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's Forum Avatar

Player Looking For Group/Guild/Clan Etc.

Creator: DEWO October 11, 2010 3:20am
Mooney's Forum Avatar
Sep 15th, 2011
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Hello :)

My name is Mooney and you can find me on EU West as Berserkos (been lvl 30 for a couple weeks now)

Just got past 200 nonranked wins, havent played any ranked games yet because before I do that, I wanna be sure I'm ready. in the best case scenario, that happens through a clan/league/guild/whatever that helps me improving my game.

I main Veigar, am decent with other AP burst chars as well, annie f.e.
To brighten my horizon I started learning other roles than AP carry: I can play a semi-decent rammus tank (i have yet to learn to jungle efficiently, so i usually go laning with him).
Other notable chars i am capable of owning with are Nidalee (not on hotshotgg's lvl tho ;) ) and blitzcrank.
I mainly stick to AP carries tho because I only have a AP runepage ready yet (MagPen/Manareg/CDR/flat health essences)

I do own rly few champions, mebbe 5 or so, priorized runes of course.

I live in Germany and am online about every afternoon I can find time to do so (doublecrossing ***** called social life intervenes), that's basically at least 3 days a week from about 3 - 10 pm GMT+1

I really want to step up my game and tho I have a lot of (partly ranked) friends playing as well, I want to find a new perspective on things with a competitive team I can learn from. Although I have comparably few games and champions, I profit from years of experience with DotA (like many other LoL players) and other competitive online games, so I do grasp pvp concepts very well and try to shift my broad expertise onto LoL as good as i can.

also you need to ****ing take me in, i am hilariously funny, awesome and my english is ****ing perfect compared to most other germans!!!1111 Did i mention how modest I am? :P

Cheers to everyone in the mobafirecrew btw, the development of gaming web communities (and the possibilities of the modern web) really improves the 'offgame' experience of competitive gaming, well done everybody! :D
SyneTangent's Forum Avatar
Sep 12th, 2011
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Server: US

Your Ingame Nick. synetangent

Your Summoner lvl. 16

Number of won games. 21 Normal, Ranked N/A

Your Ranked ELO. Not 30 yet, so N/A ;)

Champions you play best (MAX 5)
Currently really digging;

Number of champions owned. 15

Runebook setups you use.
Currently have 4 pages setup
1 & 2 I use as test or switch-up pages for champs I'm testing out, usually and AP burst/carry or some type of melee bruiser.

3 & 4 are set up for Irelia and Veigar respectively, with Irelia set up for survivability and Arm. Pen, Veigar typical AP caster with Health Quint, Mag. Pen reds, Clarity Seals and Force Glyphs

I usually hop on in the evenings (8-9ish Central Time)

I consider myself "newish" to LoL, only because it's been an on and off game for me for the past year (hence why I'm not 30 already). RL, other games took time away from getting to 30, and my friends list is basically non-exsistant in LoL, so had to deal with random ques and hope for the best. I'm pretty much belly-up with MMO's and while I play other games (currently working through Deus Ex:HR), I'm taking a keener interest in LoL, mainly because I've always had a competitive itch, but never gave it a chance to blossom (that and LoL has improved greatly since I originally set up my account).

I'm looking to try to play competively in some form upon reaching 30, but for right now, I really would like to meet new people, fight in premades and game with peeps on a regular basis, master a good selection of champs, and go from there. I'm a very quick learner and also do my own research/experimentation, can take constructive criticism well, and I'm very adaptable and versatile. As much as I hate to use this example as they are two completely different games, I was able to shift and play every single role in WoW adeptly, even compared to people who played one role exclusively and for much longer than me.

Now I know, LoL is a completely different beast, and I may have been tooting my own horn there, but all I'm saying is that I don't find learning a game challenging, mastering it's nuances and subtleties is where the real challenge lies, and it's why I believe so many find games like LoL "too hard" or "not newbie friendly" is because they don't understand the underlying usage of thinking outside the box and not solely looking at it mechanics-wise (hope that made sense ^_^).

