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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MonkeyCunt

Zilean, your team's best friend

MonkeyCunt Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Okay, i think i will start off with saying sorry for my "bad" english, my very bad typing/coding/fonting skills, and also my name :)

This is my very first guide ever written, so critisism is more than welcome.
(Just not 2 much negative on the appearance :D )

I have played Zilean for quite some time now, and thought it was time to share my knowlegde with the community.
I have read a lot of Zilean guides, and most of them are (imo) extremely fail. If will explain why, later in the guide.

Pros & Cons


-Enough AP to be a threat
-Good farming throughout the game
-All the CDR you need to constantly be guiding your team to victory with your spells.
-A lot of HP + Merc Threads

-Very squishy early game

Can't really think of any more downsides with this guide?

General Information

- As you might have noticed, Zilean is a support champion, and perhaps most known for his Ultimate + Time bombs. This is also the reason that alot of people FAIL with him, because they immidiatly think "bomb + ap -> win." THIS IS NOT TRUE

For those of you who have played Zilean, you might have noticed that with a big enough mana pool, this old man can spam his spells to infinity, even out of combat. This is why i focus on Cooldown Reduction in this build. At lvl 18 with Soul Shroud you should have 39.12% CDR, which is pretty damn close to the cap, which is at 40%.

Our aim in this guide, is to be a threat to the enemy throughout the game, while not having under 2k hp so if they do target you, they will get brutally punished by you and your team. And if they don't, they sure as hell wont like all those buffs/debuffs you cast out. You see Zilean is NOT just about his Time Bombs. Late game you will mostly be kiting the enemys, and casting those nasty buffs/debuffs. And with enough CDR, you will have plenty of spells to use, all the time.


Now, this build works best if you have; 1 jungler, 1 solo lane, 1 mid, and then you + a lane partner on the dual lane. - Whats that you say?, "Zilean on a dual lane? This champion is made for mid! im'a spam my bombs and win the match." Well my friend, you have already failed. You see, suppoort champions can't support, if there's noone TO support. And besides, there are much better champions out there to hold mid, like Ashe, or Pantheon (Yes, Pantheon rapes mid.)

Now there are many ways for a Zilean to succeed, but there are just as many ways to fail. And an example of failing with Zilean, is to get kills. YES thats right, if you even have more than half as many kills than your carry(s), something is wrong.

Another way is, you and your team are 40+ mins in a game, and you as Zilean only have 1500 HP. What 1500 HP means, if that you will; 1. Die before you even cast a single spell. 2. Will be forced to flee. and 3. Will be forced to use Chronoshift, your most precious spell on yourself.

That means, that instead of a 5v6 (6 because of your abbility to revive some1) will be changed to 4v5. NOT GOOD

Item Section

As you see in the items list, I have chosen a set of "somewhat unnormal" items for Zilean.
I will explain now, why i have chosen these items, and also some alternative items.
Is our first item, i pick it because we want our next item as fast as possible. (Dont forget to buy 2 potions of choice also, i reccomend HP potion.)
Is the next item, and early- + midgame one of the most important, because we NEED a bigger mana pool.
Is next, which we build into:
Now, the reason if chose Merc Threads is quite simpel; If you are CC'ed, be it slow stun or silence, you will be useless. Therefor Merc Threads is a must. And also, the reason i upgrade the boots ASAP is because Zilean is slow of nature, and he needs to be able to kite early/midgame.
It builds into the beautiful RoA, but it also gives great laning durability
Now, this item is VERY usefull for Zilean, is is the first source of AP, but it will also change your status away from "Squishy." After RoA, we want some CDR.
The 10% CDR will be great, and it will upgrade into:
This item will give you the desired 39.12% CDR, and you will be a true debuff/buff machine.
Arch. Staff will give you the desired AP of 200+, depending on your mana.

This is the core build, at this point the game is usually over - however no game is the same, and thats why we need the last 2 alternative/situational items.

-If your team is doing very well, or is having a hard time chasing/initiating the enemy, you can upgrade theinto a, instead of the Soul Shroud.

If you are getting focused alot, you can either build;
For that extra AP, but mostly for the great Active it has. (Be aware, that when you use it, you cant help your own team by casting spells, so use it visely.)

or optional
If your team has enough substainable damage to dish out while you are ressurecting, i would strongly suggest this over Zonya's.

If the game is still going on, i would recommend

Laning with Zilean

Pay attention to your team setup, and talk with your team who to lane with. In my experience, a melee carry, or a fighter works good with zilean. This is because YOU will be farming the caster minions with your awesome Time Bombs, but also be harrasing the **** out of your enemy's while your melee friend farms. - BUT the real deal with a setup like this is, yourwill be the perfect CC for a melee ally, because they will be able to get AND stay in range of the enemy's.


If you follow this guide, and use your own experience/common sence you will be a very usefull supporter, while also not being squishy. Remember, your score should look a bit like a tanks - something like 2/2/12, not 7/2/5.