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A little help about everything... Please...

Creator: Draglino June 27, 2011 11:26am
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Mar 5th, 2011
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So our team had some problems and we only entered 1 ranked game that we failed. I started doing solo queue and thats when everything started. I had awesome feeders in my last 5 games. My ELO is going down so fast that it scares me. Looks like I'm in the ELO hell right now. For the people who say ELO hell doesn't exist. Well... come and play with those feeders. In a week or two, it will be a dream for me to climb back to 1200. I had win streaks till now. But when i started playing solo queue, it became lose streaks. I need a champion that can 1v5 or i will be in this hell forever. I don't think i belong to this ELO becouse every game is a lose thanks to somebody else. I had a 2-14-3 Ryze in my team. Had a nocturne that dived into towers 1v2 without minions and tell " Thanks Ashe. Maybe help! " after he died. Had an Akali that dived into 3v1 or 4v1 and killed 2 of them and said " You dont help thats why we lose! Only I am attacking! ". I'm really bored right now. I had a dream of getting the silver prize when season 1 ends. Now It looks like even bronze is a dream for me. Thanks to everybody who helped me. I'll continue playing ranked games no matter what. I'm hoping that i can go up after season 1 soft reset. And If i go below 500 ELO even after soft reset. I won't play anymore. I don't want to babysit 9-12 year nerds and lose all my ranked games. I learned all types of champions just to be successful in rankeds but that didn't help becouse we don't have a team comp. Everybody picks whatever they please. If other team has Mordekaiser, Vladimir, Gangplank or Tryndamare, its insta queue dodge for me. Even I started dodging games becouse of that...

Anyway, thanks to everybody who answered my questions and helped me to learn the game better. Thanks for your efforts but that didn't help so much. It looks like either that I lack the skill to play this game in better ELO's or I'm a one unlucky man. See you.
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