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Best Teamfighting/Scaling Champion Suggestions

Creator: MyLilRafalca February 3, 2013 6:50pm
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Feb 2nd, 2013
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Hey all,

So as I'm getting closer to 30, I'm trying to narrow down my champion pool and start focusing on a small handful of champs that I can play almost exclusively to start getting ready for ranked eventually, even though it's probably a ways off.

So I have found that mostly what I am looking for in champs that I play is that even with a slow start, they can really start to get better and better as the game goes on. Not someone that needs to take huge risks early on, but rather that is content to try to go even through laning, and outscale opponents as the game goes on. I know this description kind of fits all AD Carries, so we'll leave them out.

The other thing I am really looking for is a really solid teamfight champ. I love being on those teams that have good synergy between their ults for teamfights - but it doesn't necessarily have to be AoE ults, just champs that do particularly well in teamfights.

I hope I'm being clear enough, but to give some examples of things I would like. For instance, my favorite champ is Hecarim, who doesn't have the greatest early game, but if I don't die, and get a gank or two off, I just become such a beast. And his ult is such a good initiation, and W gives so much sustain. Much prefer him to say.... Shaco or Lee Sin, who are great early and have godlike ganks, but may plateau a little later on in the game. When I first started, I loved playing Zyra mid, I could just farm pretty safely, and still do great damage/utility in teamfights. Ryze too - so much damage w/ AoE and so tanky if I could get my build.

So if you guys could recommend any champions for each role (particularly top, jungle, and mid), that would kind of fit that description, I would really appreciate it. Sorry for the long post!
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Oct 1st, 2012
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Since I'm not a very good jungler or top, i can't recommend any champion for those roles. But there's some mid champ that I can:

Diana Start slow but quickly become a treat past-level 6. Plus, she can be top, jungle and mid.

Cho'Gath See diana but tankier and better sustain.

Vladimir His skill use HP but can heal himslef with Transfusion and is one of the tankiest mage there is due to his passive. And he can go either top or mid.

Mordekaiser He his a melee champ and use HP but got high burst, his passive grant him a shield everytime his skill does damage and his ult can turn a 5v5 in a 6v4. Just make sure to get him a Hextech Revolver ASAP. Can go top or mid.

Lux All her skill are skillshot, which allow her to both safely farm and harass your opponent. She can also initiate teamfight with her Q and finish of fleeing enemiy with her ult.

There's also Veigar I WOULD recommend but, despite having a powerful stun and insane burst damage, he quickly become useless if he can't get atleast 3 kill before the 20 minute mark or keep getting is farm denied. Plus, he easy to kill and mana hngry without blue buff or Athene's Unholy Grail. If you can survive and get few kill however, your good to go.
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Jan 25th, 2011
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Dec 16th, 2012
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a few suggestions to try

top lane - [JAX].. as long as you don't feed early Jax gets very powerful later on
[Malphite]... i have been playing him a lot lately.... top lane malphite is an absolute destroyer and you can have excellent influence lategame.... soooo tanky!!
[Kha'zix] - probably a bit trickier to play but has amazing late game potential. ( i havent tried Kha mid yet. i understand he can be really good mid too)

mid lane - My favourite is [Ryze]... somewhre along the line he turns into a monster
[Malzahar]... it is pretty much impossible to stop you he never really falls behind and often will come out of laining phase way ahead. and if you know to pick your targets... you will get tons of kills...
this might be stupid but i like to play [Brand] in teams with lot of hard CC like if you have an [amumu] with you... this gurantees you will land your combo... and that gurantees kills most of the time

bot lane - i am bad at adc but would say MF is pretty good
and Sona is my favourite support - that ult can change team fights late

jungle - no idea.


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