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What first with your IP: Champions? Runes?...

Creator: lordcloaker April 20, 2012 10:14am
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Mar 17th, 2012
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I'm not a new new player, but I think this forum will help me better than others.

I have already bought a few champions and focused on the ones that I play best and like more (AP mids and tanks/off-tanks). I have all the runes for both of them (my only two rune pages). I play mostly Singed, Shen, Ahri, Viegar, Volibear and sometimes support Alistar.
Now I'm up 6300+ IP again and I dont know what the best thing to do is.

Is it better to buy another rune page? More runes? or the best thing is to buy champions and have a bigger pool of options?
The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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It really all depends on what lvl you are. Under lvl 15, you can feel good getting champs. Over 15, work on getting runepages. I suggest you have 5-6 runapages that can cover most situations before you really really work on expanding your champ pool. Learning 3-4 different champs really well to start with is a good practice. You should have a full set of at least 5 different runes of each seal, glyph, mark, and quint to be effectively able to make a page for any champ. You HAVE to own 16 champs to play ranked, and it would be much better to own +25 so that you have more options. generally once you have 30 champs (with about 10 that you can play REALLY well) you are pretty well covered. I know it sucks but the best thing you can do is to get IP boosters, and the "per day" ones give you much more bang for your buck than the "per win" ones. Dont spend your cash on XP boosters, i wouldnt worry about rushing to 30. Ranked isnt a smart idea till you have been 30 for at least a month.

Hope this helps!
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Mar 26th, 2012
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Well, you have some roles to cover with your champs, you won't always play the champion you want so you have to buy some champs, doesnt have to be Tier 3 champs ( Nocturne, Maokai, Swain, etc) 450IP and 1350IP champs worked for me until i bought RP.

When you have some champs you HAVE to start to work on your runebook and your runes, because the runes can make the difference between win a battle or lost it.

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Jul 30th, 2011
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Since you already have AP and bruiser/tank set up pretty well, I think you should grab a third rune page and try some ranged AD if you are looking to expand your role. If you just want to focus on mastering AP and bruiser/tank, then I believe the choice is pretty much yours but a few more rune pages for more diverse runes for each role sure helps but the choice is all yours.

Another suggestion is to just save up until you make up your mind and are certain with your decision. I once save up like 13K before I use them, there's no harm in holding money.
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Apr 11th, 2012
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It depends on people, i personally went for champions first, i get bored of playing one type of champion easily, so i kinda own all champions atm. However i gotta admit that my runes are such a mess, and i'm working on it atm. lol :P
That Trev Person
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Dec 14th, 2011
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Personally, I would avoid buying runes until you've reached summoner level 20. At this level you gain access to the Tier 3 runes, and avoid wasting your hard earned IP on the Lesser runes. It might be wise to begin saving for runes around levels 17 or 18 though, since a full rune page is very expensive. Up until that point you should have no problem spending it on champions.

Rune pages are ridiculously expensive, and the easiest way to get them is to buy the bundle of 7 for RP. However, if you can't do this, I'd recommend having at least four rune pages in order to diversify yourself (AD, AP, Jungle, Support for example). Obviously you can go a lot further than this, but it's a start.
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Aug 14th, 2011
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What I can recommend:

When you are about level 15, stop buying champions and make sure you save IP until you have about 15000 IP. Then when you are level 20, you can instantly buy 2 full runepages (assuming you take 1 for AP and 1 for AD champs).

Take flat AD Marks, flat AD Seals, MR/lvl Glyphs, AD Quints as AD and add MPen Marks and AP Quints (and lastly AP/lvl Glyphs). I'm too lazy to search the total price, so do the math yourself :)

Later on, when you feel it's needed, you can buy a third runepage for Junglers, Supports, Tanks, and what not.

Hope this helps! :)

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