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Zilean Humor Guide by DeMonIClowNz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeMonIClowNz

Zilean of Ages

DeMonIClowNz Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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All in all this zilean build is for fun, normal play matches. It is very strong but I haven't tried it out in a ranked game against a pre-made team and a team of my own etc... This is for all the people who needed a zilean build that they could use if they had bad teammates. Because hey it happens to the best of us.

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Team Work- You are still a support mage...

Realize that you are still a support mage, if you see that your teammate is about to die and they just blew all their cds on him. Put your chronoshift on him so he can comeback and your team can turn around and have a little surprise for them. Another tip for using his ult would be to put it on your laning partner if you are both gonna die before yourself, I don't ever die with this champ very often so if you are dying chances are you have no mana and when you come back you are gonna do nothing but die again.

Time warp... Can be used on other people than yourself. I promise. You and warwick are running towards a 2v1? What are you gonna do when you get there... slow them and time bomb them? You can't because you just used your boost to get yourself up there. So boost warwick so he can get his *** up there and help out your teammate, if the other team thinks its only one then they will continue to push and when zilean comes in when they are pushing guess who snags them with a time bomb and gets the kill as they run away. Champ.

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Summoner Spells, Why Teleport?

You are a support mage, the ability of you being able to recall/teleport is amazing, especially with your Time warp. If you don't want to take teleport I would suggest Flash or Clarity. But honestly having that Teleport/Recall helps so much, I have teleported onto a group of minions just after recalling and gotten a double kill by putting a time bomb on each enemy champ (2) when they were low health.

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Skill sequence- The time bomb....

I know a lot of people say to get them all by level 3, but I strongly disagree. Having a level 2 time bomb at level 3 with the ability to detonate it early and put another on and ignite all at the same time gives major ganking potential from in the bushes in your bottom lane, and maxing it as fast as you can with only 1 into time warp and rewind makes you a powerful support/nuker. Be sure to have chronoshift ready just in case one of your teammates goes down, especially an ad char. This is what makes you a good zilean, the use of your Time warp, and Chronoshift. You can poke super hardcore with the Time Bomb from in the bushes or just harrassing out in middle lane, It does aoe damage so don't be afraid to scare them back a bit by putting it on their back minions.

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Items-Zhonyas hourglass and Lich Bane??

Now im sure the few first items of the build are pretty self explanatory, but its the order you but them in that matters. You have to be doing semi-decent or this build will not work because zilean has bad farming so you will have to rely on assists/kills to get your gold most of the time. The first item you go for after the 2 rings and the boots should always be rod of ages, it gives him great survivability and a decent amount of AP and mana. Next you should push for a Needlessly large rod, i know that it is expensive and you may feel handicapped a bit but harrass with the Time bomb with rewind as much as you can and you will see their life just steadily drop. After the rabadons In one game i noticed that I was having problems taking out people in team fights because I had no other spell besides the time bomb... After you go for the rabadons, get a void staff then Lich bane. It will make your normal attack do an amazing amount of damage right after you cast time bomb. On top of that, zilean only has 1 primary damage spell, which is time bomb so this gives you a whole nother spell in a sense of speaking :). An example for sequencing after getting lich bane with your spells would be, Time bomb->AA->Time warp->AA->Rewind->AA->Time Bomb, if you can get this down and repeat it constantly on people then you will have no problem getting doubles and triples with this support mage. Zhonyas is for survivability again and a good boost of AP. Sell your dorans rings when you need the spot and you already have enough money for something better to put there i.e. After buying a rabadons you sell one to but a blasting wand there.

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Masteries-Just Masteries.

Not really needed to say much here, pretty self explanatory. Since you will be using teleport/recall to support your team (zilean is support remember you aren't just nuking with him) The increased movement speed helps alot since you take 2 rings first instead of the boots, but we will get to that in a min. And, archmage, 5% ability power? Of course.

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Runes-Mana regen seals lawl

Pretty simple here, magic pen runes like every other AP. The mana seals are because i often found zilean even with 2 dorans rings if you are harrasing enough to ensure kills/take kills then you will be pretty low on mana and the build is kind of expensive for potions. Need to make use of every piece of gold. The quints are again for the early game bombing, these plus the magic pen runes and the cooldown glyphs should give you a pretty strong opening game.

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Introduction-The real Zilean.

This zilean build is very durable, great for nuking and takes alot of micro to handle a 1v1 but can be done, Later on in the guide is when i will explain this odd choice of items for zilean. Trust me, it works haven't had a bad game with him yet.

Lets get started..


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