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How should I become the king of the Jungle?

Creator: QueenKitty November 28, 2015 2:44pm
QueenKitty's Forum Avatar
Nov 23rd, 2015
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I'm level 30 on my account, yeah, but I feel like i'm not getting how to properly play league.

I love playing the jungler role, and I have a good few champions that fit that role too.

I have the following champions that can jungle:
Master Yi

These champs can Jungle as far as I know. I mainly use Rengar, but I still feel like I fall short of what I can do with him, and being the jungler in general.

My questions being,

What are the best options for me to use for Jungle?
What are some habits I need to develop playing as Jungle?
Is invading enemy jungle before minions spawn worth it?
When do I use my healing potions in the jungle?
Any Jungle champs I should get besides what I have?

I'll probably get a few matches in on me playing jungle within the next few hours, and add them to this post.

Thanks for reading, and a bigger thanks for those who reply and help me out!
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast's Forum Avatar
Jan 24th, 2016
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1.There are really no best jg champ but it depend on how u play and what type of jg u are good at.
2.Kite and watch out for the other team jg best thing to do is to ward
3.No i mean is very dangerous to do that i tried that once and got myself kill by their jg
4.when u are low
5.kindred, lee sin reksai shaco are some very good jg
Ixtellor's Forum Avatar
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Apr 15th, 2014
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QueenKitty wrote:

What are the best options for me to use for Jungle?

I think the safest picks are gap closers, tanks, Hard CC, and can push lanes when needed.

This combo allows you to carry yourself and not rely on your team to win the game for you.

What are some habits I need to develop playing as Jungle?

#1 Gank lanes that over extend. Getting your team kills and taking towers helps the most.

#2 Don't waste time. Standing around not making gold is what a lot of bad junglers do. (Gold = objectives, kills, farm) If all your lanes are pushing --- they are taking away your chance to gank effectivly so just farm. Don't stand around in bushes hoping something happens.

#3 Ward and kill all the skuttles.

#4 Take any objective you can when the enemy makes a decision. Their mid ganks top.... go take his tower.
Their jungler is top --- take dragon. Their jungler is top or bottom, go farm his camps (if you can't gank)

Is invading enemy jungle before minions spawn worth it?

If your team is willing to help out yes. People in low ELO dont guard invasions enough, so there is a decent chance you can get first blood if you bring 4-5 and catch them.

When do I use my healing potions in the jungle?

When you are hurt. Dont' save them.

Any Jungle champs I should get besides what I have?

Depends on your play style and how good you are.
Elise is strong now. Ekko is strong.
I prefer Xin and Volibear which you didn't mention. I personally think Yi is a terrible jungler because he has no CC and he insta dies if anyone stuns him. Even if I fall behind, I can generally crush a Yi mid/late game by simply stunning him. Obviously he can work against teams that let him free farm and don't stun him.

Also a question you didnt ask:
Not sure what ELO you are --- but the level 2 invade works a lot at lower levels. They dont' ward.
Go smiteless blue or red buff first with a leash whichever is bottom side -- pop your potions and instantly run to enemy buff bottom side. 90% of the time I get the buff steal (though my smite), kill the enemy junlger, get their flash, or a combo of all 3.
When you show up the enemy is probably at 50% health, the Buff is probably around 400-500 health which makes an easy smite for you --- and they dont' have smite cause they used it on gromp or golems.

Hope that helps --- and all this advice for under 1500 ELO. Rules change when people ward and enemy teams actually use teamwork.
I used to care about KDA, now I care about CS and Objectives.
VexRoth's Forum Avatar
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Jan 9th, 2015
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Until you are Diamond+ play champions that you enjoy playing. Higher you might need to go for the OP stuff, but until then you can even make bad match-ups work if you know your win conditions and set them up.

Watch the mini-map even while you are doing jungle camps. You can use the F1-5 keys to quickly toggle to lanes (I'm still working on this). Even if you cycle through them quickly you can catch a quick glimpse of health, mana, minion advantages, lane position, etc.,. I've occasinonally even spotted their jungler sneaking into some bushes and was able to ping them out saving my laner some trouble.

Invading can be useful but...what do you do if your invade isn't successful maybe even gets you killed?

Predictive jungling is super hard in solo queue because you don't have the ward coverage that the pros often setup.
Think about narrowing your champing pool. (says the guy that can't decide on a favorite champion). But seriously you want your actions to be largely muscle memory so you can spend time watching the map and planning you moves.

Examples only

1 AP tank - Amumu or Zac
1 AD assassin - Rengar or Kha'zix
1 Bruiser - Shyvana

I like to fill wholes in my teams comp in terms of damage or initiation or disengage (Gragas is good at both, but unfortunately he is a high skill champ to be be played at his very best because he is heavily skill shot reliant).

If you can't make it in time for a countergank (you are on the opposite side of the map) and you don't have a good gank opportunity, go into their jungle and steal everything not nailed down. And if you have wards drop them to give your team vision or if can Smite their wolves or Raptors the do that. But remember to watch the laners, because if they start moving toward you that means their jungle is warded and you are soon going to have company.

Have a little patience with ganks. Wait for your target to use a key ability so it is on cool down. Then go in.

If your laner has point and click CC then they go first. If you have point and click CC then you go first. The only exception to this if you can hit them with the CC from concealment, then it is okay to go first with skill shot based CC.

Probably a lot of other things. There is a lot of variety to jungling, which is one of the reasons I like it.
SoulNibbler's Forum Avatar
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Apr 30th, 2016
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SoulNibbier here (gold 5)

What are the best options for me to use for Jungle?
Many champions can carry games. there's no one answer.

What are some habits I need to develop playing as Jungle?
Know your jungler, watch the lanes. know when your jungler is strong and when to gank. Some junglers wait until level 6 to even start ganking. This can be appropriate with warwick, Yi and a few others.

Is invading enemy jungle before minions spawn worth it?
If you mean team invade, consider your team comp.

When do I use my healing potions in the jungle?
As Warwick or Yi, maybe never. depends on the champion

Any Jungle champs I should get besides what I have?
Any you like. People get to diamond or higher playing mainly just one champ all the time.

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