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help with crocodile!

Creator: CrazyMBP
June 14, 2012 6:18pm
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Hey guys, still pretty inexperienced, but I just happened tog et renekton and have played him a few games. I've had a BLAST with him, but i've been lucky to play against some not so good players and gotten fed with him.

Just curious about, in real games where i dont just get fed, how is renekton? Considered strong/weak? Any scenario he should be avoided? And typically I run AD reds and quints, and build boots/double dorans/brutalizer/atmogs/situational defense. Sound good?
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by A Chubby Baby » June 15, 2012 5:44am | Report
he's quite strong now. he recently got buff. this is a great guide to help you out:
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Welcome crazyMBP :)

In games where you don't get fed as Ren, you can have a hard time, especially if your enemies get fed instead. One thing you should avoid is ever playing top lane against a Teemo. There aren't many HARD counters to Renekton (but a lot of softer counters that depend on player skill) but Teemo will pretty much always win a lane against Ren.

AD Reds and Quints with Armor Seals and choice glyphs (mr per level, flat mr and potentially cdr are all good choices on him) are quite fine.

As for the build, imo Renekton has great 'anti carry' material. He can generally shut down one champion in lane early game and transition excellently. Because of his mechanics, I would say build AD first and then transition into some bulkier items as your opponents get more damage.

An example build would be boots > bt > lw > ga.

You already have the 600 HP from ult so all you really need is a small hp item like hog or phage, etc.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by fifolek » June 25, 2012 10:54am | Report
i have to disagree with nighthawk. there are worse choices to play against teemo then renekton

i even think anyone with some good burst and a gapcloser should win against him (e.g.: renek, irelia, jax)

about renekton in general mhmm, according to dyrus and wickd renekton counters irelia

i run 12 arm pen/8,6 ad - yellow armor - blue mr/lvl with him
he is strong, with his double dash/stun/Q he can harrass pretty nice
and has a good teamfight presence i think
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Berzerk » June 25, 2012 11:04am | Report
Renekton is a strong champion. The reason you are beating alot of people early on is that is what renektons kit was designed to do xD. Renekton has a strong early but he does not scale into late game as well as alot of champions, your goal in renekton in higher games is to shut the enemy down. Prevent them from getting CS, Deny them XP, kill them whenever possible. If Renekton falls behind in lane you are behind all game, Renekton NEEDS to make use of the laning phase or he will just end up as a stun bot, with no real major threats to the enemy other then that(Yes he can make a comeback but generally that is what happens).

Check out my complete guide to top lane here.
Check out my Jayce guide here.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by BluAnimal » June 25, 2012 12:16pm | Report
I honestly can't agree with a single item Nighthawk listed.. :S

I think Renekton is best built 21/9/0 masteries, maxing Cull the Meek and being incredibly aggressive. slice / dice in to Ruthless Predator them then Cull the Meek and slice / dice out. As for items, start with your boots and grab either two doran's blades or a phage the first time back. Then grab brutalizer and a giant's belt. Next you'll want frozen mallet and sunfire cape. Atma's is equally great on him. He's best as an off tank, not an anti carry. Bully your lane around and when it comes to team fights engage soon as the disabler/tank does. He's an incredible damage sponge, while still dishing out a ton of damage.
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Play Renekton at low levels is really easy, some players never tried him and don't know how he works.
I think that an early The Bloodthirster will give you some advantage.
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