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Going For It All

Creator: Xaioli April 20, 2011 8:48am
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Sep 11th, 2010
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Hey guys, was busy with IRL so I had to take a week break from SoloQ. I'll start it off with this loss(btw, it does say -# points because I accidentally queued for soloq after I hit diamond and ended up winning and forgot to SS it.)

Alright so this game went wrong when they got blue side and we didn't lane swap. Draven hit 2 early and I basically lost my lane early. I was kinda skeptical about Leona support with Caitlyn and well, this particular Leona wasn't very experienced/good. She was really passive and we basically had no lane pressure because of the two reasons above. I actually kept up in CS with Draven, getting most CS while under tower. There was a point where we potentially coulda turned it around by Thresh diving poorly and walking into a trap that I set up preemptively but Leona suicided into Draven, making it a 1-1 trade.

Looking at my team, you'd think we could shut Draven down but Hecarim couldn't really make plays but showed himself on the map for map presence and the enemy Lee did the same. With a Twisted Fate, you'd think he'd consistently ult bot lane but he kept dying in lane 1v1 and the occasional gank by Lee. So at mid game, the current lanes are, Top: winning, Mid: losing very badly Jungle: Lee slightly ahead, Bot: even. What really cost us this game was mainly TF getting caught over and over again. For example, Jax or I would go home to buy a big item like IE, Whisper and our team would kinda get baited to Baron when we already had map pressure on that area. TF's excuse was that this game was just his single game in a month so he wouldn't decay. Really, I don't mind it. Mayby he got elo boosted, mayby he didn't but I just know he played pretty poorly but I didn't flame him like my teammates.

Really, I think this game was out of control for me. Surprisingly, I ended lane just barely behind Draven despite his early lead off level 2, 2 free dragons and tower. When it came to fights, I had about Ahri, Lee, Akali on my *** with a long range Draven ult so I did my best, minimizing my deaths(one was right when nexus exploded qq). I feel like my orbwalking(attack moving) that I practice in my free time definitely paid off and helped me kite three people at the same time. To those climbing, I just wanna say that there are games like this where they're just unwinnable. Just keep your head up and keep playing as long as you learn from your mistakes.

To the few questions about my item build, IE is essential for damage output, BoRK because I needed attack speed while something to help me get divers off my ***. In this case with Ahri, Akali and Lee Sin, bork can vamp a small amount of health back from their burst damage and it helps me kite with the slow ontop of any traps/nets that they get hit by. Banshee's helps block a lot of initial damage, Last Whisper was mayby too early for me but Lee was kinda building armor and sometimes Akali and Ahri was affected by Bulwark armor so I was just like **** it at the time. I got furor after 3rd item for more kiting potential that does help out.

Anyways, hope some of you guys like this. I'll try to do one of those "thorough analysis" everyday. No promises though because I'm trying to improve at support and since I'm at the bottom of the Diamond bracket, might as well do it now so I don't know if people are interested in a ****ty support analysist =x.

Have a good day.

edit: someone informed me that Draven is a streamer! If you wanna check out a Diamond II AD player, check his stream out at

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