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Please Help.

Creator: SneakYxSnowman March 5, 2012 9:18pm
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Mar 5th, 2012
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I'm pretty sure all you guys that are well rounded or are very good at this game are sick of the scrubs on here,So i'm asking for any tips or strats you can provide in general for a starting player. I'm not a total scrub coming from dota but i'm new to the characters and item builds.I know its pretty vague but any tips will do.i can farm and harass etc. but i wanna know ur favorite character and item build if u wouldn't mind helping out. sorry if this is a repeated question.

Thank you, Hope to see you all in the rift. :)
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Sep 24th, 2011
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Wards. They win Games :P
On the subject of my favorite Champs, I will have to say:
    Annie. That burst OP
    Kog'maw. Can be very versatile in the way he is built.
    Irelia. Can get up to a 75% CC Reduction
... But that's IMO.
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Feb 3rd, 2012
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My favorite champs are
Cho gath with A gentleman's guide to cho gath. good dmg tank.
Janna is one of the best support champs and shes pretty cheap too.
And for a carry i go with nasus becuase of his late game awsomeness.
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Sep 30th, 2011
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play all champions available each week. play them a minimum of two times each.
next, sight ward is your new best friend. There is a warding guide in the guides section.
Use the top builds provided here when trying new champs. Bots are easy to go through. When you got a handle ont he abilities play a real game with the new champ, since bot games tend to skew the real value of a champion.

everyone has their own style of play, and you'll only find it when you try as many champs as possible. I hate AD champs for example, but love Miss Fortune and AP Teemo

just play everyone you can, and learn how to ward.

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Aug 8th, 2011
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Indeed, very vague but I'll try to answer. :-P

This is foremost a team game, communication between the team towards defending, competing and taking objections. Learn to coordinate with your team by pinging on mini map to direct your team by pressing "G" key on the mini map and when you want to warn off your enemy or tell them not to engage use the "V" key to ping them back (these are the default keys). Saying when your laning is not present in lane "ss X lane" (X = your lane) as to warn your allies.

Smartcast allows you to save time even though that 0.5 seconds may seem insignificant it truly adds up and on some champions like Ryze it is completely essential. Start learning how to smartcast early on and you will thrive. There is rare cases where you may not wish to want to smartcast the ability such as The Equalizer.

Don't tunnel vision, keep your eye on the mini map to track the movement of your enemies. In the case people don't report their lane missing then spotting a lane absent for a unusual amount of time is generally a clue to expect something is up.

Don't waste money on Tier 1 or Tier 2 runes, just wait till your 20 to start buying Tier 3 runes (trust me, you won't have enough IP to buy all the Tier 3 runes you want so save up). Last hitting to gain gold from minions is a important mechanic.

Here is a link you may find helpful.
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Dec 27th, 2011
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wasted ALLL my ip. and now I wanna buy a 6300 champion. GG
yolo, teemo to strong in low elo
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Mar 5th, 2012
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In-depth guide to the Twisted Treeline - Whether you want to play competitively or for fun (:
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Jul 12th, 2011
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Click below at my signature, this will tell you my favorite champion, tips, builds, etc.
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Jan 2nd, 2012
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Don't spend any IP/RP on champions until you've tried them out. I've ended up blowing them both off on champions which I'm not satisfied with.

Save up for tier 3 runes. All other tiers are a waste.

Ward ward ward. I cannot stress this enough.
Not only should you be warding, but always ALWAYS be checking your mini-map every so often. When a champion goes MIA, you shouldn't need your teammates to call it. I'm not saying to never call an MIA, but if you die and someone didn't call an MIA, you should have already known to be careful because they disappeared on your mini-map.

Smartcasting. I recently began learning it. Learn it ASAP.

Play the free champions every week. Try them all out. Find the style you like. Do you like having steady ranged damage? Do you like having a burst of magic damage? Do you like being tanky? Do you like being a mix of tanky and damage? Do you like to play supportive?
Once you find a style of play you like, find guides on Mobafire and try them out. Look at the different guides to get a clue what kind of items are typically built on your type of character. After a while you won't need these guides. Your build will adapt to the situation.
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Mar 15th, 2011
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Try out Skarner. He is by far my favorite and definitely good.

As far as strategy goes, wards save lives, farm early, fight later. Strategies just kind of develop over time. You will learn most of them.
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