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Build Guide by Gaishredic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gaishredic

Zombie Ryze - Mana, AP and Brains

Gaishredic Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Welcome to Gaishredic's guide for the revamped Ryze.

This is my first guide so I hope you like it.

I've heard so many people ***** about how they ruined Ryze but I think it was the best change they could make to one of my favorite champions. He never was as good at face melting as his rivals Annie and Veiger because, like them, he was good for one burst combo but lacked the stuns & Tibbers/Primordial Burst ult that seems to give them the edge in team fights. While his spells are weaker now, they seem to work wonders combined with his passive for sustained consistent damage.

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Pros / Cons

Solid mid laner with new spell vamp ult
Good Aoe
Insane Burst/ Fast caster
Great farmer/pusher
Zombie's are Awesome

Prone to Ganks (No real escape)
Weak Early game

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Summoner Spells

IMO you need Ghost and Flash as Ryze has mobilty issues - they are the best 2 for both offense and defense. So many times flash gets me and extra kill by flash-traping a runner and ghost will save your *** nearly every time if you have good map awareness.

The only other one to consider is Exhaust as it can be used the same way as flash for def/offen but i pref the latter. Each to his own.

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Its all about stacking mana with the new Ryze, with this build endgame you should have around 4500 mana, thats +450 damage to Q and +225 damage to W. which while Q is still weaker than the old Q, with 35% CDR (10% masteries + 10% skills + 15% boots) you are casting a Over Load every 2.3 seconds.

The only change I would make is the last item, instead of the Banshee's veil if they have less CC, go another ROA for the Extra HP, MP and AP...or if they have high MR go a Void Staff

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Unique Skills

First up let me explain that you can cast a spell and then pop your ult while the first spell is still in the air and it will activate with it, this is important cause with your passive it drops the cooldown reduction for the first spell you cast by 1 second.

The reason people don't understand the power of new Ryze is because there old way of playing him was the classic "Run in and R-W-E-Q-hope-they-die-strategy", now they are trying the same thing and wondering why they can't kill anyone. I never played him this anyway, but now with lower cooldowns his skill cast order has become a lot more situational.

Basically you have 3 skills and what one you cast first is what you need most at the time.
Q for Solo Ganks, W for Kite Kills and E for AOE fights.

My examples are all endgame vs a lvl 18 Xin about as fed as me with around 3000 hp. He is one of ryze's worst rivals cause of his charge and disable with massive physical burst, hard to counter.

The 1 Person Surprise Gank Combo


I came to gank him from behind as he was working our tank alone on the battlefield, as it was a surprise advantage from the bushes and he wasn't running anywhere so it was not best to Rune Prison First.

Since the cooldowns are low and W now does instant damage now I .. Ran in and shot a Q at him first then popped my ult as if was flying, then I used an E to reduce his MR followed by a W to trap him. 3 spells were cast after the Q and since it has a 2.3 sec cooldown + Ryze's passive it was up again straight away which i finshed with an auto for Lichbane proc.

If we break that down with my build end game (Around 630 AP) the damage is insane.

Q = 710 (450 mana + 130 base + 130 AP)
W = 803 (225 mana + 200 base + 378 AP)
E = 350 (130 base + 220 AP) Per hit
Lichbane = 630

So in this combo damage that should take a about 1.5 to 2 second to cast once you get close enough. We got (Q) 710 + (E) 350(x3 max bounce hits) + (W) 803 + (Q) 710 + (lich) 630 = A whopping3803 Magic damage not including the AOE from the bounces.

However later on the situation was reversed with him coming for me just after I killed someone.

The Kite Master Combo


I had about 2000 hp left after ganking Ashe and seen Xin coming for me like i was a dog on heat. With the new increased range i immediately trapped him with a W before he could charge me and then let lose a Q-R-E-Auto-Q combo, but since he had his merc treads on he was out fast with his charge and popped me in the air, he ulted me after that and I had about 400 hp left. I instant flashed backwards and started to bail but Xin tasing the kill and popped ghost to run after me. By now with 35% CDR and (making W a 9 second cooldown) and 3 spells cast after it (-4 secs to the cooldown) it was back up again to trap Xin and finish him with another Q. Classic.

The Pwn you all Combo


This is because bouncing AOE E's does the most Damage to a team + reduces the **** out of their MR. With this combo and your passive you should be able to get in 2 full E's with your AOE damaging ult lasting 7 secs.

Banshee's Veil Counter

I find it best to remove banshee's veil with Q straight away since its cooldown is so low, dont be afraid to throw out Q's like candy now, its awesome.

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The New Ryze is superiour to the old Ryze, even if you don't think so. I'm not saying im the best Ryze player in the world I just like him and really like the way riot has changed him for the better. You just have to understand, Soulstealer is no longer viable with him nor is stacking masive ap and you dont have to be ultra fed to be a menece endgame anymore. He is as they put it, a spell machine gun.

Just stack mana, have map awareness and master the combo's ive mentioned above and I garentee to you will succeed with him given enough practice, I played about 10 games with him today when the new patch came out and I was postive by at least +5 every game and had legendary killing spree's on 3 out of 10 of the games.