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League of Legends Build Guide Author Guardian#51936

Zilean: Micheal Bay's Father

Guardian#51936 Last updated on April 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, first build created, let's not screw this up. This build is around bombing most of the game. You are NOT supposed to go into the frontlines with this kinda build, as you can tell how squishy it is. Now please don't kill me when I say I'm level 21, but I thought of what to get if I was at level 30, so this is how it turned out.

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Now of course you want some pentration, just in case there's that nasty tank in your way. Now if have ever tried Zilean before, you will realize the mana he spews out from his spells, therefore getting the mana regen runes to be a good solution to the problem.

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Typical support build of course. Utility Mastery can be very helpful early game if on a 5v5 you can ask a ally champion to help you get blue at start, giving you the mana regen aid that Zilean needs so badly at the beginning, therefore letting you drop bombs like it was the 4th of July. 3v3 pretty much any buff is good for him, wolf gives cooldown, wraith gives MORE SPEEEED, dragon gives more damage. Little lizard bro at bottom, might save that for your dps buddy.

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Summoner Spells

Reason being that boots are quite a distance from early game is due to the these babies, they will save your life if you play them well. Make sure not to overdo it though, if you see a Tryndamere that's about to chicken his sword up into your rectum, then you gtfo, but if it's just a Pantheon/Jax trying to use his stick as a pogo stick, then you can easily ghost out of that.

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Skill Sequence

Do not think of me badly for not getting warp til late game, this is a boom build. You need to keep pressure on the enemy champions with the bombs, and upping it with rewind is a wonderful key to doing so. Chronoshift is only upped once at the start since the real strength comes from the AP equipment, and you're going to need those SP for time warp anyhow.

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-Meki Pendant : Zilean, shove mana down his throat
-2x Health Pot : You got hit by a sudden attack? Hold on lemme patch you up.

-Tear of Goddess : Once you get the money for this, GET IT IMMEDIATELY, it is the soul of
your MP. Only reason not to get it is if you're trying to wake up a turret by throwing
alarm clocks at it.

-Boots : You got flash and ghost, you'll be fine at the start if you stay safe.
-Fiendish Codex : More mana regen, huzzah. Gives you a nice ammount of AP as well. Suggest
getting Meki Pendant first for this one as well.

-Arch Staff : Zilean's second soul mate (Tear of Goddess not withstanding). I put this
one a little back so you can get some MP from Tear before upping to this.

-Boots of Mobility : Since using Time warp doesn't stop boots of mobility's effect, you can run quickly, getting to the frontlines quickly and able to aid allies by saving time warp for them instead.
-Morello's Evil Tome: And the finale of his mana regen.
-Rabadon's Deathcap : It's......deathcap? Need I say more?
-Void Staff : That mean little tank on the enemy team just became a toy truck.

-Zhonya's Hourglass : This has saved me quite a few times. Dropped a bomb on a about to be
dead enemy and the poor guy couldn't touch me. The AP is a nice boost to Deathcap too.
-Guardian Angel : Troll equipment. Either laugh at the enemy by dieing 2 times and
rising up again, or just use the ghost and flash late game to kill a squishy enemy.
Comment any equip that you suggest for the final slot, because I have no idea what else to
get :D

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Level 1-3 : Highly recommend not soloing, as a ally will keep you from sucking your mana
away with bombs. Try to poke the enemy champs with bombs at first, while physical attacking
the minions, it saves your mana very well. Don't be afraid to get a bit deep into the
minion's quarrel so you can time bomb the enemy, you have 2 health pots, ghost and flash.
Level 4-6 : Hopefully by now you have Tear at this point. Now this is where you start to
mess with the minions with bombs, as doing the Zilean combo Q-W-Q will kill the minions
mostly. Try to share the alarm clock chucking love with the minions, so your bombs will
kill them in the double splash. Be vary cautious of your ally as well, time warping if he
needs it. You don't want your ally to be the enemies meal do you? Besides your ally will
probably QQ his little 13 year old children between his legs if you don't try to help >_>

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Level 7-9 : Farm on the mage minions, and try to avoid contact with the enemy champs at
this point, as they will tear you a new one since you most liekly have not hit your
"friendly" AP equips during this level. If you have a dps ally that's level 10-11 at this
time, try to ask him if he wants to get 3v3 dragon, since the money will help your team,
and the buff will aid him as well. If a ally is in danger, try to get to him if possible
and use Chronoshift on him, drop a bomb on the enemy, then time warp you if they're going
after you next, or your ally.
Level 10-12 : Keep trying to farm on those delicious mage minions. You should have a chance
to stand up to the enemy champs now, since Arch Staff should be up and running at this
point. Keep killing dragon on 3v3 when it spawns, and if your minions reach the turret on
your lane, try to puncture the turret as much as possible, unless the enemy is MIA, or
a enemy champ is Heimerdinger, since he can heal turrets. (Sucks, doesn't it?)

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Level 13-18 : You have become the father of Micheal Bay. At this point, your mana regen is beyond the point where it's being collected through every orephous, and your cooldown should be decent enough to let you use a constant flow of time warp. Your mana is at the 3k as well, making you be a walking generator (If only you can supply champs with that mana of yours...). Even so, you Usually get void staff after you hit level 18, so stick with hitting the squishies til you have it. Remember though, even with all this power you have, you are still SQUISHY! One or two stuns will have you drop dead before you can say "ASHE ULTI INBOUND". A good thing to do is wait for a giant mosh pit is commencing, then start dropping the bombs on one target, but if the mosh pit turns into oil wrestling, then just drop them anywhere, and try to chase down any low health enemies til they drop to the floor. In a mosh pit like as I said before, it is definetly best to use the top left corner for Chronoshift, missing the wrong ally can result in everyone else dieing. If your team is sticking together, try to stay with the slowest champ of the group and time warp him.
-Side Note: If you see a group of minions heading towards a turret's way, tell your allies
you will get it, since Zilean is the most efficient nuke on the game. can get a couple
dozen minions with two bombs.

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Level 1-3 : lol I poke you with time bombs and run away. Problem, enemy champs?
Level 2-6 : Bored of poking champs, gonna start dropping bombs on minions k? k.
Level 7-9 : 1. Get Tear of Goddess 2. Farm on mage minions 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!!!
Level 10-12 : Level 7-9, only farm dragon and mess with enemy champs now as well.

Level 13-18 :
Time Bomb : Lay waste to squishies til you get Void Staff.
Rewind : uhh derp?
Time Warp : Save allies if needed, spam on self + rewind to travel quickly, and use on slow
Chronoshift : Try to save for ally tanks, use it to chase an important enemy champ into a
death zone if they're low on health.

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I hope this helps out anyone, I would like to see some more supports out there, other than the usually Tryn + Ashe. Rate, comment, all that jazz. Good luck on LoL.