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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jarkiv Ramik

Zilean, The Puppeteer[UPDATED 17/09/10]

Jarkiv Ramik Last updated on September 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Version II of my Zilean build and I guarantee that with this one you'll be both OP(overpowered) and an incredible carry. Latest results with just the first few items of this build? 13-0-10 and a surrender during the 25th minute.


Short Description - This is the new way I play Zilean. Now, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my old build except: items. Zilean - like many other great champions - has been nerfed enough to considerably drop his Time Bomb's damage, thus rendering him useless against tanks/tough DPS Champions. Well, with this new build, we aim to make sure your bombs(together) do 2000+ Spell DMG by end-game.


Long Description - If you've got nothing better to do, then read this.


Utility, first row - Spatial Accuracy is good for your Teleport spell as opposed to having one point in the 'good hands' thingy - believe me, if you're dead, you should spend the time thinking what you did wrong. And also - you're a supporter and so should watch your team's towers and come in for the save when necessary. Perseverance - an absolutely must-have. Great for Zilean.

Utility, second row - Awareness makes sure that not only do you not fall behind with your level, but you actually go ahead of everyone else. Very useful, stacked with Zil's passive. Expanded Mind is a must have, considering you need mana to cast spells and the more the better.

Utility, third row - Meditation is good for you to get your mana back quicker. Faster rate of mana regen, more time bombs for you to destroy the enemy with and less need for you to go back to base for mana. Insight - remember, Zilean is a team player. It's always refreshing to keep track of your allies' mana and give them some when necessary.

Utility, fourth row - Quickness isn't really a must-have. Only needed a spell so I could reach the next row and thought speed would be better than a spell I don't use.

Utility, fifth row - Intelligence was meant for Zilean. One of your goals with him is to completely own with a volley of time bombs and the faster you can cast them the better, no?

Utility, sixth row - Presence of the Master - Read the above row. Priceless.

Offense, first row - Archmage's Savvy is a must-have, considering the more magic damage your time bombs deal, the better. Deadliness was just picked because I'm not using exhaust. If you do use exhaust, pick it instead.

Offense, second row - Sorcery is, again, priceless. Reduced cooldowns, faster casting, more bombs. Savvy?

Offense, third row - Archaic Knowledge is good because your enemies will want to get their hands on as many magic resist items as possible. You don't want them immune to your bombs, so you take this and pierce their armor.


Now, there are three things you must remember about this. (skill sequence aside)

- Always get Time Bomb to fifth level as fast as you can. It's Zilean's main and most deadliest weapons.
- Make sure to get all three of your spells at level 4. You need all of Zilean's abilities to completely control your lane, both mid and top/bot.
- Use your ult wisely. If you don't need it, give it to an ally but give it only if the ally can both contribute to the team's quality and is in a survivable position. If you're being ganked by 3+ people and there's no one on your team that can save you, save yourself the trouble and save the ult for someone who'll need it.


A few things to remember here.

- You need Magic Penetration. Your foes will do their best to dampen your Time Bombs' damage, but you shouldn't allow them to do so. Get Magic Pen. and watch as your enemies crumble.
- You need reduced cooldowns. If you've read the above facts, you already know what for.
- You need HEALTH. You're one of the toughest Mage-Tanks. Remember that.


Explained. Take them in that order and you've got it made.


-Clarity - because early-game you need it just as much as any mage does. Late-game, you can restore your entire team's mana, if you've followed the mastery instructions correctly, of course. And remember - Zilean is a team player. Stop being selfish with Exhaust and Flash and look out for your allies.
-Teleport - useless, they say, but I say not. Imagine you've just gone back to your base and your allies(2) are getting pwned by another four. You port a few meters ahead of the run and save both your comrades. Again, a team spell. No selfishness here, unless you use it early-game to go back for items and come back without falling behind with your level.

Spells you might use as Zilean - Exhaust and Fortify - though the two spells I've selected are perfect for team play, if you want to be selfish and double-slow an enemy, Exhaust is what you need. Fortify, on the other hand, is a defender's spell, for those moments where you're the only one alive after using your ult selfishly and you need the towers to stay up.


This is it. Have fun with this Zilean build and COMMENT!


I give the option of picking 'Deathfire's Grasp' instead of 'Rylai's Scepter' now. Why? Well, not only does DG give you more ability power and a super-powerful active, but it also reduces Zilean's cooldowns - making him even more awesome. Why Rylai ain't that good? Well, does it really matter if you've got 2600 HP or 3100 HP? Nope, if you're dead you're dead, 500 extra HP won't solve anything.