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Help Me Learn Twisted Fate?

Creator: MyLilRafalca February 19, 2013 9:19am
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Feb 2nd, 2013
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Hey all,

Have been wanting to try to learn a new champ/playstyle, and finally settled on Twisted Fate. I keep seeing him listed as a high tier champ, but almost every one I see in games just is almost like, a free kill. Just doesn't seem to have the burst or kill potential of other mid champs, nor any escapes, nor any bulkiness. So I got him to figure out how to play him effectively and see what all the TF love is about.

I understand the basics, at least I think. Never really fight the enemy mid. Just keep shoving lane and looking for opportunities to gank. But in general, I have trouble in team fights, and I still do get zoned a bit in lane, even just trying to farm with q and blue card.

Anyway, just putting this up in the hope that you can offer any and all tips about playing TF to me. I currently run 21/0/9 (or 21/9/0), with mpen reds, armor or health per level yellows, scaling ap blues, and MS quints. My build is typically boots 3 pots, 2 dorans, sheen, lichbane, death cap, or something like that. Any advice would be appreciated, or if anyone is open to watching me play/playing with/against me, let me know! Thanks!
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Aug 14th, 2011
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How I usually play him:

AFK farm in lane, try to harass the enemy with auto attacks (some people forget this), stun Q or just Q if you're lucky, getting your mana back up with blue card. As soon as you are level 6, actively look in top and bot lane if there's a good opportunity for you to gank with your ult. Coordinate this with your jungler.

As for a build, I usually get (Flask) - Boots 1 - (Doran's Ring) - Deathcap - Boots 2 - Lich Bane - more tanky AP stuff such as Abyssal, Zhonya's and Void Staff. Morellonomicon can be useful against certain team comps. Twin Shadows is also very nice :)

I usually go 21-8-1, taking health/lvl and MR in defense and flash upgrade in utility (can also take flat health in defense). Flash is a must have, Ignite and Teleport are optional.
MPen reds, Armor yellows, MR blues, AP Quints.

That's about it, usually I do well with him. His difficulty is his ult though, if you fail it you will feel like you are useless.

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