rune on an allied champion, teleporting the champion back in time if he takes lethal damage.
Marks the target with a protective time rune for 15 seconds. If the target would take lethal damage, they are instead transported back in time regaining 500/750/1000 (+3) of their health.
Cooldown - 180/160/140 seconds
Cost - 200/200/200 Mana
Range - 900

One of the most annoying skills ingame :) It's a better, active copy of Guardian Angel item.
The diference is that with some ability power, you will rez with full HP :) The cooldown with good rewinds and some items will be like 30-40 secs.
And most of all... you can cast it on OTHERS!
This OTHERS! part you should realy take into heart.
No matter what you will do, you wont be the carry or a tank in your team. ALWAYS prio throwing this one on your carry if he is focused or on tank if his survivability is good. This can for sure turn the tides of battle. Enemies throwing every cd to take down your carry, he gets up with full hp... and rips them apart while they all have cd's running.



As a support char in later game you dont need items for that since your support spells dont scale with anything. AP is something you will need to help. Your ulti will bring up tanks at full HP, and you will have enaugh CDR from those AP items.
Some ppl say thatFrozen Heart is something you should aim for him as support. I can agree its a great item with huge cdr and survival options, but as you are quite scary target to try solo and you stay in the back in teamfights you dont need it that much.
This build is made to have fun with your char, as well as work good against anyone and Heart is a wasted item if you have a heavy caster team against you.

Start of withAmplifying Tome and 1Mana Potion.
I pick mana potion instead of healing one since i have Heal as summoner skill, and mana pot can make whole diference in getting that last rewind+bomb to kill your opponent or not. He is a spell spammer and needs alot of mana.
Amplifying tome is cheap and great source of AP early game. it boosts your bomb by 22 damage (unmitigated) witch is very devastating early game. It also speeds up the proces of gettingMejai's Soulstealer.

Next in line are boots. My pick areBoots of Mobility.
Why? Simple. Their +5 boost benefits alot more fromTime Warp. This spell is a % boost, so when +5 boost kicks in, and you Time Warp yourself you will be running faster than WB Classic Roadrunner��®Meep Meep!

Getting early gameRod of Ages will let you survive more and spam more in mid/late game. Also theCatalyst the Protector while you are getting the rod will let you harras more and will keep your manaflow quite high if you did get soloing the middle lane opportunity.

Next stop we need some additional nuke as well as some CDR. Hmmm let's see...Fiendish Codex converted intoDeathfire Grasp will do the work just fine. The only problem is to ALWAYS use the grasp if it's off cd and preferably as initial atack. My tip is to move it to your space number 1 or 2 in inventory, so it will be close to your "Q" button. Pressing 1/2 and than Q = quite big nuke.

At this point you should see champs getting some magic resistances already (specialy tanks), we need to lower their Magic Resistance.
Cheap but great tool for this (wich also gives you fair amount of AP) isVoid Staff.

And the last item... what would be a caster without his preciousssssss...Zhonya's Ring. 120AP + 25% of your current AP = overkill.
Aditionaly, you have the use option (i place the ring in slot number 4 or 5 to be close to my ultimate "R". Saved my *** several times from big nukes.


In short

Early game - Harras
Mid game - DPS & a little Support
End game - Full support & a little AoE damage dealing.

Early game.

Fight for mid lane! Its the best place for you no matter what. With your harrasing ability and damage you diliver in single bomb shot, any1 will fear you and will try to stay max rage from you.
If you position yourself correctly you can even slow down the progres of lvling other char since they will be out of range of getting exp.
My personal best was me lvl 14 him (Tristana) lvl 7 with 2 kills on her. Try to plant the "package" on opponents head as frequently as possible. If you won the mid lane, mana should not be big of a deal if you dont waste it on Time Warp. Use Time Bomb + Rewind + Timebomb ONLY as finisher. In other situations, plant a bomb back up a little bit till you have the bomb cd almost ready and go back between hostile melee mobs and casters, and try to scare away your opponent from exp lane.
Remember that Zilean has one of the biggest range of "melee" attack ingame. Use it.

A GREAT MOVIE was made by Shurelia. I suggest watching it to see how lane control looks like.
It's a superior movie not only for this guide but for every champ there is.
After you got your lvling up done, and you see that enemy is starting to leave lanes (or you pushed and destroyed the mid tower) you can start helping with pushing and ganking other lanes. But keep an eye for your mid tower.

Mid game.

Your mid game starts quite late (on lvl) about lvl 13-15. You should have fiew stacks on Soulstealer, your boots made and sometimes even Rod of Ages already completed.
In this part you should be absolutly everything. Your lvl should be about 4-5 higher than anyone else on bot/top lanes. Your HP pool should be like a tank pool. So you work as a tank (with ulti on you you can eat all their nukes and still come back with full HP. Your AP should be high enaugh to nearly 2 shot everyone. Your Time Warp is already maxed and gives 5.5s slow on your target. Get as many kills/assists as possible now. Help on pushing towers with double bombing the creep waves. Dont die - should be easy with your ulti.

Late game.

Now if the game is not an EZ-MODE game, you are not so devastating killer as you were in early/mid game. Try focusing on supporting your team.
By than i mean, use Timewarps on teammates enemies is your prio, not planting bombs.
Try saving your carry or tanks (if they are good at soaking loads of damage else... keep your carry alive :) with your Ultimate.
Dont be selfish and try killing. Assists is all that you want now. You will have your soulstealer stacked EZ-MODE now with getting 4-5 assists on Teamfights.
After slowing or boosting som1 try planting 2 bombs on 2 diferent targets, and slowing/boosting again.
Why not stacking 2 bombs on 1 target? Answer is clear. More AoE damage. If you damage all 5 of them, and your carry will kill them off, you will get 5 assists from single team battle. The AoE damage will be less predictable and more bursty, since 2 bombs will trigger same time on bigger area. Just watch they die, and still... Don't die. Try standing in the back.

Last words

Took me 2 weeks to end up this guide :) Now it's time for my way of Ezreal.
Hope this guide will help you play Zilean the fun way. Its realy fun to play when you see ppl screaming "ZOMG imba bombs hitting me for 800! NERF NERF" and running away on your sight :)

You can also watch this fun game on YouTube where a player makes a AD Zilean.
Had tons of laugh when he was owning Twich in mid XD

Be sure to rate and comment.
Also i would like to get a comment on each -1, since i want to improve my skills playing this char, so dont just troll minusing without comment i would be gretefull. Thanks & cya in my next guide.