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Zilean Build Guide by rolhand

Zilean the bombstuffer suport an ambiguous build

Zilean the bombstuffer suport an ambiguous build

Updated on October 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rolhand Build Guide By rolhand 2 6 9,195 Views 0 Comments
2 6 9,195 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author rolhand Zilean Build Guide By rolhand Updated on October 23, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Zilean
  • LoL Champion: Zilean
  • LoL Champion: Zilean
  • LoL Champion: Zilean


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


1. Introduction

so we want to play a zilean. thats great its allot of funn to play zilean. i do not play zilean very long now honestly. but i tried. AD AP. cooldownreduction. builds. but i have to stick with this one that i thought off becous nothing worked this well.

its not just the build it is also how you play zilean that defines a good zilean.
agressive at the start of the game always anoying the enemie's ad carry into lozing some of his and some of mine HP. but winning coz of potions and he lozes his nesecary CS!!! that is our goal here. get him distracted enough and maybe you or your friend gets a kill!

already thx for reading. and goodluck playing.

i practiced and practice all the time and now im a very good zilean


1. AVERAGE BUILD. (often used items)
2. VS MAGIC enemies (who stun/slow)
3. VS AD enemies (we got armor!)
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2. Summoner Spells

FLASH: best escape for when you get ganked! or jump to reach that allie with chronoshift to save him from death.

CLEARITY: this is needed to spam spells. exspecialy when you bought tear of the goddess. earlygame you need mana allot!.

heal is good to instead of flash to save your mate! but it wont save you much unless you run under your tower.
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3. Items

i figured time bombs is good damage!. you do not need abilitypower(AP) becouse the damage is already good!. often you get only 1 chance to plant 2 bombs in a teamfight. ablitypower is useless after that. so i did not want buy items that had AP unless your team needs damage bad!

making use of extra gold you can start with allot of advantages in the game. besides potions wards. if your lanepartner starts with potions to, and you start at blue. you can both do minigolems at 1:40 start giving you extra xp for 1 or 2 health potions. thats very much worth it.

i like to full-time make the Enemy paraniod for bombs so they mis XP and creap score (CS)
so i need potions and later onn health regen.

so lets buyy all these potions to make sure when you make a mistake and loze to much health or waste your mana a bit at a wrong time. to refil them slowly!
such as fighting a healing soraka or allistar wastes mana! and fighting a tank might loze your health or even your life unless you flash out. at these times you need health! or you have no chance planting your bombs safely.

i figured this when i played ap zilean with dorans ring. when you loze to much hp you must go back wasting xp or die..."and that ***ks donkey b*** "

your mate is gonna complaint if you dont have these!!.
and he is right. a ward gives you controll over the brush and that is needed to stop there support and jungler from casting there abilities onn you and your mate first.
if you ward the bush before the enemy is in it. you often can cast a free bomb on them or 2.

your only option left!! :P after buying all this.

good investment good regen

dont let the enemy outrun you or you die! and these boots are cheep

you can get this item before hearth of gold. but you wont be using so manny abilities until you level a bit. so this is a good time to buy it. you will collect so much mana in time you dont have to worry about mana anymore at all!!

(also the mastery "strength of spirit" helps with health regen per max mana you have.)

MERC TREADS: these boots are best you need to survive all the stuns and spells. of they dont stun or have spell damage much just buy cd reduction boots.

(simple explainaition: get the merc treats and go for mr items if your against magic and go for cd reduction boots if your against AD team. And smaller chance pick kages lucky pick if your against tank team!)

--you might need extra gold from items you got. or buy extra lucky pick.
--you might need extra speed from shurailas revelry to run into enemy team with your team or out of it.
--you might need extra AP from archangel staff to blow the enemies appart!!
--you might need extra health regen from spirit visage. to stay in lane longer.
--deathfire grasp if enemies are tanks

kages lucky pick = optional!
this item can become deathfire grasp and so if they have TANKS youll gonna need it.
if not this maybe waste of time. becouse you need cd reduction bad!
*after you bought merc treats check if they have a fat TANK champion. and rush this item if they do!

we start buying CD reduction. we need fast casting now! after all this investing and cheapness! make this item into spirit visage or the soul shroud.
(get soul shroud if your team has a winning caster player.)

often after this upgrade buy another KINDLEGEM and maybe make it into shurelya's revelry if you want more movementspeed for your team to catch enemies that flee to much.

*understand as a support be aware of what your team needs to win or what it does not need.

soul shroud: optional if you want to assist your strong mages
spirit visage: optional if you want defence against mages and sick hp regen for fun
shureillas revelry: optional escape or engage tool when ectivated for your team

if everything is fine and your chilling around planting bombs on champions without problem buy archangel staff

frozen hearth against dangerous AD (optional)
*after you bought merc treats check if they have a fat ad champion. and rush this item if they do!

between all the buyings always WARD WARD WARD.

wards are also good endgame items. to ensure your team baron and dragon or gank and kill their team.

