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Can you guys review my guide?

Creator: MassiveLOLOL August 31, 2011 12:23am

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FlamingWalrus's Forum Avatar
Aug 12th, 2011
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Nice guide, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

The only problem I saw (and this is nit picking) is that on the last section, "Normal Games Elo Tier List" you have Master Yi listed under Tier 1 and Tier 3.

I don't know why I realized that, but anyway, a great guide.
SryImBad's Forum Avatar
Feb 20th, 2011
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ugh..why are so many people so ancie about every little detail. I just wanted some feedback and I get 100 people going RULE BREAKER RULE BREAKER.

I swear it's more annyoing than trolls =[

There's a reason for a bunch of people giving you alternate ideas to show off your guide. You probably spent a bunch of time on it and you don't want it going to waste by letting it sit there collecting dust with it's low amount of views but spamming the forums isn't going to help every time.
TBH, it is extremely annoying to a bunch of us.
There are other ways to gain popularity. Put it as your signature under the "Edit Profile" Section followed by actually helping the community or hopefully a Veteran sees it and recommends it.

And If you really think we're more annoying than trolls, how about receiving Trollvotes just because people can. A portion of your time wasted by the acts of a bunch of lifeless trolls. Good luck...
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Jebus McAzn
<Retired Moderator>
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Sep 30th, 2010
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PsiGuard put it quite well.

"No advertising. Read forum rules."
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