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Zilean Build Guide by CoRpusCoLLoSsuM

Zilean - The Ranked Game-Changer [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Zilean - The Ranked Game-Changer [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Updated on March 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoRpusCoLLoSsuM Build Guide By CoRpusCoLLoSsuM 32 6 193,497 Views 60 Comments
32 6 193,497 Views 60 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CoRpusCoLLoSsuM Zilean Build Guide By CoRpusCoLLoSsuM Updated on March 13, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Zilean
  • LoL Champion: Zilean
  • LoL Champion: Zilean
  • LoL Champion: Zilean


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Intro and Explanation


This guide is aimed toward the experienced player -- and the player that wants to add Zilean to their ranked arsenal. I use these builds when I want to play a serious Zilean game. Other builds can be fun in less serious games, but these all provide a sound foundation for a solid ranked Zilean.

"How do I qualify to write a build for Zilean?" might ask. With Zilean in season 1, I had w/l ratio of 60% and k/d/a ratio of 6/3/10. This season (2) with Zilean I currently have a w/l ratio of 5/1 and a kda of 3/1.5/6 at 1499 elo. Also, a lot of much higher elo players build Zilean this way. :D

Zilean is awesome. He is my favorite champion, as well as my main. He plays several roles simultaneously and can fit into most teams as a mage and as support. His ultimate is undeniably one of the most game-changing, and can/should turn the tide of a teamfight in an instant. He takes some practice to perfect, but is extremely fun and powerful.

Constructive criticism is welcome, please comment and rate!! I've redone the entire guide with the introduction of new mastery pages, keeping but refining much from the strategy sections from the old guide. Some of you might miss the old builds.. if so, just PM me and I might post the old one up again. I have it all saved :)

This is my first serious guide, and I'd like to know how people feel about it. I've found the builds to work wonders, and hope others can see the light!

I have been fine-tuning my builds to accommodate both mid lane Zilean and support, bottom lane Zilean.

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Zilean's Role

As I mentioned earlier, Zilean can play multiple roles on a team. He's not your typical support champion, or your typical mage -- he's more of a hybrid. You can take Zilean to mid lane vs. almost any other mid-lane champ, or you can take him to bottom lane and support your ranged DPS.

I'd like to dispel some common misconceptions about Zilean...

"Zilean only has one damage ability, and can't be a carry."

Time Bomb is an exceptional ability, especially when coupled with Rewind for the well-known double bomb. It has some amazing range (700) and a great AP ratio. Harassing with Time Bomb is not difficult -- just activate it and auto attack once, then lose minion aggro (you'll only take one or two ranged minion hits). Additionally, in teamfights, well placed bombs will do major damage to multiple champions, and can be cast relatively often. Zilean can hold his own in damage production, but also brings a lot of utility -- making him a very interesting mid-lane carry when built and played correctly.

"Zilean has no heal, and is not a very good choice for support at bottom."

Zilean has extraordinary ability to zone in bottom lane using the long brush. He can push enemy champions off of the experience line, providing a comfortable pocket for your ranged DPS to farm. His Time Warp allows him to forgive over-extension, and thwart ganks. His ability to buy the cheap double doran's core talked about later and the philosopher's stone allows him to give up the last hits to the carry. His ultimate needs no explanation for its supportiveness. In short, his ability to harrass and zone makes up for his inability to consistently heal. ---And if you really want a heal, summoner Heal is a viable option in place of CV for support Zilean!

"Zilean needs to build cooldown reduction to be effective."

I won't try to shoot this one down completely -- CDR is an excellent stat for Zilean to build for. However.. he doesn't need to build for it! You get 10% cdr from masteries. You should get blue buff several times throughout the game, granting a lot of CDR and mana regen. If you have extra gold, buying an Elixir of Brilliance is often a good choice for another 10% cdr and a nice chunk of AP. -- In the support build, after buying Morello's Evil Tome, you will have great cooldown reduction even without blue buff. In any build, you are open to buy any items from the Other Items section, including Soul Shroud and the upgrade to Shurelya's Battlesong from your Philosopher's Stone, if you want CDR.

"Zilean shouldn't focus on building AP."

If you think that's true, you have misunderstood Zilean's role. Zilean is made to have heavy hitting bombs and high health revives. If you neglect to build AP, and rush cooldown reduction, your bombs will pose no threat to the enemy. When you don't do damage, the enemy champion has every reason to dominate the lane. Once you reach level 6, building AP is even more important -- A high health revive is much more devastating to your opponents. Building for AP won't hurt Time Warp in any way that necessitates rushing CDR, especially if you get blue buff.
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The Doran's Core


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Items and Builds

Build 1 - Solo Lane

Build 2 - Solo Lane

Build 3 - Solo Lane

Build 4 - Bottom Lane

Other Items

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Greater Mark of Insight

Greater Seal of Clarity

Greater Glyph of Force

Greater Quintessence of Potency
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Summoner Spells



You should get Flash in every game, no matter what. There is simply no better summoner spell on Zilean, even with its nerf.


Ignite is a great choice when going to mid lane. It will really help you to get that early kill and generally out-lane your opponent.


Clairvoyance is an amazing spell, even after its nerf. It gives you supreme control of the map -- the uses of this ability are countless. It's my favorite summoner to take in bottom lane, and sometimes even mid lane!

Using Clairvoyance

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Mid to Late Game


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Tips & Techniques


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User Testimonials!! (Just for fun)

Whitehosue34 said:

"Hmm.. I might be in love with this build. After deciding to pick up Zilean for the first time today, I tried the top rated guide "Zilean- Oh No You Don't!" I didnt like it one bit, the auras are cool for support but i feel like you basically just become a flea late game and cant do anything but speed up and revive teammates. With this build I was able to still remain a threat and yet be able to support my team just as good if not better as I was still sustaining some nuke ability and high health revives. My score was 7-2-24, not bad for my third game as Zilean. You basically become unkillable late game as you can outrun ANYTHING."

JeremisuGustafson said:

"The second build works great, just went 16/1/31 which is the most assist I've ever seen..."

Something else.. :

This doesn't exactly count, but in the 5th/6th place match at Dreamhack, CLG bigfatlp uses a build similar to this one!! Check it out!
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