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Fiora: Item Build Order Help

Creator: Vaktimus Prime
April 22, 2013 9:27pm
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Hi everyone, fairly new this is like my 3rd day playing. Started with Garen, picked up Fiora because she looked like a fun character and now I think I am going to stick with her full time.

My Question is, how important is build order for her items? I've seen some guides that suggest getting items that don't build into anything like Doran's Blade. If i wanted to build to The Brutalizer wouldn't it be more wise to start with a Long Sword and a Health Potion so i can build up? Is it more of a personal choice or is there some method to the madness of buying items efficiently?

Any recommendations, suggestions and links to guides appreciated. Thanks
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Essentially what it amounts to, is that Doran's blade is so much better than long sword for the first part of laneing phase. The extra health and health regen go so much further in sustaining yourself in lane. This allows you to get more farm early game, which helps build into those late game items once you start taking objectives. But long sword and two pots is a fine start in some cases. Often when i play Caitlin i will start long sword and 2 pots. But that is when I am in a lane with a support that can heal.

My other piece of advice is to try all the free champs each week. This will help you get acquainted with all champs.
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NO, NO Doran's Blade starting. Fiora needs at least some sustain and Long Sword and 2x Health Potion starts allows her to trade early. I personally like to start with 2x Rejuvenation Bead and sight ward and rest pots. Starting with Doran's Blade means that you will just push your lane while trying to heal yourself back from trades. Your passive helps a bit.

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not sure if 2x regen beads is good enough since pots are much better in inital stages. Also, still not sure if starting flask can be viable again. you can buy a couple of doran's blades since it will help you keep advantage in 2-ways.

you have to farm well though.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Alcasea » May 7, 2013 8:02am | Report
i don't play fio so here are some suggestions.

A) starting with dorans is viable if you know you will dominate the lane ( i personally hate this item though )

b) as suggested the LS+2xHPots is really great for ad champs

c) if you are a spammer a 5xHPots+5xMPots+ward will be a great lane sustain ( i do it for wukong :P )

d) of course the traditional boots+3HPots will never dissapoint you.

the point is you start depending on you lane enemy. if you know you will trash them then do doran stacking for great early game. if you know it will be hard go for sustain. thats all there is. hope this helped ^^
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