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To Brand or not to Brand

Creator: scornfall January 3, 2013 6:41am
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malac's Forum Avatar
Dec 31st, 2012
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Everyone likes Orianna :D. She has brutal damage fun 2 play and hard 2 counter , but i say the best fun AP champ is Ziggs. Have a nice day ! bye
FireLord's Forum Avatar
Dec 20th, 2012
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brand is like the best champion ever, you should try her
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Madreds's Forum Avatar
Apr 6th, 2012
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Brand is AP caster with weaknesses too, yes he has HUGE damage but
he has skillshots what are easy to dodge
non-reliable stun
no escapes
mana hungry
can't 1v1
no mobility, so can't roam
Brand is IMO "pub-stomper" who does well or feeds like hell.
if you are good/great with skillshots you can try him out, if you are not that good, i recommand other champions, like example Caitlyn or Renekton
thanks to The_Nameless_bard for the signature.
ABloodyRegime's Forum Avatar
Jan 19th, 2013
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scornfall wrote:


Im a newbee player that would like to ask one question. I started playing LOL around a year ago, but stoped it almost the same week (had no time to play games). Now im back. Soon I will gather 4800 IP. I would like to unlock BRAND. Around a year ago everyone was saying that, he is a very powerfull AP carry, but now i can't see him in games anymore. I have Annie, Veigar and now wanted to have Brand. Is it a fun/good character to play? I dont give a s*** about ratings. Just want to play few randoms, and have fun. But fun in most cases means a) kills b) being helpfull for the team. So i would like to hear some advices. I want to play good mage that will give me fun. Is brand a good pick?

Thanks in advance!

I just started playing about 2 weeks ago and wanted to buy him as one of my first but decided to wait. Luckily he was free this week so I decided to try him. As someone mentioned earlier he's really skillshot dependent such as Ezreal. I found him a lot of fun to play. Just make sure that you can land the skill shots because 2/4 are skill shots, and one of them you're pretty dependent on because if you hit them with an ability prior to that Blaze will cause your Q (Sear) to stun them. Not to mention his ultimate does absolute work in team fights
boythinks's Forum Avatar
Dec 16th, 2012
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brand & amumu goes together soooo well.... amumu ult... you combo...kill everyone
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