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Some nice tips here would be helpful

Creator: MightyMeek May 30, 2012 9:52am
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Jun 16th, 2011
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I don't think i need a mentor,but if anyone's up for it then i am game. I don't mind hearing it from a 3rd person perspective anyways on to the discussion.

I have played countless games of LoL, I really dont like playing ranked because I think being judged by a game is pure ********. but I do play some.

and out of all the champions I play I enjoy playing Twisted Fate most - I think he is one of the most versatile champions in the whole game so i consider him my favorite.

I have played zomg alot of games as him - fed like crazy/ carried like crazy/ or was just a plain out right annoyance to the enemy team to where it was "omg dat tf"

So I am asking the community on some feed back about the champion in question (twisted fate if your that stupid)

My thoughts on him:

playing him AP isnt really viable, for more then 20-30 mins of the game you rely on 1 ability to do damage and at that the ability (Q) is a slow moving projectile that's very easy to dodge. People suggest stun then throw the q to secure a hit (yes i agree there,) but 8/10 the enemy isn't stupid after that first stun/slow they are gonna know what you are gonna do so they are going to back off. which makes you chase them a lil which can result in you being over extended for a gank. and your damage output doesn't really increase until you get a lichbane.
the same thing could be said for his E its very noticeable.. unless you get 2 stacks stun them Q them and manage to aa them twice (Ive do it a lot, and it requires fast coordination) i do think this is the best harassment method. but once again it gets predictable

Playing him ad isn't a little better than AP i find (i mean come on... STUN then aa how simple is that) however a lot of players suggest maxing E first (so u go in E them to death) predictable there.. I find paying him AD is pretty straight forward unless you play him as an anti-carry(assassin - which is what he is) please not anti carry is not a carry.... unless your a carry that destroys there carries/ then their team lolz.. to me anti-carrying is going into the team-fight last/ killing there primary/secondary damage dealers and getting out because chances are (unless you are invisible to the enemy team) your at about 50% hp or even less or worse dead...

I find playing him Attack Speed/ On hit is one easy way to play him, you can really put that "focus me please sign" on yourself for going this route. however someone with alot hp can make the battle draw out for a long time resulting in you dying instead.. but this is easy counter with something like omens frozen heart or even a nunu majority of the time it doesnt seem to take that route though

Hybird to me seems to be the best path to go. ive destroyed games as hybird tf and by destroy i mean like scores of 15/0 - im not lying...

so today I would like to ask the moba community about hybrid builds on twisted fate.

my most current build which seems to work has been things like

shoes - zerker greaves
malady - stacks with E and gives 24% magic pen at max stacks (a little more pen that sorc shoes)
Rageblade - god I use to hate this item soo much but somehow on tf its godlike...
nashors tooth stacks with E (like +30 damage at least) and max CD - i debate alot over this item'
Trinity force or lichbane - if i can make it i usually go for trinity force.. but normally the game seems to end at this point
banshee's and gun blade are normally my final items

that's how i normally go hybrid tf and like i said ive devastated games with that...

anyways can i please get more opinions on hybrid tf. because honestly im not satisfied... i feel like something is indeed missing
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Nov 7th, 2010
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AP TF is widely considered to be the most viable build. I think you are a bit wrong in your judgement that only one of his spells does damage and is easy to avoid. AP TF excels at farming and ganking, and he can easily kill some other mid laners. The range on his stuns' pretty good so it's not hard to secure it to harass, and then you just get the mana back with blue cards. I am not going to explain anymore, if you want more in depth explanations of how to play AP TF properly just read my guide (linked in my sig).

With AD TF I actually max W first, and if you go with another support with stuns it can be very devastating burst. Max E second, and of course his cards are useless. Build him like other AD carries, doran's blades, IE, PD, and LW, maybe a Trinity Force in there.

I actually think hybrid TF is the worst of the 3. AD TF does similar auto attack damage, but can also take down towers like a beast.

I hope that helped.
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Since Nashor's Tooth and Malady have such low AP for the prices (especially Malady), I would recommend grabbing something else that does the same thing for you.

With that build it looks like you are trying to get as close to max attack speed as humanly possibly without stacking 6 Phantom Dancers.

Getting an early Sheen can multiply your damage so much. I would recommend that, followed by Guinsoo's Rageblade. Of course, you want your attack speed, so stick with Berserker's Greaves. Sorcerer's Shoes are not really a bad option either. At this point, I would say to get The Black Cleaver or start working on Hextech Gunblade. I would wait to max Trinity Force unless you don't really need that armor penetration or lifesteal/spellvamp.

As far as magic penetration and mana regen are concerned, I would just rely on runes/masteries, running 21/0/9 or 23/0/7.
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Nov 20th, 2011
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Lolz... My TF guide explains a bunch, but anyways...

Probably want Mercs instead of zerkers
Trinity is great
Banshee's or GA are excellent.
Malady is perfect, but you need more ON-HIT items.
(3rd build in my guide)
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Jun 4th, 2012
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Ap TF is considered the best build for TF.If you start with 2 dorans, get a deathfire grasp and than a rabadons is good build
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