WARD: BARON(lev12+)
WARD: where you think 1 enemy is! (if there are more you die becouse standing close to them)
WARD: where the enemies are active

sometimes i bought dorans ring early. for bit more hp and sell it later to get more wards.
wards are more important then dorans ring.

put these wards in your 1e box of inventory and use the keyboard button 1 to put them somewheres.
the crown to be activated used the same way.

not knowwing where they are will surely kill your team in surprize-attacks. and your opponents can get baron and dragon without your team being aware. and allot of times you can intercept enemies to score kills all becouse of a ward!

learn to be aware of the whole map.
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5. Farming

you don't farm. unless your lane-partner is gone you poke with basic attack for the very last hit. "distance.. trajectory.. wait for it!........THROW-1-STONE-NOW!." pow 20 gold. (OMG)

this way your partner runs back and anough minions to farm leftover.

if the lane is pushed hard and enemies freely hit your tower:

put a bomb in the minion in the middle of the mob. use rewind. and another bomb on the same minion.

all of them explode and the pushing is stopped that instant.
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6. Unique Skills

TIME BOMB: after 4 seconds it does good damage! (Q)

the 4 sec time is a big flaw. becouse some can shield, heal run away or even kill you. before it matters.

but the damage is awesome!.

help a lev1 jungler out: at 1:40 wolves apear. so at 1:38 put a bomb onn the jungler to deal extra damage. at 1:55 golem appears so at 1:53 you bomb you jungler buddy for extra damage.

in lane always be a danger for the enemy. but stay close enough to a teammate. so if the attack your friend can help.

use timebomb. when possible and run!. rewind if you see possibility to plant a second bomb. if not possible you waste your mana!

do not be to greedy planting 1 bomb is good enough. as long as you can run.

just press q allot and click allot and sometime the enemy will be close enough to catch that deseased bomb!

this is what makes zilean good.
BOOSTS: damage (TIMEBOMB) slow (timewarp) speedup(timewarp) and the great ultimate to save lives


ok this is perfect the spell. even leveling it last. this is a veryvery important spell.

learn to hold alt and press E to auto-self-cast it and you run fast! "zooom ZOOM zilean!!"

you can also cast it onn an enemie to SLOW him. this is good if you want to plant 2 bombs onn him and let your lanepartner damage him and kill them eventualy!

some of your alies are tanks. and is it awesome to see a tank run like hell towards the enemies. so cast timewarp allot onn them!



you need to be where the fight is always for this skill to be in use. you can save any teammate from death. you can see when an enemy is determened to kill your mate. take your time and wait do not try to spam your spells now. just be patient and cast your uly onn a friend in need!

after the ulty is cast bomb the enemies so they stay away!! or your mate dies anyway!! and timewarp your friend so he runs fast!! (towards or away)

In times of need you can auto-self-cast your ulty

hold alt + press R and your saved
after you revive you need to flash hell away or run like hell. or bomb peaple for extra damage.
you usualy do not have much option. coz zilean has poor health


fastrun bomber:
hold alt press E you run like hell
press Q on them plant a bomb

and run away!!

go for the kill:
PLANT slow them (E)
PLANT bomb (Q)
PLANT bomb (Q)

and your allies kill them before the second bomb goes off usualy. but thats ok. if not you might get a kill.

alied bomb:

PLANT bomb onn allie
and timewarp so he runs into enemies.

do this before he jumps in the enemie team and your bomb will hit all of them.
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7. strategy smathery


Your strategy starts at loading screen!. do you have dangerous tanks against you or a squishy but uber-healing soraka? start the game with an extra ward against the tank and an extra mana potion vs soraka. some tanks can be harrased with basic attack at lev 1. becouse they have poor range. and you can steal allot of their precious hp. but it they charge you like allistar, you might die. just do not let a tank get that close in a poor possition. you have your timewarp (E) to keep/get out of these situations.

as a support you do not farm minions. so just chil in the bush and wait for the perfect time to do some of these combinations. do not let the enemy tank to close. and dont let them hide in the bush. you can see them '(with a ward) so you can bomb them!

if the bush is not safe becouse of their support. go a bit above your lanepartner. he shields you from the dangerous enemy suporter. and focus on th enemies main minion farmer

damaging him will denie him farm and xp

for the bad part. often your lanepartner starts pushing. this puts enemies under a tower. you can trade a bombhit for a towerhit. but that is only good if you have full hp or your ulty ready to save yourself. you can get your ulty to make people over extend so very easy. by acting like bait dangling around with your speedy E skill uppon zilean self. and at the last momment save yourself with your (R-skill )ult. you tanked so much hp then that the carry can have a kill or 2.
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8. Team Work tips

few tips:

you are support if you die and your teammate gets an extra kill, you did very good!!
he needs kills and you dont.
all you need is xp. xp you get just being there.
you just timewarp back to lane. with extra item and ward and all is good.

