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Zilean Build Guide by H3RZ0G

Zilean - The Time Bandit

By H3RZ0G | Updated on August 1, 2011

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Hello, this is my Zilean build. The idea of this build is to create a powerful Zilean early game. With Zilean you must harass early game, shutting down people in lane and supporting your team. Like Karma, Zilean excels in providing support through abilities, balancing cooldown reduction, and AP is key.
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For Runes, take Magic Penetration Marks, Mana per/level Seals, Cooldown Reduction per/level Glyphs and lastly, Quintessences of Potency.

1. Magic pen increases damage early game.
2. Mana per/level will be helpful all game.
3. Many people do not like CDR runes per/level and prefer Focus Glyphs, its just a preference.
4. AP quints also provide extra damage, Zilean's Time Bombs scale 90%!
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For Masteries I take standard 9/0/21. Make sure to put points into improved Clairvoyance and Flash. Clairvoyance saves lives and boosts map control which helps the team and Flash gets you out of "sticky" situations.
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Summoner Spells

Clairvoyance saves lives and boosts map control which helps the team and Flash gets you out of "sticky" situations. Its a free Portal Key!
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Philosophers Stone - Early game lane sustainability and your a support, with the gold enhancement your lane partner should be doing a majority of the last hitting.

Dorans Ring - Nice boost early game boost in health, AP and mana regen.

Fiendish Codex - Nice AP, mana regen and also important is 10% cooldown reduction

Rod of Ages - Health, Mana and AP, all in one item!

Sorcerer's Shoes - Spell Pen inhances the power of your bombs

Morello's Tome - An enhanced fiendish codex that increases CDR by 20%, increased mana regen and a nice amount of AP

Hourglass - 100 AP, an increase in armor and tje magic barrier protects you against damage if you are being targeted.

Deathcap - Oh, Zilean has bombs? Oh, you mean nukes....
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Farming for Zilean is simple. Place a Bomb on a minion, rewind your cooldowns with your "W", place a Bomb on the same minion and BOOM minion wave is gone.
League of Legends Build Guide Author H3RZ0G
H3RZ0G Zilean Guide

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Zilean - The Time Bandit
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