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My opinion on teammates

Creator: TheFwnK June 24, 2020 11:52pm
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Mar 12th, 2019
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So, its not a threat for players, I'm just saying my opinion on the teammates that mostly I and the players get.
I'll be discussing the roles.

JUNGLERS: My worst nightmare in the game. The thing about junglers is quite annoying. Yes, the enemy jungler will babysit your lane because of your points champ, picking a counter or a broken champ like Fiora, Darius, Wukong, etc. But our junglers? Everytime I get in a match I only get the worst ones. They ignore my lane all the time on Top and Mid. I've been playing League since 2018 and the junglers did not even change a bit.

There's 4 types of junglers:
1) The one who ignores your lane - It mostly matters on Top and Mid, Bot scales step by step. If you are top, the enemy jungler will babysit you most of the time and also take the drakes. But the jungler in your team ignores your lane to help Mid/Bot (depends on which lane he wants to focus) because he wants to feed other lanes. Ok, we understand this. But here's a catch. Is not like Top Laners are actually the "carry". An example, you go Jax, right? You scale in late and dominate. What about a counter pick for your champ? Happens very often. You'll get poked most of the times because that's normal, we can't farm right when the enemy pokes you. You ping for help and no response from the jungler. He will be on the bottom side most of the time to take care of Mid and Bot. But hey, at least the enemy jungler comes to your lane, right? Just gank the lane dude, I need help.

2) The one who ignores objectives (drakes, heralds, barons) - Those type of junglers that care only for kills is not normal. Ok, you want to be full build early, but we can't have the advantage in late without objectives. These types of junglers are throwing mostly of your games because he didn't focus the objectives. The enemy team will have an advantage and you'll loose.

3) The one who ignores lanes and objectives - I rarely get this type of junglers. But in season 9 I got mostly this type of junglers and lost my climb to diamond.

4) The one who feeds your lane - We all know this one, feeds your lane and still flames you. Maybe he'll will be afk and loose the game. Got sometimes these types of junglers.

The thing is since I started playing League, I only got the worst junglers. As said, its not a threat, I'm saying my opinion on my teammates that I get. I only get the best enemy jungler that babysits my lane, even when I'm playing Pyke solo lane. Just, I hate how I am the only one who gets these types of Junglers. Every match I get my lane Ignored or fed.

TOP Laners: Top laners are not really bad, they are actually good. But sometimes, I get those ones which throws the game because the jungler is not helping him. I also get those ones that they never heard of playing safe and still die. But here's a chance of 40% to get these types of Top Laners. Small chance to get those types of Top Laners, but hey! At least Top is ok.

MID Laners: Ah, another lane that is a nightmare when you are playing on other lanes. Most of the time I get these ones that feeds and goes toxic for no reason, he lost his lane and blames us. Why? Because they think they are the most important players. Every game, the enemy Mid is fed and can loose most of my games because of them throwing and being toxic.

ADCs: Ok, we know you carry us in late. But why am I getting only the ones that feeds the enemy bot and carry? The answer is unknown. Even your ADC is an OTP or Main ADC, it means good? No, they are feeding too.

SUPPORTS: They are actually good, rarely I get Support that makes mistakes. But when I get tanky Support in my team (ex. Nautilus, Thresh, Alistar), they are the ones that feeds my enemy team in my games. The types of Support that are healers are the best ones that I get, they know they need to play safe or behind you to not be focused. Most of my times when I get the tanky ones, I get my enemy getting saved by my Support for pushing him, dragging him or other ways to save him when I ult with Death from Below.

About the rank system: Yeah, about the rank system. Here's the thing. You win some games, let's say 6 games in a row, right? What does the rank system does? "Oh, this account is boosted, let's move him to the loosing teams while we think he is not boosted". You'll be loosing most of your games because of the team and the rank system. Then you'll back up with winning and then get back to the loosing team. It will be always like this, happened to me once in season 9. Won like 10 games, got 30 defeats because I got only the worst teams. AFKs. Feeders, Players that Ignores objectives and you, Flamers.

The thing about your games in League will be a stress for you. Let's say, you come to work and play a match. You only got time for 1 match though. You loose because of your team and what did you get? Stress and the next day you have to go back to work. What if it repeats the same with loosing?

