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Next champ ?

Creator: Sweetroll Thief December 1, 2012 11:50pm

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Sweetroll Thief
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Nov 3rd, 2012
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I recently bought Darius cuz he is OP but im already considering to buy some good champ.
I wanted to buy some mid champ like ahri or malz but i leave it to you to suggest me what champ to buy for mid.Also if you can give me advice if it is good to buy draven cuz i also need a ranged one...
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Dec 2nd, 2012
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For mid i personally prefer Diana, as she has a fairly good poke, and when she hits level 6 she has very good burst and can pick up a lot of kills. When you say you need a ranged i'm assuming your looking for a ADC, so here's my two cents on him. He requires a lot of summoner attention, and you have to be ready to move with his Q. If you have a support who can look your enemies down he will absolutely tear them up. His W is OK for getting that little extra speed at catching champs, but the AS is where it really helps though how effective it is will depend on your ability to catch his axes. His Ult is cross-map and allows you to help out in team fights from afar or finish low enemies. Overall i personally think he is a very worthy champion, but he has a unique play style that you will have to adapt to. I do recommend buying him but he will take time to get used too.
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Dec 6th, 2011
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First of all, i think you posted this in the wrong part of the forum. I'm pretty sure this top is not allowed in Gen. Discussion

I'd recommend getting Gragas or Mordekaiser for a mid character. They are great farmers, tanky, they have good sustain, they scale well into late game, and their ultimates... oh sweet lord.

Draven is a fun ADC. He never uses mana, and his pokes hurt. Tbh though, it would be safer to get graves or someone who can deal with bruisers better.
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May 2nd, 2012
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Well, there's a very large variety of mid champions, and it'd be helpful if you explained your playstyle a bit more but:

Mobile: Kassadin, Ahri, Katarina

High Burst: LeBlanc, [Gragas]]

Tanky: Diana (sometimes), [Mordekaiser]], Ryze

Those are just a few off the top of my head, if you have any questions or want to tell me more about your playstyle, I'd be glad to help you pick a better champion suited for you.

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The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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OK, let's go back through the thread so far.
First of all, Utopus is right, there is a specific thread for asking the public about what champ you should buy next. But seeing as it is already here, I will give you my opinions, but in the future please keep these kind of questions here:

It is at the very top of the General Discussion page in the small bracket.

What Slappius said was pretty much spot on. Very strong ADC, very complicated mechanic. Also he requires his own special runepage to run. Most ADC's stick with AD runes to give them farming power and some leniency on last hitting. However Draven already gets bonus damage off of Spinning Axe, so as long as you can catch your axes consistently, you will still be dealing alot of damage to minions without the AD runes. What you need to get in place are Armor Pen runes, so you can easily win your early exchanges.

Mid Champs:
Really there are so many different mids it is easy to find one that fits your playstyle (or hard, depending on how much time you have to devote to testing). There are champs like Katarina, Talon, Diana, Fizz and Akali that do mele damage (which puts you closer to minions and therefore easier to harass), but come with a handy gap-closer to get you up close and personal to deal big burst damage. Then you have champs like Brand, Swain, Xerath, and Gragas that blow people away from a mile away, Xerath especially. He can hit people from beyond his own field of vision! (on a side note, in S2 Mordekaiser makes a pretty bad mid, seeing as how he has no escapes, pushes harder than any other champ in the game, and junglers in S2 are pretty gank happy. In S3 this might change, since the jungle is getting tougher and junglers would have a much harder time ganking pre-6 without putting themselves in serious danger) So I will make you a list with some basic attributes that might help make up your mind.

Mele Champs with a gap closer and great burst:

Medium range champs
Mordekaiser (tanky as hell)
Cho'Gath (tanky as hell)
Ryze (tanky as hell)
Sion (mele champ but has good ranges on his stun and shield explosion, also tanky as hell)

Long Range Champs:
Gragas (this guy is tough to place, because he is mele but his barrels have a very long range and ALOT of damage, so i stuck him here since his primary damage source is his ranged barrels)
Karthus (the LONGEST range with his ulti lol)
Twisted Fate

Champs that can kill you without even being able to see you:
LeBlanc (her basic range is actually just "long", but with her teleport in/out mechanic her range (while staying relatively safe) is actually pretty huge)

Yes. This gigantic list is made up of ALL the common viable mid characters. I know people that kick *** with every single one of them, too. Each champ brings something different to the party Karthus gets kills and assists anywhere just by pressing R, Veigar can stun an entire team, Akali and Fizz can insta-gib people (100% health to dead within a matter of a second or two), et cetera et cetera. If you want to take some of these champs and ask some specific questions make a new post in the thread I linked you earlier.

Hope this helped XD
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Sweetroll Thief
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Nov 3rd, 2012
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Thanks Overmyyd you really helped i didnt knew for that part of mobafire so thanks a lot but i already know pretty much all of this and i think i will buy zyra ...
A Chubby Baby
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Feb 14th, 2012
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diana - fun, popular, also considered "OP".