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's Forum Avatar

Player Looking For Group/Guild/Clan Etc.

Creator: DEWO October 11, 2010 3:20am
GinTonic1080's Forum Avatar
Jan 31st, 2011
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Server: EU
Your Ingame Nick.: likeHamandBacon
Your Summoner lvl.: 30
Number of won games. Normal : 274 and ranked.: 0

Champions you play best (MAX 5): Kennen, Morde, Yi, Warwick
Number of champions owned: 14


What you look for and what you can give.: Im looking for a 3vs3 Team to train with till we are perfect and can own some Ranked Games ;-)

What i can give: Not flaming, quite good player who just want to have some fun and can even write "gg" even if he lost (what will hopefully never happen ;-) )
Crazyn00bGr's Forum Avatar
Nov 29th, 2010
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 3, 2011 10:25am | Report
Server: EU
Ingame Nick : Crazyn00bGr
Summoner LvL: 28
Number of Won Games: 154 Won - 140 Lost (If Im Correct)
Ranked Elo: N/A
Prefered Champions: Annie, Kennen*, Akali, Amumu, Ryze
Number of Champions Owned: 6-7
Runes : AP (Magic Pen, Health/Dodge , AP)
AD (Armor Pen, Dodge, Cd Reduction)

Mark: Greater Mark of Insight x9
Seal: Greater Seal Vitality x9
Glyph: Greater Glyph of Force x9
Quint: Greater Quintessence of Potency x3

Kennen Is My Top Char.

Time Zone :GMT+0200 (Eastern Europe Standard Time) Allways Play After 9.PM

Foggy12*Respect For The Awesome Sig!
Kramis's Forum Avatar
Feb 1st, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 4, 2011 11:06pm | Report
Server: EU
Your Ingame Nick.Kramis
Your Summoner lvl. 30
Number of won games. Around 250 won and 5-3 on ranked
Your Ranked ELO. 1300
Champions you play best (Annie<3 (way best), Akali not as good as < Poppy, Fiddlesticker, Ezreal
Runebook setups you use. 3 full 1 for annie, 1 for akali and then 1 for AD

Have vent, Skype from sweden and i play now alot every day but dont at night friday.

I am always playing with 1000+wins and 14-1500 elo players so i think myself as better then my wons and ranked says ;)

only interested to play in summoner rift, i want to get as good to play in high elo games ;)
Tendresse's Forum Avatar
Feb 1st, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 10, 2011 8:15am | Report
US Server
IGN : Tendresse
Level 30
Normal : 242 Wins, 204 Losses
Ranked : 5 Wins, 4 Losses, 1255 ELO

Best Champions : Anivia, Amumu, Warwick, Miss Fortune, Kassadin
I own around 45 champions.

Runepages :

Caster - MPen Reds, MRp5/lvl Yellows, CD/lvl Blues, Flat HP Quints
Tank - MPen Reds, Flat Armor Yellows, MR/lvl Blues, Flat HP Quints
Physical Carry - ArmPen Reds, AS Yellows, AS Yellows, ArmPen/AS/HP Quints

I usually play from 6PM to Midnight EST weekdays, and at various times during the weekends.

I look for an elite clan. I can't pretend to be elite, but I'd like to. I play with a bunch of people from previous games, some of them are good, some of them aren't, but most games I just end up carrying the lot. I love winning, I play to win, and I want to see what my potential is. I know I'm not a 1900 ELO player at the moment, but I believe I can be one. I can take criticism, I learn from my mistakes and I communicate a lot. I think those are all assets that can make me a valuable addition to a team in the long run.

A bit of additionnal e-peen material : I had trouble including only 5 champions in the list. Some people boast the fact that they played over 700 games with that champ, or that they reached 2000 ELO by only playing a specific champ. On the contrary, I believe my strength is that I can learn new champions from the get go, and I can fill in pretty much any spot in a lineup. I guess I'm a tad stronger with Anivia, Amumu and Warwick, but I can carry a game with 3/4 of the other characters I own, even though I've only played them once or twice. I am keeping in mind that we're talking normal games here, so it's not that impressive, but it's just food for thought.