I'll wrap up because this post is longer than I expected, so sorry for the wall of text, just trying to be concise. If you want to add me, absolutely feel free, I literally have only 1 friend who hops on every other day and no regular premade/team/clan to romp with, so having more buddies to practice with and lvl up asap with would be awesome. Keep in mind I'm looking to be competitive later, so if you are part of a good clan or team and want to take a "newish" player under your wing, please do, I adamantly want to get better at this game. Hope to see some of you in game, and thanks for reading through my post.
Misuterareta's Forum Avatar
Aug 17th, 2011
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Ingame Nick:Misuterareta
Server: US
Champions you play best: Soraka, Alistar, Sona, Janna,Taric.
Number of champions owned:50
I play about 24/7 when not in school. I am a very good player and have a well knowledge of the game, I am a very good support and most of the time just babysit the player in my lane. I can usually make any time frame for practice and am looking for a competetive team to play with.
HolyPrince's Forum Avatar
Sep 26th, 2011
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Server: US
LVL: 14... I have higher level account just wanted a matching name with my wife.
I play when I get home from work and after dinner. I live in Arkansas so I am on Central time. So about 6 pm to 11:30ish Pm.

My stats usually look something like 15-1-3 17-2-5 2-4-18.
Just depends what champions I am playing at the moment.

I really need a good team to play with. I play with my wife alot, but she is not the best LOL player. I need somwehere my skills can be put to the test and there is still so much I want to learn, I mostly just play random games and Can do awesomely good but still loose most games, because of my teams.

SaviourToALL's Forum Avatar
Sep 28th, 2011
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Server: US or EU

Your Ingame Nick.

Your Summoner lvl.
Number of won games. Normal and ranked.
28 wins

Your Ranked ELO.
Not yet ranked

Champions you play best (MAX 5)
I learn quickly & play the free heroes they give us. I've done well with all the heroes so far.

Number of champions owned
None. I use the free heroes until I find one that I want to use.

Add SaviourToALL to your buddy list. I'm going to be a destructive force once I get to ranked!

Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack

DArk trolls
DArk trolls's Forum Avatar
Sep 20th, 2011
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dewo isnt replin :) LOL
Click REP if i helped you in any way :) thx
DArk trolls
DArk trolls's Forum Avatar
Sep 20th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep October 3, 2011 3:50am | Report
dewo isnt replin :) LOL
Click REP if i helped you in any way :) thx
Ronnieho4's Forum Avatar
Jul 9th, 2011
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Nordic & East

Ingame Name:


Summoner lvl:


Won games:

Normal = 300
Ranked = 4 (Season 2 only)

Ranked ELO:


My Main Champions:

- Garen
- Xin Zhao
- Master Yi
- Nocturne

Number of Champions Owned:


Runebook Setups:

Page 1:

1x , 2x Greater Quintessence of Vitality, 9x , 9x , 9x

Note: Im DESPERATE to play with some skilled players. With a bit more usage of Advanced Strategies than other Random people can improvise.
Skype Installed too BTW
tjd963's Forum Avatar
Oct 6th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep October 6, 2011 7:06pm | Report
Server: US
Ingame: tjd963
lvl: 30
Champions: xin, alistar, vayne, shaco, really any champ i adapt to
owned: 46 of them
Runebook setups: any, i can change it around
skype and whatever installed
Kromatt's Forum Avatar
Oct 7th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep October 10, 2011 11:17pm | Report
Ingame Nickname : ( K r o m a t t )

Server: ( US )

Summoner Level. ( 5 )

Number of won games : ( 3 )

Best Champions played ( MAX 5 ) : Tristana, Morgana, Ryze (soon)

champions owned ( 2 ) : Ashe and Tristana

Time you usualy play (with correct Timezone) 10pm- 12am ( Timezone: -5 EST )

What you look for and what you can give.
( I like to have fun and help out, score isn't everything to me )
- don't leave people alone, if they are becoming outnumbered.
OWNED Champions (25) :
MAINs - Sion, Zilean

ALTs - Annie, Soraka, Ryze,
Ashe, Tristana, Karthus

OTHER - Jax, Singed, Gangplank,
Kassadin, Twisted Fate, Taric, Twitch,
Katarina, Anivia, Shaco, Blitzcrank,
Dr.Mundo, Alistar, Heimerdinger,
Corki, Master Yi, Nunu

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