EUW: I heard that EUW is way worse than EUNE.

Wish something could change this types of people that I get 99% of my games.
These were my words. I repeat, this is not a threat against players, I'm just saying my opinion on the teammates that I get in every game.
Wicked Cherry
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Sep 1st, 2017
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Hey TheFwnK,
you asked me to read and answer to this thread, so here are my thoughts.

First of all, the things you're saying are mainly focusing on the negative side of things and you're generalizing them. "Every jungler is bad." I know you didn't say that specifically but that's just what the general message seems to be like to me. In the elo we both play in, many people don't know about their actual role. They may manage to play their champions okay but there's still so much more to learn. Let's stick with junglers since they seem to be "the worst" to you:
  • What I noticed in my games, is that many people underestimate the power of objectives and that they actually win games. You can be 100-5 but if you're having no objectives while the enemy top laner is splitting every lane one by one and they're having all drakes etc. they'll still win late game.
  • Another crucial point is that most people don't know when to gank which is probably what you're talking about when it comes to feeding - even the amount of minions in lane matter, as well as their position, vision etc. So there's multiple conditions that need to be met while setting up a good gank. Same goes for objectives btw.
  • If people flame you and you feel like it does just anything to your self-esteem or emotions, you can always hit the mute button.
  • Even as top laner, you can always roam mid, counterjungle (when you’ve got vision and know where the enemy jungler is currently) or even teleport bot lane to help in a fight. It’s really not as if you were entirely stuck on top lane.
  • Instead of focusing on what others do wrong, try to focus on your own mistakes and things to improve because you can’t change much about the skill or mindset of other players. You most likely won’t see them in your next game, but guess who will be there for sure: You.

General thoughts
I noticed recently that many players tend to give up way too soon. After having done one or two mistakes they’re like “just go next” or “ff at 15” even though the game surely isn’t lost at all. It’s just basically sad how people (talking about EUW gold elo mostly since that’s where I’m playing) are looking for the easiest and fastest outcome. If they’re not fed by minute 10, they just give up. I haven’t quite managed to understand why they’d be like that because League never really felt like the kind of game in which you’d simply go for the easiest and fastest outcome possible – at least that’s really not what you should be going for in Ranked anyway, in my opinion.

Instead of saying “everyone is bad” which can’t really solve the problem you seem to face, I think it would be better if you helped those who need it. One potential way is keeping a kind attitude during your games, like saying “it’s okay, don’t worry, just come back and we’ll fix it” after a wrong-timed gank. Or saying “it’s warded, let me deward before you gank” to set up a good gank. That’s how people shouldn’t feel offended and also learn about basic stuff. I'm not saying that this will fix all of your problems, but usually when you're being kind, you will get back kindness in return as well.

Another way would be to just write down your knowledge in a guide for those who are actively looking for help. It would probably be a general guide about roles and their tasks etc.

I think it would make a lot more sense to focus on helping people to improve rather than ranting your anger here. I do understand that sometimes team mates can feel like a pain but don’t neglect that you’re stuck with them from champion select until the post-game-lobby. Some people can’t take criticism, some flame, tilt or afk because of it and others might be happy about it. It’s a totally individual thing that’s not only based on a player’s personality but also on their current emotional state. When you’re already slightly angry or sad for instance, you’re less likely to be open for criticism. Now you could say that you shouldn’t play when you’re emotional but here’s the catch: Emotions aren’t always apparent for us. Sometimes, after a long and hard day, you just wanna relax and play a game to have fun but then you might find that you’ve done several mistakes and your team mates aren’t doing too well either, so there’s a lot of possible things on how to react. I could probably keep on writing half a book about this matter, but the gist is this:
Keep in mind that we’re all human – we will make mistakes and we all have emotions and a self-esteem that needs to be kept at a somewhat “healthy” level. Flaming certainly is not the right way to show your team mates they’ve made a mistake.

Cheers, Wicked Cherry.

P. S.: I don't really understand why there's always a need to compare people or even servers. "NA is worse than XY", "EUW is worse than YZ" etc. Can it help you improve? No. Will it make you feel better? No. Why are you doing it then? No idea? There's absolutely no reason for that in my opinion.

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