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Swain, Nasus, NEXT?

Creator: MrBucketz April 22, 2011 9:50am
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Jax, HP from passive and his ult + dodge. This makes him generally good against anybody. As everybody else is basically listing, it is just your general bruisers. Mordekaiser, Mundo, Jarvan, Xin Zhao, Jax, Olaf, and more.
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Jan 17th, 2011
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He is tanky and deals a nice amount of damage.

And is so fun.

AND NOT 6300! :D :D

He will be free next week, if you wanna try him out before buying.

Thanks to TRUeLM, Plastictree, Scrax, Xiaowiriamu, foggy12, JahGFX, jhoijhoi, msrobinson, JEFFY40HANDS, Nyoike, MissMaw, and me :) for the sigs!
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