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Creator: JEFFY40HANDS January 7, 2012 11:50am
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Aug 10th, 2010
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@ jhoijhoi : Gotta remember the rule of three. If you scale up the signature a bit, you'll have plenty of room to put text in. But if you want to keep it that size, the right side of the sig above the hand fits the rule of three I think.

@ Jovy : Yeah scrolling through my photobucket account really brings me back XD. Looking at the Akali sig it gives off a real nice feeling of being concussed. Which is what you were going for so nice one. :D

If you want to improve the clarity of a signature,

1. merge all visible layers
2. CTRL+C then CTRL+J (duplicates selected layer)
3. Change the top layer to screen (r a filter you like)
4. Apply sharpen through the edit option. Merge down again.
5. Repeat if you want it sharper.
Warning: Too much sharpening and the image may be too gritty.

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