I also happen to be french, so you can laugh at my accent.
Labyrinto's Forum Avatar
Jan 9th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 20, 2011 7:20pm | Report
Server: US
Nickname: Labyrinto / invGhost (smurf)
Your Summoner lvl: 30
Number of wins: 421 normal, 80 ranked
Your Ranked ELO: Had it up to 1250, currently around 800 (due to internet dropouts resulting in leaves. That's why I made the smurf)
Champions you play best: Malzahar mainly, but also Ashe, Ezreal, Morde and Morgana
Number of champions owned: ~20
Runebook setups you use: 3 (AP, AD, Tank)

Time you usualy play (with correct Timezone): East Australian Standard, 5-10pm weekdays and most of the day weekends.
What you look for and what you can give: Reliable clan that is willing to give me a chance, friendly players. A good time, mainly.
Ladnar's Forum Avatar
Feb 7th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 24, 2011 2:31pm | Report
Server: US
Ingame Nickname: Ladnar
Your Summoner lvl: 30
Number of won games: 167 Normal - 0 Ranked
Your Ranked ELO: N/A
Champions you play best atm: Swain, Renekton, Rammus, Ezreal
Number of champions owned: all
Runebook setups you use: Melee, Caster, Tank - could use another page or two.

Time you usualy play: 7pm Est - Late
Interested in a Group/guild/clan to game with. Looking for a more mature experience then the normal Solo queue. The social aspects of a guild is something I would not be adverse to as well. Have vent. Like to try different champs to better understand their abilities for when I have to face them.

always try.
AfghanWalrus's Forum Avatar
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Aug 3rd, 2010
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 24, 2011 6:06pm | Report
Server: US
Ingame Nickname: AfghanWalrus
Summoner Level: 30
Normal Game Wins: 475 and counting.
Ranked Game wins: Solo Queue 5v5: 7 , Arranged Team 5v5: 7 , Arranged Team 3v3: 18
Arranged 5v5 ELO Ranked: 1156, Solo Queue 5v5 Ranked ELO: 1150(and it's getting better as we speak :), Arranged 3v3 ELO Ranked: 1273(i've been dropping it lately, but my highest at one point was 1350)
Champions I play the most: Ezreal, Garen, Xin Zhao, Kennen, Mordekaiser.
51 champs owned.
1 runebook owned, mostly for DPS/Carry characters(who I mostly play) but I will be upgrading soon!

Time I usually play: During the week, the afternoons ranging from the time of 3pm and 8pm that I might be on Eastern Time, The weekends I binge for almost all day of LoL :<

I'm looking for some fun, competent good teammates that have the mindset to win. Any good tips you guys can give, I can give tips on my 5 champions I play the most, how to play the game, etc.

"Blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy!"
iMaGiNaRiuS's Forum Avatar
Jul 11th, 2010
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 27, 2011 1:59pm | Report
Server: US
Your iMaGiNaRiuS
Your Summoner lvl: 30
Number of won games. Normal: 600+ and ranked 20+
Champions you play best Irelia, Renekton, Katarina, akali, ezreal
Number of champions owned: a lot
Runebook setups you use: a lot 10 pages :p

Im looking for Team player because i like to play like a team not looking for kills, looking for the win ad i can give u that too, a player who know about get wards, oracle or missing role hero (dps, ap, tank) also im not looking for proz because i want to meet nice people, just good player :)
Svingas's Forum Avatar
Feb 4th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep March 17, 2011 6:30pm | Report
Server: US
Your Ingame Nick: Svingas
Your Summoner lvl: 30
Number of won games. Normal: 160+ and ranked: 7+
Your Ranked ELO: Low, the reason I am posting here, I am tired of teams that feed.
Champions you play best: Sivir, Amumu, Fiddlesticks, Veigar, Singed
Number of champions owned: 7
Runebook setups you use: 4 a Sivir specified dps page, a tank page, a mage page, a non-Sivir dps page (Substitute clarities for dodge)

Check out my extensive Sivir Guide

Whoawtf's Forum Avatar
Mar 25th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep March 25, 2011 12:42am | Report
Server: US
Ingame Nick : Whoawtf
Summoner LvL: 30
Number of Won Games: 144 (normal)
Prefered Champions: Shen, Sion, Zilean
Number of Champions Owned: 15
Runes : Mark: Magic Pen/Armor Pen
Seal: Armor Per Lvl/Flat Mr/ Dodge/AS
Glyph: Flat AP/MR per level
Quint: Flat AP

i don't ever solo queue anymore, the community is just so bad
i'd just like to enjoy this game with people who know what they're doing

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