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Formatting issues on different PC's

Creator: Slaydis October 21, 2012 1:40am
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Feb 15th, 2012
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Hey guys!

I have a problem with formatting my guide or better to say with one section. At my computer my "Masteries" section look good, if I change the resolution it also looks good, however, if i look at it from my laptop the lines are in a disorder.
The pages you should look at: Look at "Masteries" section

Janitsu, who started a discussion about it and helped me.

Did anybody had that problem and can you tell me how to solve it?

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Aug 14th, 2011
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The problem is you write SPACE between everywhere. If you change the text just a little bit, the length could change, completely messing up the layout.

Example of how it should work:

[columns] [img]imgurl[/img] [nextcol] [indent] [nextcol] text here text here write more text as much text as you like hey this is fun mobafire rules! [/columns]

Hope this helps ^^

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