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About SOTW

Creator: JahGFX May 11, 2011 3:55pm
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JahGFX's Forum Avatar
Apr 15th, 2011
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Signature of the week contest will be as follows:
The theme week will be made by voting
To register send them a message to the organizer, you have to continue the work, and a link to it.
Participants will remain anonymous during the voting
You can not vote yourself
You can not create other accounts to vote yourself or Others
The time available for submissions is 7 days.
If the work to which all participants have made ​​in you, or if it has been posted elsewhere will be disqualified.
Each participant may enter the contest with a single work, not allowed to alter them.
Maximum size of a signature are: 500x350 (for signatures horizontal) and 200x500 (for vertical signatures).


For winning first place will be allowed to wear your userbar showing that you are winner

For winning second place will be allowed to wear your userbar to show that you are in 2nd place ...

And so on

All I need is a special place where they can SOTW properly and can moderate degree section

I think that`s all tell me if i 4got something

Let`s hope XIAO will help me with those userbars :D
<Altruistic Artist>
wRAthoFVuLK's Forum Avatar
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Jan 17th, 2011
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Honestly, I am very organized, I would love moderating this if you want (unless you already have it covered, or if you want some help :D).

Because TBH, at least for the few next weeks, I don't even have time to make sigs, but I still want to do something sig-wise :3

And when I do make em again, I can make entries for this too :)

Thanks to TRUeLM, Plastictree, Scrax, Xiaowiriamu, foggy12, JahGFX, jhoijhoi, msrobinson, JEFFY40HANDS, Nyoike, MissMaw, and me :) for the sigs!
mobrebel's Forum Avatar
Jul 6th, 2010
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The way you have it seems very reasonable.

Thanks to Scrax for my Evelynn Sig.I did the Yi, Anivia, and Udyr Sig.
Visit my signature shop! I will take requests! <- My stream is UP!
Xiaowiriamu's Forum Avatar
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Nov 27th, 2010
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Sure I'll help with userbars:)

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