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Creator: cyberskull October 10, 2012 1:48am
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Aug 14th, 2012
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I just re-watched this:

And I figured "Hey..wouldn't it be fun to make your own" so anyone who is bored and doesn't mind writing go ahead and do one in here. It can be just plain text or a recording if you want. I'll go with plain text for now. Basically just do like Dyrus in the video and talk about your favorite champion (pick just 1) stuff like what inspired you or made you play him/her, why you like playing him/her, what he/she does, advice on what mistakes you can do while playing him/her or what you need to be careful of.

Obviously not all of us are pros (at least I'm not) so let's just call it Player Picks. And finally no this is not a plain "Who is your favorite champion?" thread cause you're not just supposed to say "My fav champ is Yorick" or something like that. Okay I'll start then:

My favorite champion is and will probably always be Riven.

Name: Viktor "submit95" (that's as far as my name gets for this thread xD...don't ask why)
Team: None
Position: Top
Champion: Riven

Riven is like a mix between an AD Bruiser and a melee AD Carry with a lot of mobility. She can go Top Lane or she can Jungle depending on your team's needs. The first time I saw Riven in her champion spotlight I was like "Woah...this champion looks so cool!.." so I bought her and at the time Riven wasn't actually thought of as a strong pick especially by my friends who were always like "Why are you playing Riven? She sucks". Despite that I continued playing her and I eventually did learn her. I like being that AD Bruiser with a lot of damage and survivability that peels for carries and initiates along with the tanks. Riven isn't the best initiator but if you protect your carries while killing theirs then you're doing youe job and it doesn't matter if you initiate or not.

If you have a team with sick initiators like Leona or Amumu or someone similar you can just do so much cause you'll have a lot of free space to focus whoever you want and rip them apart.

This one time I was playing Riven I was really low and I was being chased from their Inhibitor Turret all the way through their and our jungle by 3-4 people. So instead of going man mode I just took advantage of Riven's mobility and kept spamming my skills to keep creating distance. After a long chase I eventually led them to the bush that my teammates were waiting in for an ambush and they just completely destroyed the enemy team.

The biggest thing you should worry about when playing Riven is not to get CCed way too hard because if that happens your mobility goes down by a lot and you won't be able to peel for your carries or focus theirs.

My name is Viktor a.k.a submit95. I play in Europe West, mainly as a Top Laner and my favorite champion is Riven.

P.S - I don't really like writing a lot but strangely enough I enjoyed writing this xD

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Jan 25th, 2011
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Thanks for the Signature MissMaw!
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Jan 12th, 2012
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Ryu Ran

Thank you Miss Maw, CasterMaster and Arcana3 for the sweet sigs. I'd definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a nice sig.

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