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MobaFire Guides - Removing 'Stale' guides off...

Creator: Ex Vi July 30, 2012 4:29pm
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Dec 8th, 2009
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Just wanted expand on what PsiGuard said and fill in a few blanks on exactly how this works. We have a patch database in the back-end. Whenever the game gets a new patch, we add it to the database along with the exact release date. These release dates are what we use to determine freshness.

Ideal is within the last 2 patches, Fresh is within the last 4 patches, Stale is within the last 6 patches, 7 or more patches old is expired. As PsiGuard said, this does not mean 6 months, or 6 weeks, it means 6 patches, whatever time span that might be.

So when running a query for a list of guides, if we want to exclude expired guides, I look up the release date of the 6th most recent patch and filter out guides that were not updated since that date - they are the expired guides.

This used to require manual updates directly in the database, it fell behind a few times over the last year as a result. We recently (few weeks ago) built a tool that all Veterans now have access to, so that we can do a better job of keeping the patch database up-to-the-minute.

So, if you find the release date of the 6th most recent patch, and spot a non-expired guide that has also not been updated since that patch, let me know. This is either a bug, or the patch database has not been updated yet, or the patch database was just updated and the caches haven't cleared yet. Right now with the current state of the patch database, that would be 2012-04-18.
Ex Vi
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Nov 3rd, 2011
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Hello Matt.

Thank you for the in-depth explanation. It is now completely clear to me. I will look out for non-expired guides then, and inform you about it once I noticed one. (If I ever notice one). Thanks again,

Ex Vi.
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