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Former Dota2 and smite player

Creator: Tyndel June 21, 2015 8:39pm
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Jun 21st, 2015
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So i used to play LoL a bit back a few years ago nothing too serious it was mostly dominion and such. I put more time into smite and dota 2. So my question would be for people who have played either one of these. II usually played faceless void in dota along with other melee carries. In smite i originally played odin because he was similar to jarvan 4 lol but eventually moved to chaac. I was just wondering what characters would fit a similar play style to these characters. I prefer melee obviously but also played Zeus mid in smite and zeus in dota a little as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Mar 15th, 2013
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I haven't played that much DotA 2 and Smite before thus I can only compare the ability descriptions of the heroes you mentioned to the champions from LoL.

Jax, Aatrox, Fizz and Ekko are the first melee characters coming to my mind which are similar to Faceless Void and possibly Chaac.

Viktor is arguably similar to Zeus from Smite.

Remember, these are just my two cents. You're better off reading through the champions' ability descriptions and watching some gameplay videos.
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Dec 10th, 2011
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Unfortunately, there aren't many me lee carries that can offer the utility potential of FV, specifically Chronosphere. The one that comes to mind for something similar is the newest guy, Ekko. While Ekko does incorporate basic attacks into his damage, unlike FV, he is much more burst oriented, and is more similar to an intelligence hero than an agility one like FV. If you want someone that plays very similar to FV, I'd have to say Tryndamere, Master Yi or potentially Jax. All are fairly weak early but scale in to ridiculous, basic attacking monsters by late game, like Face Void.

Nothing comes to mind for Chaac honestly. Honestly, if I had to compare someone to Chaac, I'd have to say Ekko again, as both have incredible similarities in abilities and their purpose. Chaac is more of a guardian/warrior/bruiser type God however, whereas Ekko is an assassin, who can be built tank because of high base damages and high utility. The other one that sort of reminds me of Chaac is Gnar, but Gnar has some VERY different mechanics go Chaac, but both have similarities in their abilities. They both function and fulfil the same role in a game though. I'd also look at Wukong who also plays very similar in terms of abilities as Chaac with dashes and a big teamfight ultimate as well as both fulfilling essentially the same role. Riven and Irelia of which are high damage bruisers that fulfil a similar roles to Chaac may also peak your interest.

Champions similar to Zeus are... Almost non-existent. I'd say the closest you'll get is Vel'Koz, who also centres around stacking mechanic like Zeus, as well as incorporating some basic attacks in order to sustain those stacks. However, the amount of focus Vel'Koz puts on basic attacks is no where near the extent that Zeus does. His ultimate is also similar in function to Zeus', as well as play patterns. Also look at Syndra, who also puts use emphasis on stack management. Finally, I feel like you would enjoy Orianna, who has similar play patterns to Zeus during her landing phase, and has a similar function in late game teamfights. Late game, Viktor also plays very similarly to Zeus.

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