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Looking For ADC in 12xx Elo Range

Creator: React September 25, 2012 7:31pm
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Sep 19th, 2010
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Just add xXReactionXx in-game. I just got into supports but I'm in love. I prefer to go aggressive/tanky supports such as Leona, Blitzcrank(Fav) and Taric. Im still new so we should probably play some normals to find some synergies that work between us two. Also having skype is a big bonus, guarantee it will help us win a bit more. So yeah... add me in-game or just post below.
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Fox Rage
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Jun 24th, 2010
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I added you. I've been maining ADC role for a while now. At the moment, I play a damn lot of Sivir and Tristana, but I can play any ADC decently, apart from Varus and Draven (none of these 2 interest me). Mained Corki for about a year and a half. I stop using him so often when I started using Sivir, wich is by far my favorite ADC.

I much prefer Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, but I do have Skype.

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But yes this idea has been discussed more than Pam Anderson's tits in a plastic surgeons office.

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