keep your distance. and watch out for tanks. tanks are very very dangerous for zilean. they mean death. focus onn their weaker health champs rather.

healers are terrible you can outdamage them but not if your mate purely focusses farm.

if your lane partner sucks. be patient and wait until lev 9 or 10 and go with other teammates your tower is gone.
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Pure utility! not only the xp and gold bonus that help zilean perfectly. also strength of spirit (item) helps you regen realy fast with this build becous you have allot of mana later in game

spirit visage item is perfect against people who do not instantly kill you. just keep regening fast enough to stand ready in battle to assist full-time! and harrasing sometimes cost you hp for catching and enemy spell its why you want regen.

utility also helps you getting mana faster with clairity.

(basicly: i tried put points in attack but dealing 1 damage is as good as recieving 1 hp with spellvamp. so i saw no reason to put poits anywhere but utility)
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there is no need for other seels then gold for ward and instead of minionfarm. but do not overdo it.
getting allot of abilitypower for bigger bomb. is stil realy good.

i did not choose cooldown runes. becouse early-game you cannot spam spells much.
later in the game you just buy cooldown items. they make zilean strong above all other stats.
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your role

what to do each level:
lev 1: you have your bomb wait in lane. carefully untill minions are there enemies want to get the first minionkills that allows them to reveal themselves. put a ward where the support is in the bush.

wait forrit and plant your bomb onn the ad carry or if the support is squishy maybee on them. but its all about bush controll and carefully taking distance. your basic attack deals good damage but its to dangerous to use it. so don't unless you can kill with it.

lev 2:

wait for both spells to be avtive. now you can place one bomb rewind and place another one.
sometimes you do not get chance to plant a second one becouse the enemies support comes.

so only plant 2 bombs if you see the space forrit

lev3: you get lev 2 time bomb. this increases the damage allot! and now perhaps you can kill your enemies with it.

lev 4: you can now use timewarp
wait in the bush. use timewarp onn yourself (with alt E) to rush forward and plant a bomb!. becouse of timewarp they cannot walk back fast enough to escape you run faster then them with timewarp.

time to ward the river beecouse the enemy jungler probebly shows up.

(watch your gold maybe go back for philostone?)

lev 5: jaj bombs lev 3 even more damage. but watch it for now the enemies are now a big danger. if they are lev 4 becouse you get more xp that is good but when they get lev 5 aswell they can outdamage you easy. especialy becouse they get more gold then you and your lousy support items.

lev 6: whoa zileans ulty is active. it makes you or your lane partner come back alive again!. ok your lane partner is not gonna walk in and die so to him its not gonna happen probebly. but you can now play very agressively and provoke them to overexcert to kill you. and w***te their ults and spells to kill you. your lane partner is free to dish out allot of damage then perhaps make a kill. if not you still are able to get a huge advantage if this plan succeeds.

keep enough mana and hold alt (to autoself-cast) and press R when your at the momment of death. when your to early they will ignor you and you dont die leaving you with few health in lane. to late and your dead. also remember they can stunn you leaving you without time to survive.

baiting them is very very important for zilean. you can escape with timewarp anytime. but don't let the enemy know that!

lev 7+: go back get boots of speed. and tear of goddes. already you can press alt + E run fast rewind and alt+ E again. you run fasterr to lane or anywhere you like to quickly ward somewheres.

you must now ward dragon for dragon and roaming enemies. perhaps a pink ward to make sure they dont have a ward if you suspect it this map awareness is your job

you still stay in your lane for little time longer. if you see a good chance now you can slow your enemy with timewarp. is your carry has chance to deal lots damage to them.

lev 10+: around this lev you hopefully have merc treats philostone and tear of goddes. high time to get cd reduction. to make timewarp more spammable. so you can more very fast over the map and assist other lanes.

lev 14+: try not to initiate a fight. you can however stil herras allot. if your not underfed you can do that very well. herr***ing them is good to bait em. its dangerous move but i play zilean like that. just make sure your team is near and you don't get to much stuns/slows. they mean death. you can keep out of range from em. just say under a constant timewarp (E). only use timewarp to slow enemies when you are the attacking team.

late game: honestly you are just not very usefull in a teamfight. just every 20 seconds you can prevent a death . you can speed up your tank and make initiating fights, but if they see you they will do their best to kill you. so try to focus onn your ulty it has lots range. to save you strongest team mate from death is your role. at 40% cd reduction you realy cast allot of ulties and it will winn the game for you.
you need to be thare for you team all the time. thats why i like health regen in this build. if you miss your ults, or your enemies trample you anyway. well badluck and its GAME OVER!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rolhand
rolhand Zilean Guide
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Zilean the bombstuffer suport an ambiguous build

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