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Any Suggestions?

Creator: GreenJ7830 April 11, 2013 7:03pm
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Nov 27th, 2010
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Satella wrote:

400x150 or something along those lines is better. I personally consider signature images a gigantic waste of space unless they link to something useful or are very well-done and simplistic. (Animated .gif sigs need to die in a hole)

Here are some basic composition tips:

Hex color wheel:

The Rule of Thirds should be taken into account in any artistic composition.

The color wheel helps you see which colors complement which colors. You can use complements for borders or text effects on the signature, or highlights to draw the eye to a specific portion of the signature. If you just use a whole bunch of random colors without taking into account complements you end up with something dumb-looking. Signatures that do take into account color balance, even if made by an amateur, can look aesthetically good.

Overall, simplistic yet well designed signatures go over well, without spamming with brushes/filters wherever the render images aren't.

One more thing to note: Horizon lines. You should know what a horizon line is, so I'll not explain that. With horizon lines, don't ever place a horizon line in the middle of the image. Look back to the rule of thirds post, you want your horizon lines, if any, to lay on or around one of the thirds lines.

General composition rules: Don't ever let the border to two major objects in your image touch, always make things overlap or be spaced apart as to allow the eye to differentiate between the two objects easily. Don't place focal points on all four intersections of the rule of thirds lines. Don't have a ton of lines or objects (example: spears) all pointing straight up and down; make them point generally to a focal point of the picture (usually created with the rule of thirds), and have them intersecting and jutting at slightly different angles. Things that are farther away are more faded due to the Earth's atmosphere, and are not darker. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, and you don't necessarily need to use of all them in this signature. They are just things to know of and to think about during the creation of a signature.

Terrible sig

**** sig

Bad sig

Good sig

Better sig

even better sig

^ All except the last one made by total amateurs with equal image editing skill (or lack thereof). However, just by following some basic tips in composition and color choice, some of them turn out much better than others. You don't need fancy brushing or photoshop knowledge to make a good sig; all you have to do is design it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Good post, +rep.

Note: the "better sig" is in my eyes better than the "even better sig".
-NA- Veng Lmfao
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Jul 21st, 2012
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Nawwww. Thanks Satella <3
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Apr 2nd, 2013
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"Good Sig" too much opacty on ripple i tihnk :D
But nice work ;)
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Better late than never.
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If you have some questions or wishes feel free to PM me.
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Aug 10th, 2012
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Wow, nice job, really nice job.
U can do a Sig whit Kass, whit the name "FoX"???????

Tnks :D
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