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Any Kassadin players out there?

Creator: iBradlee August 22, 2011 1:09pm
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Paleonx's Forum Avatar
Aug 26th, 2011
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Once people start calling you a KS'er that's when you know that you're playing Kass right. The only other potential damage boost I can think of that hasn't already been said is potentially your ability order. As Kass I always leave his W for last. I might pick it up once for the mana regen, but otherwise alternate between Q and E and R of course.
Brisingr296's Forum Avatar
May 10th, 2011
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I suggest you play defensively until you reach level 6 and keep farming. But I believe your main problem that you are talking about are team fights.
In team fights, don't just go in first and try to hit as many enemies as you can with riftwalk or force pulse. Let your tanks go in first and after they do, go for THEIR CARRIES!!! Attacking the tank will not help and will result in yourself or an ally carry killed. Take out their hardcore DPS and AP carries, or at least make them loose a whole lot of HP that they can't fight anymore. If you start to get focused, teleport behind your tanks. Cooldowns is also a problem. Just R in, Q and E, and R out behind tanks. Repeat if you have to. Your main priority is to kill the the enemy's main damage dealers. Once you have eliminated them, then you have your missions accomplished.

Hope this will help you a bit!
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